Easy Ideas To Turn Your Garden Into An Amazing Playground For Your Kids!

Easy Ideas To Turn Your Garden Into An Amazing Playground For Your Kids!

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As a dad, I always want to make my kids lives as fun as possible. This involves doing a lot of work around the home. Today, I have some great ideas on how you can turn any garden into a playground for your kids.

Get Some Swings & A Slide

It’s easy to add some playground features in your garden without doing much hard work at all. Plenty of shops sell garden swings & slides that you can buy for your children. You may think it’s a lot of money, but it’s a worthy investment. It will encourage your kids to go outside and enjoy the fresh air in your garden. They’ll have more fun, and it gets them away from the TV and those computer games they like to play. If you’re looking for other outdoor activities your kids can do, then I have you covered. Go and check out my post here http://www.goaskyourdaddy.com/ for more info. The ideas there are sure to get everyone out of the house and having fun.

Build A Treehouse

As a kid, I always dreamed of having a treehouse. I used to see them on TV and beg my parents to build me one. They never did, and my love of treehouses was forced to disappear. However, now that I have children, it can reappear once more! I find that treehouses are a great addition to your garden. Of course, you need a big enough garden with a suitable tree. If you tick these boxes, then you can get started making a fun treehouse for your children (and you) to enjoy. Also, you’re going to need to use all sorts of tools to construct the best treehouse ever. Don’t worry; there are sites like thetoolboss.com that provide tips when handling big tools like chainsaws. Make extra sure the treehouse is safe before you let your kids play in it!

Buy Sports Equipment

I think it’s essential that you get your children involved in sports from a young age. Sports are so good for you and can result in hobbies that last a lifetime. There are loads of sports your kids can play and enjoy while they’re young. Obviously, it can be tricky trying to make your garden suitable for some sports. But, there are a few things you can buy to allow your kids to play sports in the yard. Consider buying things like soccer goals or tennis/volleyball nets. These are good as you can pack them away when they’re done playing. So, they don’t take up too much space in your backyard. If you’re struggling for ideas on how you can get your kids involved in sports, have no fear, there are solutions. Websites such as http://www.parents.com/ that provide you with the advice you need.

If you’re blessed with a big enough garden, you can use all three of these ideas to turn it into a place your kids will love. If you have a smaller garden, then perhaps consider one or two of these ideas, depending on the space you have.



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The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

Fall is a beautiful season and for some people, it’s the most beautiful of them all. If you want your kids to associate fall with something fun and entertaining instead of just boring rain and start of a school year, make sure to provide them with various activities that will allow them to experience fall to the fullest. Not only will the kids benefit from spending time in the fresh air, but they will also be able to learn something new while enjoying themselves.

Leafy fun

It’s time to rake some leaves! While the process of raking might sound boring to adults, for kids, it’s only the first step of great fun. If you have trees in your yard, allow your kids to rake the fallen leaves and then play with the pile and leap into it. True, throwing the leaves around will require some additional work later on, but the fun is worthy of extra chore. If you don’t have any trees in your yard, feel free to take your kids to the nearby park, where they can make their own leaf piles and toss them around. Don’t worry about them getting dirty. There are various benefits for children in that respect, too.

The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

Garden time

Fall is a perfect time to plant some flowers, bushes and even trees, and kids absolutely love taking part in such activities. Therefore, make sure to invite them along when you go gardening. You can also use this opportunity to teach the kids about flora and get them interested in the world around them. Moreover, you can suggest them to decorate the garden with help of their own creativity. Ask them to paint the pots, make plant signs or pick stones and other details that would perfectly decorate the garden in an autumnal fashion.

Fly the kite

Fall winds are simply made for some great kite flying. Don’t forget to mention this activity to your kids. You can have a lot of fun, and especially so if you choose to make a DIY kite together. That way, you can add some fall details such as fallen leaves and unique personal drawings that would make any child enjoy kite flying even more. Not only is this amusing, but kids will also spend some time in the open, running around and pulling the string, which will significantly improve their balance, fitness skill and eye-hand coordination.

