How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic?

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Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

If you are like me, you are searching for ways to increase blog traffic, but have tried just about everything. It’s frustrating to not gain readers after writing what seems to be a high quality blog post. Don’t give up. There are ways to boost traffic. Have you tried any of these before? If not, it’s a great time to shake things up on your blog.

How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic?

1. Write a lot of content

How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic?

Have you ever visited a blog in 2017 that hadn’t seen a new post since 2015? It’s frustrating. The more new and fresh content you write, the more traffic you will generate. All of the search engines like to see freshly written posts, thus sending your posts higher up on the results list. My personal rule of thumb is to write 2-3 new posts per week, and spend the rest of the time promoting content.

2. Stay active on social media

Social media is one of the primary drivers of traffic to my blog. Even if I haven’t written a new post during the week, I still share my older content throughout my different social media channels. I repeatedly share current and past content so that as many people as possible get the opportunity to read and share it.

3. Don’t write about any random topic under the sun

While you may enjoy writing about sports, fitness, travel, or kids, if your main blogging niche is about blogging and writing, don’t go off topic. Remember, you’re writing your content for your readers, not yourself. I’m not saying you can’t have a self-focused post every once in a while, but this should be rare.

4. Don’t overlook SEO

How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic?

There are tons and tons of articles on the internet about proper usage of keywords. There are also other articles claiming that keyword strategies aren’t as important as they used to be, but this is not true. Developing a keyword strategy for each post is crucial in drawing in as much search traffic as possible. Put keywords in all of the right places, such as your headline, URL, and of course, in your content.

5. Consider guest posts

Allowing guest posts on your site can be a good way to get your site out to more readers. Contributors to your site often share their post with their readers, thus increasing views on your blog. If you are going to allow guest posts, come up with a set of guidelines and stick with them.

6. Repurpose old blog posts

You may remember my older post about how to revitalize old blog content, but it remains true today. Your content can serve more than one purpose through more than one medium. Imagine taking a blog post and turning into a video, like I did with my Tailwind tutorial video. You can also take a tutorial post and turn it into a slideshow to share on SlideShare. Consider different ways to convert old content into new mediums.

7. Tackle current topics related to your niche

Seek out what other readers are searching for and write a blog post that answers their questions. Not only will this give you a lot of search traffic, but it will set you up as an expert in your niche. Scour Facebook and new sites to look for topics in your niche. You’d be surprised at how much information you’d be able to find after a 15 minute search on Facebook. Try it!

8. Push content continuously

It’s not enough to push your content once and forget about it. Social media is constantly changing. Set a social media sharing schedule and stick to it. Repetitive and constant sharing of content is crucial to keeping readers interested.

9. Increase your Pinterest presence

How Can I Increase My Blog Traffic?

It’s no surprise that Pinterest can be a great source of traffic if you implement a solid strategy. Since its inception years ago, Pinterest has grown into a content sharing mega force. Create boards on Pinterest that match up with the content you are sharing on your site. Even better, invest in automatic pinning tools, such as Tailwind, to maximize exposure and make the pinning process simple.

Join group boards on Pinterest to extend the reach of your pins. I run a Blogging Tools and Tips board with over 100 collaborators and 7k pins. Come join us!

10 Back-to-School Hacks You Can’t Live Without

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10 Back-to-School Hacks You Can't Live Without

It’s that time of year again in Ohio.  The kiddos have been back in school for a few weeks now, and we are once again back in the busy family routine. I sometimes feel like the whole “back to school” season is meant to see which parents are the best, and which ones are behind in the game. It does get a little ridiculous with all the pressure to get things ready, but honestly, back to school has been happening every year. It’s not a new thing.

With 4 kids (3 in school), the number of supplies is always high. It seems like the list is increasing every year. How do you organize it all and make sure you aren’t forgetting anything?

I’ve come up with 10 back to school hacks and tips for you to consider. No matter the family size, these tips will ensure a smooth transition to a new school year.