The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

Color hunt

Like a scavenger hunt, a color hunt is a really entertaining activity thanks to the wide spectrum of fall colors everywhere. Pick a color and instruct your kids to collect as many natural things in that color as possible. Leaves and flowers that they pick up can also serve you as a great educational tool for teaching them how to recognize different types of plants. If you set a timer for search time and invite your child’s friends to join in, this can soon become their favorite pastime.

Detective play

Fall provides great insight in nature’s life cycle as well as the behavior of different animals that kids can easily spot in parks and even small local forests. If you want to get this knowledge closer to your kids and make it fun for them, organize detective games that would require them to take notes of their findings. Kids can do their investigating on foot or, you can suggest them to ride their bikes or hop on a self balancing scooter, which will make their detecting even more efficient. This will only make them more interested in the game and get them to become more serious about the whole activity, which will turn out to be very beneficial for them in terms of educational and physical development as well.

The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

There are many ways that you can provide your kids with necessary fun during the gloomy fall days if you make them look at things nature puts before them with different perspective. It’s important to keep them company for a while and show them how enjoyable a certain activity is, because you’re the one kids look up to and they’ll gladly accept to try and get immersed in an activity that seems to be amusing for their parents, especially if it involves the outdoors, moving around freely and discovering new things.



Zara Lewis is a mom of three kids, a designer, freelance writer and a contributor to Go Ask Your Daddy.  She is passionate about traveling, hiking, cycling and yoga, and loves to write about things that are a part of her life that inspire her, mostly parenting, relationship and healthy lifestyle topics.  Zara is also a regular contributor to other blogs such as highlifestyle.com.

Finder her on Twitter: @ZaraELewis

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That Dreaded Question All Dads Must Face: “Daddy, Can I Have A Pet?”

Having a pet can be a great experience for kids. Evidence says that children who grow up with dogs have better empathy and more confidence. But, of course, that’s not the end of the story. Pets, as all dads know very well, need quite a bit of work. And despite the protestations of your children, that work will inevitably fall to you.

With that in mind, it’s worth thinking about which type of pet would be best for both your kids and for you.


Fish are the quintessential starter pet for children. They’re easy to look after, they don’t create any havoc around the house, and they don’t require much mucking out. What’s more, there’s a dizzying array of different types of fish to choose from. You can build up quite a collection if you know where to look. Many people go for gold fish because that’s the done thing. But gold fish are actually quite difficult to look after. They need aerators, heaters, filters and, sometimes, chemicals.

That Dreaded Question All Dads Must Face: "Daddy, Can I Have A Pet?"


Siamese fighting fish are far hardier creatures that don’t need any of this expensive kit. So they may, in fact, be a much better choice.


That Dreaded Question All Dads Must Face: "Daddy, Can I Have A Pet?"


Reptiles are cold-blooded, long-lived creatures that will probably outlast both you and your kids. They’re a long-term commitment, and they’re not fuzzy or particularly friendly. But with that said, they do offer benefits as pets. Again, thanks to their slow metabolism, they’re easy to look after. And, typically, pet insurance costs are low. It’s worth mentioning too that many reptile species, like the tortoise, are non-allergenic. Unlike if you bought a cat, you won’t be sneezing every time you get back from work.


That Dreaded Question All Dads Must Face: "Daddy, Can I Have A Pet?"


Ducks can make excellent pets. They’re easy to look after, relatively hardy and can be kept outside at all times. There are only a couple of downsides. If you use a static pond instead of a natural pond, it can be a lot of work to clean it out. Plus, there’s also the fact that if you keep ducks on the same bit of grass in your back garden, they’ll strip it bare. The best solution is to lay down a layer of sand, and then place the duck pen over that. Sand will absorb all their muck, and it’s easy to clean with fresh water. Sand is also good because it protects their flippers which are easily damaged. Remember, ducks are highly social animals. So to be happy you need at least two, and usually more!


Like the other animals in this list, rodents make good starter pets. But they come with a warning. Rodents have very short life spans. For instance, the world record lifespan for a mouse is four years. Most mice don’t live much beyond their second birthday.

That Dreaded Question All Dads Must Face: "Daddy, Can I Have A Pet?"


If you get a rodent, keep them in same-sex pairs, except if you buy a hamster. Guinea pigs are rodents too, and the good news is that they tend to live a little longer than smaller animals. Of all the rodents, rats probably make the best pets, thanks to their increased intelligence.

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Back in the Songwriting Game!

Back in the Songwriting Game!

It’s been a LONG 11 1/2 years since I wrote my last song.  Life happens, right?  4 kids, 1 dog, and 2 cats later, here I am.  I recently told myself that I was going to write 10-12 new original songs no matter what.  It’s hard to believe that the last time I wrote a song there were no smartphones.  The flip phone was all the rage!

I’m using my iPhone 6’s technology to capture spur of the moment song title ideas in the Notes app, and for those melodies that come to my head away from the piano, or even in front of it, I’m using the built-in iPhone camera so that I never have to worry about forgetting it later on.

I’m excited to get my piano tuned tomorrow.  It’s so out of tune in its current state and several keys are sticking due to the humidity.  I’m planning a Facebook live performance for the next few weeks to show off the newly tuned piano.

One of my other goals, along with 10-12 new songs, is to try to play open mic nights at least once or twice a quarter in the local area. With no portable music equipment in my possession, I may have to shell out a little cash to rent a keyboard. Local establishments that have a piano and a mic are the ones I’ll key in on first.

I wrote and recorded my first album, “Walk With You,” in my home studio in 2004.  It was a Christian music album that took me well over a year to put together.  I can’t express how difficult it is to mix and master a song.  I have a real appreciation for those men and women that work behind the glass in the music studios!

I’ll be sharing my progress on the new songs in the near future, and may even post a video of me performing them. I’m excited about having some fresh ideas and melodies to put down on paper.

I invite you to give me honest feedback (good or bad)!  Musicians rely on feedback to continue to grow.

Until next time!


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Free Printable! 50 Blog Post Ideas!

Hey guys, remember my earlier post, “50 Blog Post Ideas To Cure Writer’s Block?”  I have just converted it into a FREE printable just for you!  Feel free to share!  Enjoy! – Jeremy


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Is Running To The Doctor Always Best?

It’s not a parent’s favorite thing, but sometimes you have to do it. Taking your child to the doctor is the kind of thing that gets easier with practice, for sure. The problem there is that you don’t want to have to get practice in this area. The less your kid gets ill, the better.

Nonetheless, there are times when – ill or not – your parental responsibility trumps all. In many ways, childhood is the best time to have certain things go wrong. People who are not ill in childhood may be considered lucky, but there are times when it’s a straight-up disadvantage. And more than this, knowing the facts allows you to give your kid the best tools for dealing with anything.


Image Source: Wikipedia

Being aware of the trips you must make to medical professionals, and how to help your kid through them, is a vital part of parenting. It is also important to know when NOT to go to the doctor – some things are best handled at home.

  1. Regular Checkups Until They Are Three Years Old

When a child is first born, the parents will soon become sick of the sight of hospitals. Pardon the pun. But there are a lot of Well Child checkups to have, and even if your little one is the picture of good health, don’t be tempted to dodge them.


Image Source: Wikipedia

Developmentally, the early years are the most important. Until the age of three, these checkups should be at least every six months. In the first eighteen months, they should be more frequent. This will allow any issues that may arise to be dealt with promptly. From three onwards, once a year is often enough.

  1. Dental Appointments: Be Prepared For Kids To Hate You

Anyone who says they enjoyed their childhood dental visits is telling a big lie. Either that, or they were some kind of special being, because dental appointments aren’t fun for anyone. Even adults hate them.


Image Source: Pixabay

But your kids dentist can spot when something isn’t growing as it should be, and take the action to correct it. This could save regular (and expensive) repeat visits later in life. A dentist can also spot signs of other health issues, and their advice can be life-saving at times.

  1. When Your Kid Is Feeling Ill: Doctor Or Not?

If your child is ill, you’ll know about it. The effervescence they usually show is not present, and they’re wondering what’s going on. In a lot of cases, parents will run to the doctor without thinking, to get everything checked out.


Image Source: Flickr

But the truth is, there may be no benefit to doing this and it could be a waste of time and money. If your kid is not running a high fever, vomiting regularly or complaining of a stiff neck, don’t go rushing off. If they have a cold, chicken pox or measles, there is little the doctor can do and it should resolve itself in less than a week. It’s better to get it now than as an adult, believe me.