1: Don’t wait until the last minute to get supplies


Has this been you in the past? Don’t lie. I think we are all guilty of waiting until the very last minute to get school supplies. Schools release their supply lists well before school starts, and our school even gives out the option to order a package of all the supplies through them – thus eliminating the need to go shopping, or even procrastinate about shopping.

We didn’t go the pre-order route this year. I have to give kudos to my wife because she bought all the supplies this year with all 4 kids along for the trip. She’s truly a superstar in my book, and the greatest mom my kids could ever have.

If you are one of those that procrastinates, you risk the chance of supplies running out at local stores. Don’t be the parent whose kid is the last to have everything. While you may not think it’s the end of the world, it’s embarrassing for your kid.

2: Get everything ready the night before


Our kids have to be up around 6:30 a.m. and out the door by 7:30. Scrambling for clothes, lunches, snacks, forms, and other items in the morning only adds to the chaos. That’s why we strive to get everything ready the night before as much as possible.

Heaven forbid we go one day without some form needing signed, or field trip money to be sent in, but that’s the reality of school these days. It’s all worth it because our kids deserve a great education and school experience.

3: Get in the routine before school starts


Just like adults need a routine, so do kids. My wife and I try to get the kids back in some sort of routine a few weeks before school starts. During the summer, the kids usually go to bed later and wake up later. We try to start pushing their bed time closer and closer to their normal school night bed time a few weeks ahead so that by the time we get to the big first day, everyone’s back in a good sleep routine.

4: Attend your school’s open house


I know a lot of parents who skip the open house. For our family, open house is a good chance for us to meet the teacher, see the classroom, and gather important information for the year. Our kids enjoy going because they bump into all of their friends they haven’t seen since the last school year.

You’ll get a lot of information at open house, but it saves a lot of time and headaches searching for information down the road. Our kids get to take their supplies on open house night and get their desks all ready to go for the year. Believe me, taking supplies to school before the first day makes a huge difference (and reduces first day stress!).

5: Set expectations with your kids from day one


All kids are different when it comes to study habits, abilities, knowledge, and social skills. But, this doesn’t mean that expectations can’t be the same for all kids. All parents want their kids to succeed and do the best that they can.

We teach our kids to always try their best in every subject, but we also teach them that it’s ok to ask questions. My oldest sometimes loses confidence when he sees something new in class. Helping him understand that he’s not alone, and that all kids learn new things makes a big difference in his self-esteem.

One big expectation we set for our kids is to always be respectful at school. They are expected to listen to their teachers and respond appropriately, don’t spread rumors about other kids, and respect those with different values, cultures, opinions, and physical abilities.

Another expectation is that our kids are to always be truthful to us about what’s happening at school. I love that they each have their own assignment books that we have to read and sign every night. They are expected to tell us when work is due and when they have tests coming up. The important thing here is to teach them that two-way communication is the norm at home.

6: Don’t do too many activities at the same time


Your kids are going to get invited to join clubs, scouts, teams, and other activities at school. Don’t feel like they have to participate in everything. Remember, the more activities they are involved in, the more challenging it becomes to allow for studying and homework.

As a general rule for our family, we allow each of our kids to participate in one activity at a time. Our 9 year old is in dance and our 7 year old just started swimming at the YMCA. Our 10 year old usually plays baseball in the summer and basketball in the fall or winter.

Remind your kids that it’s important to find an activity they love, but that school and homework come first. If they can’t keep their grades up and participate in the activity at the same time, they will have to stop participation until grades improve.

7: First year at the school? Visit it in advance of the first day


My kids have switched schools several times in the past 5-6 years. One thing we found was very helpful to them was to visit the school before the first day. You won’t believe how much pressure is relieved by getting them familiar with their school environment before the first day.

Your kids are going to have so many questions about their new environment.  Where are the classrooms?  Where’s the lunchroom? Is there a gym? Where is the playground?

By visiting the school ahead of time, your kids will have fewer things to worry about on day one.