Of course, there are times when “normal” symptoms need extra-normal reactions. If symptoms are persisting, and especially if they are getting worse, through four or five days, see a doctor. This is when an illness is more severe than a basic case, and does need treatment.


In all truth, it is no bad thing for your kid to have a few unscheduled visits to the doctor to get patched up. They should develop a trust with, and a confidence in, their doctor. Just not an over-reliance.

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Dealing with Trust Issues in a Relationship

Dealing with Trust Issues in a Relationship


So what is trust, exactly? For many, trust is the unquestioning belief that your partner is going to do right by you. Does this mean that trust requires you to have an unshakable belief that your partner can do no wrong? It’s definitely a pretty tall order, and places a heavy burden on the both of you. Can anyone be the subject of unquestioning belief? For a lot of people, that’s a pretty difficult concept to swallow.

But of this there can be no doubt. When distrust is at the forefront of someone’s mind that it fundamentally changes the dynamics of a relationship.

How a lack of trust affects a relationship

A lot of people think they know what a lack of trust in a relationship is like. They see it as one partner always being visibly paranoid. Always asking their partner where they’ve been and with who but never seeming to believe them. But sometimes a lack of trust isn’t communicated so explicitly.

A lack of trust can manifest as a lack of intimacy between partners. Physical contact can create unpleasant feelings. It can result in partners not talking, or being evasive about particular subjects. This creates an emotional chasm between the two that can seem difficult to fix.

Dealing with Trust Issues in a Relationship


Dealing with specific suspicions

When we talk of a lack of trust, we’re often talking about fears of infidelity. This isn’t always the case, but it is generally what we’re referring to. But how do we relieve such fears? There’s often only one answer: find out the truth.

Some people may even choose to work with a detective agency if they have these sorts of suspicions about their partner. While that may seem like a big step to a lot of people, it can sometimes be the only way for someone to put their worries to rest.

Dealing with Trust Issues in a Relationship


Coming to terms with the past

If something bad has occurred in a relationship, such as infidelity, then trust can be hard to rebuild. But it’s not impossible. In my opinion, the adage of “Once a cheater, always a cheater” is a dangerous and inaccurate one. Many cynics like to assume that people don’t change. Yet we all have experience, with others and with ourselves, that directly contradicts that claim. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to offer you except another adage: “Time heals”.

But what if mistrust is occurring despite there being no misbehavior from a partner? It could stem from a history preceding the relationship. If someone has dealt with abuse or social rejection in their past, then this can manifest as excessive distrust later in life. This can create lasting problems in all the relationships that person experiences.Dealing with Trust Issues in a Relationship


Getting help

In many of these cases, getting outside help can be of tremendous use. Many people don’t believe that relationship counseling/therapy can help them. But you should be prepared to approach this sort of thing with an open mind. There’s a chance it could save your relationship – and if there’s a chance, you should go for it.

Communication is everything. Remember this when you’re dealing with these sorts of problems.

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Keep Your Car Clean While Traveling With a Toddler

Maintain your car clean while travelling with a toddler

Many thanks to Molly Dennis for supplying this great post!  Enjoy!

Traveling with kids can be pleasant and interesting. You probably won’t feel bored if you are in the car with your toddler, but the problem is the mess which is usually left after that. You should provide regular and proper cleaning of the seats, mats and areas in the car which is tiresome and tedious work. Here you will learn how to maintain your car clean while traveling with a toddler.

Maintain your car clean while travelling with a toddler

No drinks other than water

You should be prepared keeping bottled water in the luggage of your toddle just in case. Have rules to keep only water and no other drinks in it. Beverages like juice, milk and others will inevitably spill on the seat or mat and you will have to try remove them later leaving sticky substances on the fabric.

Keep your toddle busy with toys

You can keep your kid entertained and busy during the travel with small toys. Bring them with the luggage and take them as you leave. During the travel the toddler can scatter toys playing with them and leaving them on the floor. Just remember to gather the toys as you get out of the car or try to teach your toddler do this. This way he/she won’t cause more mess.

Let your toddle choose 1 item which they want to bring with them in the car

This can be a coloring book, notebook or whatever he or she is interested in. This will ensure an interesting and exciting time of your toddler during the travel and he/she won’t get bored or try to make a mess. Make sure to take with you that item after you leave so, your car won’t get cluttered. Next time you can let your toddler choose another item.

Keep things in containers – a plastic cup and another for trash and small items

This way you can gather napkins, wipes and wastes in one place and throw them away as you leave. Keep another container for storing small items like toys which can easily get lost in the car or end up on the floor. Keeping your small items and rubbish tidy at designated places will ensure you some comfort during the travel and less mess.

Vacuum the car at least once in the week

Car seats, headrests and mats get filled with dust, allergens and stains when being regularly used. So, CleanToPerfection Camden Town advises that vacuum cleaning is necessary to be done once in the week or if you don’t have time at least once per 2 weeks. Traveling with a toddler can be an extra challenge for maintaining your car well sanitized, but is a responsibility as well. Your toddler and your own health will benefit from this.

Use a basket with dividers to keep snacks for you kid

You know that kids can get hungry at any time so, keeping a few snacks for your toddler in a basket in some of its dividers is a good solution. Store dried fruits and other snacks which create less mess and are appropriate for the car.

Keep your toddler’s belonging packed at the back of the car in the luggage compartment in organizers. Put only the essential in the bag you place near them – wipes, napkins, toys and books.

Remove the trash and wipe down the surfaces in your car regularly

Don’t forget to empty the containers which you use for rubbish and wipe down all hard surfaces in the car – handles and others. You should do this every week or oftener depending on the condition   of the vehicle.

If you keep your toddler’s possessions organized and tidy you will have less cleaning work to keep your car sanitized. It is necessary to supply with suitable organizers, dividers, containers for wastes and food which won’t make stains. Keep the water and suitable food in baskets. Provide once per week vacuum cleaning and wiping of the car interior.


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Reasons Why Singapore Is Among The Best Countries In The World.

Reasons Why Singapore Is Among The Best Countries In The World.

Help me give a warm welcome to a new guest blogger – Lily Evans – who has supplied a great post about travel to Singapore.  I hope you enjoy it! – Jeremy


Singapore is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live and tour. From the wildlife to nature, to the hotels and restaurants, this is just the place to be. Everybody loves touring places with different recreational activities both for adults and children. Singapore looks spectacular, especially at night. So, the question most people ask is what makes Singapore one of the world’s best cities? Here is why.

  1. Food. This city is known as the food capital of the world. There is a huge variety of Singapore foods in the stalls that you can sample. The food here is very affordable and it is very hard to find someone starving. So many places have awesome street food. But as much as you enjoy the street foods, be very careful about what you submit your stomach to.

Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world.


  1. Best airport. Singapore Changi Airport has been voted the best in the world time and time again. It is unique in that it has a swimming pool, movie theater, food stalls and children’s play areas. In this airport, there is much activity going on, passengers are happy when their flights are delayed since they get to have more time there to enjoy.

Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world.


  1. One of the safest cities in the world. The crime rate in Singapore is so low; people walk out freely at night without any worries. You do not expect to get mugged here at 3am along dark allies like other cities. People have adopted a culture of peace and togetherness.



  1. No waiting around. In terms of public service, visitors do not have to wait. There are very strict performance targets at airports and railway stations meaning guys do not loiter around waiting. Everything here works well and right on time.


Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


  1. Very many taxis. With over close to 30000 taxis that are official and serving less than 5.5 million people, it gets very easy to get a ride. The other advantage is that they are cheap. It is very rare to get a ride far away from where you are and it costs under $20. As per the regulations, most taxis are in perfect condition.


Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


  1. No complaints about cold. For a better part of the year, the temperatures average 32 degrees and do not fall under 23 degrees. That means in this city, no winter clothes are needed. It gets a bit cold indoors in places with air conditioners like malls and restaurants. So, as much as you are selecting the best duffle bags for travel, make sure you shop for summer clothes.

Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


  1. Social scene in Singapore. Making friends in this city is actually very easy, be it by the locals or expatriates. Meeting people is fun. Some online forums and Facebook groups bring people together when it comes to some shared interests.


Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


  1. Healthcare in Singapore. Getting quality healthcare in this city is affordable as compared to some other countries whereby you have to have insurance. There are 13 private hospitals, 10 public ones and 18 clinics where people can choose from. This, therefore, means there are lots of doctors and facilities available.
    Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world
  2. Education in Singapore. There are very many schools to choose from. Public schools are affordable and the children get to learn a new language. From secondary level, students are enrolled in co-curricular activities like sports and arts. The other option which is also the best is the Private International Schools which is ideal for parents who want their children to continue with the country’s school system.


Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


  1. Nightlife. It is a nice place to hang out at night because of night clubs that play a variety of music. There are also parties and events most weekends.

Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


  1. Easy place to do business. Most people who live in Singapore are there temporarily, working for many foreign companies that have branches in Singapore. For a big brand or organization to decide to setup offices in Singapore, it means they have spotted potential. In 2015, World Bank named Singapore the 7th best in the country in the world to do business in.

Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


  1. It is among the least corrupt countries in the world. It is situated in a region where corruption is part of life and is ranked 5th in the list of least corrupt countries in the world. Most of the glory of building an almost corrupt-free society goes to the country’s Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. In Singapore, corruption, be it white or blue collar, consequences have to be faced. Salaries of politicians and civil servants are high so that economic incentive can be repressed to engage in corruption.


Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


13. Lowest drug abuse rate in the world. This, therefore, means that it is a good place to raise a child. Most places in the world are well known for their drug problems. This is not the case in Singapore. When it comes to opiates, cocaine, and ecstasy, it has the lowest rate of abuse in the world. It is the second lowest in terms of consumption of marijuana in the world. This discipline is maintained by the strict and harsh punishments faced if you are found in possession of any of these.

Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


  1. Low taxation. Singapore has many benefits, but the fact that its tax rates are low leaves people with high disposable income. This is something does not happen in other popular countries like the United Kingdom and Australia.


Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world

  1. Infrastructure and technology. Singapore is on the cutting edge of technology. New technology and ideas are implemented with ease due to the fact that the country has intelligently designed infrastructure.

Reasons why Singapore is among the best countries in the world


In short, if you are looking to relocate, Singapore should be considered in your list of favorites. For the purpose of tourists as well, this article has all the information you need about Singapore and how great it is. Say no more, get a ticket and head straight to Singapore and have an experience of a life time.

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50 Blog Post Topics To Cure Writer’s Block!


Got Writer’s Block?

Here are 50 random blog post topics guaranteed to get rid of your writer’s block and back to publishing in no time!  Feel free to share this list and even add to it!

50 Blog Post Topics!

  1. List post
  2. Write a story
  3. Compose a letter
  4. FAQ post
  5. Write out your 5 year plan
  6. Bucket list
  7. Write about your childhood
  8. News stories
  9. Create an info graphic
  10. Host a giveaway
  11. Interview someone in your niche
  12. Reminisce about travel experiences
  13. Randomly text people questions and post the most outrageous answers
  14. Host a linky party
  15. Host guest posts
  16. Reveal your bad habits
  17. Expand on your “About Me” page
  18. Create a list of your favorite bloggers
  19. Solicit feedback on your blog
  20. Create an ultimate resource post
  21. Allow your spouse to write a post
  22. Make an A to Z post
  23. Write a poem
  24. Create a live webinar or free course
  25. Write an “X Things You Don’t Know About Me” post
  26. Write about your blog goals
  27. Share your social media strategies
  28. Cool date night ideas
  29. Turn popular blog posts into videos
  30. Create PowerPoint presentations from older posts and post to SlideShare
  31. Write about your favorite hobbies
  32. Catalog your favorite blogging tools
  33. Your favorite holidays and why
  34. List free activities to do in your town
  35. Tips for productivity
  36. Funny things your kids say
  37. Share a drink recipe (and a photo to go along with it)
  38. Share a memory
  39. Write a post in honor of a special day
  40. Let your kids contribute to a post
  41. Use Google Keyword Planner to research popular keywords and write a post about it.
  42. Type a question in google and write a post with the information in the auto-complete query.
  43. Technology that excites you
  44. Parents on Facebook?  Post some of their crazy comments.
  45. 5 guilty pleasures
  46. Favorite apps
  47. Write a post about common misconceptions
  48. Funny quotes
  49. Favorite sports team post
  50. Write a letter to your future self

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Outdoor Activities For Your Babies On The Weekend

Getting outside with the infant is a mood improvement for baby and mom. The outdoors is a best method to stimulate the body and improve brain power.