8: Buy calendars and stick to them


I don’t know how my family would function without a calendar to provide us with a visual of what’s going on for the day, week, month, or year. We use calendars on our phones as well as a physical calendar hanging in the kitchen and office.

Teach your kids about calendars and how to use one to organize their world. Even though the world is pretty much digital when it comes to calendars, nothing is better than having your schedule physically in your hand.

I highly recommend They are an online provider of just about any type of calendar you can imagine. I love their site because not only do they provide all types of calendars, but they also have planners, puzzles, toys, games, gifts, and even things for dogs and cats! Right now they are offering free shipping with $30 + calendar purchase.

9: Teach your child about bus safety


You may ask me how your kids can practice getting on and off the bus without a bus present, but it can be done. Practice waiting outside or at the bus stop with your child. You can also practice looking both ways before crossing the street.

You can also teach your child what’s acceptable behavior while on the bus. Most buses don’t have seatbelts, so help your kids to understand that standing up and moving around while the bus is moving is dangerous.

A lot of bullying happens while on the bus. Encourage your child to not participate in bullying, and if he or she sees it happening, encourage them to report it to the bus driver. If your child is the victim of bullying, it’s important to stop it right away. Report it to the principal immediately.

10: Encourage hard work, but have fun


Too many times parents are stressed out about their kids’ school more so than the kids are. Yes, there’s a lot of work involved in school activities, but there is no reason why going to school can’t be fun. Make learning fun at home by finding creative activities on Pinterest to supplement what they are learning at school. Find fun videos on YouTube or online quizzes to help them retain information.

Parents, guess what?  You have homework…

Relax. Yes, your homework is to relax. There’s a lot going on during the school year, but keeping calm yourself will translate to your kids. Your kids are not perfect, and they are going to make mistakes. Learning from our mistakes in life is very important. Don’t criticize your kids for making mistakes. Teach them why they made them and what to do to correct them going forward.

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How I Made $235.98 With My Blog in August 2017 [Income Report]

All of my blog posts may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting Go Ask Your Daddy!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

How I Made $235.98 With My Blog in August 2017 [Income Report]

I’ve been sharing my blog income reports for the last several months. It’s definitely an up and down business, but I love everything blogging has to offer. August was down in terms of site views and income, but I figured it was because school was getting ready to start back and everyone was busy grasping the last bit of summer.

I wrote 8 new blog posts in August:

Income for August 2017

Sponsored posts: $35.00

Fat Joe Publishing: $211.69

Total: $246.69

Expenses for August

Photoshop subscription: $10.71

Total: $10.71

My top 5 viewed blog posts for August:

Site Stats

  • Total unique visitors: 1,074 (-456 from July)
  • Total page views: 1,719 (-1,135 from July)
  • Total comments: 27 (-3 from July)

Referral Stats

Social Media Stats

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10 Ways to Shine as a Blogger

All of my blog posts may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on them and make a purchase, I’ll receive a small commission. Thank you for supporting Go Ask Your Daddy!

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I’m not going to lie to you. Writing a high-quality blog post that gets mega numbers of engagements and comments is very difficult. I can’t tell you how many other blog posts I’ve read that attempt to sugar coat the blogging process to say that anyone can do it. Anyone can’t.

Do you realize there are millions upon millions of active blogs today?  Talk about a saturated market. Yet, you are still writing mediocre to maybe average content and expecting a motherload of followers to bow down at your feet for writing the best blog post ever.

Ok, so I may be a little irritated, but I think you get my point. So, how do you shine as a blogger? Surely the ones that are hitting high numbers started at the same low point as you are. How do you get there? What do you do?

Let’s look at 10 steps you can follow to work towards shining as a blogger. Notice I did not say “instantaneously” or “overnight.” Forget about those two words. Yes, there’s a rare chance a post could go viral, but don’t plan on it.