Where to begin?

There are some ways available for you to introduce your infant to the great outdoor activities.

With all the bustle and hustle of daily life, moms forget how to relax and enjoy outdoor activities with their baby sit is a best method to bond with the kids at the same time enjoys certain fresh air.


Outdoor Activities For Your Babies On The Weekend
Source ShutterStock

Utilizing household products like toys is an excitement for small babies and the green minded parents. Load a big plastic pool, storage bin or bucket with water, cups, plastic cups, bowls and spoons.

Demonstrate your small kid how to scoop up water and pour it in to the pool. If the bucket is big, your kid can sit inside the container. Simply make sure to check the toddler carefully, due to the reason even a slight inch is a drowning hazard.

Store the water play products close to the back door at the warm months hence you can take them easily. Most of the franchises across the place provide tandem strollers exercises courses for new mothers. You will receive a workout and create certain new friends, when your kid enjoys the ride.

Toddlers kick back and relax, with regular breaks to see mom make strength training.


You will also enjoy the new company, a friend who will know if you like to catch up in a certain minutes or meet them. Kids younger than six months old require riding in a small car protected to the jogging stroller with a unique attachment.

If the baby’s older and contain good head control, you can also consider ditching the car seat.

Backyard obstacle course is a best treat if your kid is walking or crawling. Place a set of materials for your baby to interact with, such as hoops, boxes, balls, tunnels and stuffed animals.

Challenge older kids to follow some directions like crawl by the tunnel and bring teddy bear to mom. Small infants will enjoy getting over and by anything you can arrive up with. Purchase a set of colored cones made for soccer drills at sporting materials shops and uses them in to the program.


Outdoor Activities For Your Babies On The Weekend
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Any cardboard which comes at the house can refresh the course. Such as water, sand gives a tactile experience which assists small kids study about the world. Pouring and scooping demonstration cause and effect, when burying the material and showing it again, educates object permanence.

Move to a beach or a playground that contains a more sand area and bring toys such as pails, shovels, construction vehicles and plastic animals. Do your own sand place at house, for this you can purchase a box and sand at the home improvement stores.

To prevent losing toys at the beach or playground, write the kids name with permanent market. Give fun activities you would generally make indoors to the best outdoors.

It is also simple to bring kids high chair exterior side for an outside meal bonus: the time for cleaning up the floor is easier also.


Read some stories in the grass or you can also use tent. Bring push toys exterior side and motivate the new walker to see and visit different places. This method will assist with coordination and balance.

Seat the kid under a tree. You will find your baby spends more time looking up. The rustling leaves and the breeze can be intriguing to a small kid. After your instant can move, motivate your child to touch the tree and try to snoop off the bark.

No question aquariums and zoos are kid friendly, but infants love them also. Simply don’t be amazed if the kid spends more time seeing out the other visitors like the animals.

An exciting method to spend a morning time, berry picking is a baby friendly activity. Put the blanket under a tree and set to the work of plucking the fresh one from the vines.

Farmers markets are considered as one of the baby friendly activities. There is usually room for strollers and vendors always invite the opportunity to coo your cutie.



Slowly establish in the kids mind about veggies and fruits by telling the names and allow the child to smell herbs and squeeze the fruit. Carrots are filled with beta carotene that simply occurs to be in excess demand if you are lactating.

They are a healthy way of carbohydrates and will improve the potassium also. Peel a slice and store them in the fridge for snacking easily. Take your kid on a natural walk in the early morning prior it gets very hot.

Let your cutie smell the flowers, feel the soft leaves, watch the birds. Identify what you are looking with a mild rolling commentary, that conversation will assist the infant create a good vocabulary and improve the communication skills.

With lot to see at, smells and sound to hear and other summer activities can be a good place to take alert small ones who like to observe the outside. Plenty of towns are filled with playgrounds and parks, but it is not till you get a baby which you start to find them.

Take benefit of these places by welcoming a friend to meet at these places. Babies those with head control can look for bucket swings. Push them slowly to establish the notion of swinging and see them laugh.