10 Ways to Shine as a Blogger
Let’s look at 10 steps you can follow to work towards shining as a blogger.

1. Pick the right niche

Most people don’t think the niche is one of the main causes of a dried up blog, but it is. If you don’t pick a niche that’s easy to write about and has a high search demand, you’re going to find out quickly that there will be crickets chirping instead of blazing comments. If you are an expert in parenting, but know nothing about technology, would you pick technology as your niche? Probably not…

2. Write content people want to read

If you aren’t putting out good content, and I’m talking about content that readers love, share, and find valuable, it’s really going to be hard to do anything else to grow your blog and shine as a blogger.  How do you do it if you are a new blogger? Network with other influencers, read popular blogs, take courses and webinars on blogging. Immerse yourself in the world of blogging.

3. Network with other bloggers

It may sound crazy when you hear it the first time, but networking with other bloggers is a very sane idea. Not only do you meet other like-minded people who do what you do, you form bonds, gain followers, and learn new tips. Facebook groups are great places to interact and network with bloggers.

4. Don’t be afraid to create controversy

You are sure to get some comments on controversial posts. Don’t be afraid to address topics other bloggers shy away from due to potential backlash. When you push other people’s buttons, you set the expectation that you aren’t afraid to handle the good and bad responses. Look for touchy subjects in your niche and have at it.

5. Offer a freebie

I love getting something for free. I bet you do too! Chances are your readers love getting something for free. For me, I offer a free 7-day email crash course about how to start a blog. It costs my readers $0. Zilch. Nada.

6. Comment on other blogs

You like it when others comment on your blog, so return the favor. Set a goal of responding to a certain amount of blog posts every day. Make sure your comments are meaningful and don’t over promote yourself. I like this strategy because you normally have to leave your name, email, and URL in the post. Free advertising for your blog, plus a great opportunity to prove you’re a subject matter expert in your niche.

7. Be organized

Blogging requires a great level of organization. I don’t know about you, but whenever I read a blog post, I can tell within the first 10-20 seconds how much time the writer put into the structure of the post. I make it a regular practice to develop an outline for every post. No matter if I’m writing a short 500 word post or a massive 3000 word article. All posts deserve the same level of attention, organization, and care.

8. Be active on social media

Sharing on social media is one of the best ways to get known as a blogger. One word of caution – share more than once. Think about why I’m saying this. If you post a tweet in the morning, 1 minute later, it falls way down in your feed. Use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to automatically schedule posts at opportune times.

Don’t just share your posts. Ask questions, create polls, upload videos. Take an interest in the comments you get on social media. Treat them just the same as if they were comments that showed up on your blog. I like to think of my blog as my brick-and-mortar business and my social media accounts as my marketing plan.

9. Don’t rush to publish your next post

Isn’t it a great feeling to hit the publish button? I know the feeling! But, don’t rush to get that next post up and running. Spend extra time making sure you have your content laid out exactly as you want it, check spelling and grammar, and make sure you have used the right keywords.

I know too many bloggers who post every day, but their posts are mostly fluff. There’s one blog I follow where the blogger actually things his/her readers care about marathon run times. What does that do for me? What does that do for the reader? Absolutely nothing. Maybe some people like reading about it, but to me there’s no value. They probably publish 10-12 more times per month than I do, but I prefer to publish fewer posts with top quality. Volume of posts is not that important in the grand scheme of things.

Are you rushing? Go back to older posts and look to see if you cut corners anywhere. And go back and fix them!

10. Simply ask for feedback

If you are really looking to shine as a blogger, you can’t be afraid to ask your readers for feedback. I trust that you have a “Contact Me” page on your site, or another way for your readers to easily contact you. Use your email blasts as a way to ask for honest feedback. Create a Facebook poll, run a Facebook live Q&A session, or simply start a group chat. It’s much easier than you think to get feedback on your blog. All you have to do is ask. Cool, huh?

What now?

Now it’s time to put these tips into action and work your way towards shining as a blogger. Anyone can blog, but to succeed and grow your blog takes practice, strategy, and perseverance.