Timing is all with the activity, get post nap and after a feeding if the baby is feeling interested and happy in playing. When it is getting near to naptime, you may end up with the over stimulated tired to sleep infant on the hands.

Just head exterior, get a container of bubble solution, and make your small ones to be amazed. Include some songs and movements, toggle the baby’s feet in the grass and allow your kid experience a feel that is clearly summer.

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Nancy Shaw is the founder of HiFiveBaby where she writes about common problems encountered by parents and how to deal with them, motherhood in general and FAQs about babies, toddlers and kids. She provides scientific and medical basis and also her personal experience as a mom to a wonderful toddler. Now you can explore the joy of parenthood with ease! You can also find her on Twitter.


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My Kid Just Said…#42


On the way to school this morning, I had to reassure my 9 year old that zombies weren’t real. His response?

That’s exactly what someone says right before the zombie apocalpyse happens!

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How Your Age Affects Your Relationships And Your Breakups

Relationships make up a huge part of our lives. From cute childhood ‘relationships’ to teenage first love and then marriage, we will probably date a fair few people in our lives. These relationships might seem like the be all and end all at the time, and we could be convinced that we’ll stay with our significant other forever. However, in many cases, a lot of these relationships will come to an end. Being in love is great, but sometimes it’s just not built to last. Breakups are difficult no matter what age you are, but how they come about and how you react is different at each stage of your life.


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The teenage relationship

They say you never forget your first love. For most people, this is probably true. Falling in love for the first time feels manic and uncontrollable, as it’s something we have never experienced before. This is why it can often feel very intense and you become inseparable from your partner at that time. It is true that for some people, they stay with their first love forever. But, it is rare. Most people do eventually split from their first lover, whether that’s due to moving away from each other or simply because you have changed. When we date in our teens, we tend to be carefree and happy-go-lucky because we don’t have many worries or responsibilities. As the couple grows up and they face more adult situations, it can cause tension between them. Breaking up with your first love can be extremely distressing and you may feel like you won’t ever find anyone else. It will take time to heal, but you will love again!

The college/mid-20s relationship

Going away to college means you meet a whole variety of people you otherwise may not have mixed with. This means there’s a lot of opportunity for potential relationships. However, getting into a relationship around this age can be a bit of a grey area. Some people are still just looking for a bit of fun, whilst others are looking ahead to marriage and children. Chances are, you’ll be in a college relationship for a number of years before you either go one of two ways. If you end up breaking up, you might actually take this slightly better than you did your teenage relationship. This is not because it means any less – in fact it probably means more – but you are more emotionally prepared this time around.


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When you find the person you want to marry, you enter a kind of blissful state of happiness. It looks like everything in your future is now secured – especially if you have kids with this person. Often, it all works out great and you certainly do live happily every after. However, unfortunately many marriages these days do end up in divorce. Leaving your married partner can be life changingly difficult, even if you both know it’s for the best. But there are ways to make it run as smoothly as possible. If finances or personal care is a worry for you, look around for information on obtaining a spousal maintenance agreement. It is likely that you and your partner will be stressed and prone to arguing around the time of separation, so getting a mediator involved can take some of the pressure off both of you.

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Essential Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence



A lack of self-confidence isn’t healthy for anyone. But so many people suffer from it. If you’re not full to the brim with self-confidence, then you might be in the right place. We’re going to take a look at some effective strategies for giving your self-confidence a boost!

Why do you feel so unconfident?

Perhaps the best thing you can do to begin this process is assess your own lack of confidence. A lot of people feel that they’re not very confident in themselves. But not everyone can actually put their finger on why they’re lacking in this confidence. It just sort of hangs around, vaguely, never being tackled head-on, harming your spirit.

Do you feel that you’re not productive enough? Do you feel that you can’t carry a conversation with new people? Like people won’t like the way you look? It’s possible that the problems you’re struggling with are actually all a figment of your imagination. Try speaking to a close friend about the problem.



Procrastination is the enemy

This can take on a couple of meanings that are relevant to your lack of self-confidence. The first is that these negative feelings can grow and fester if you don’t tackle them as soon as possible. It’s why you should start taking advice like this today. By simply taking action, you may start to feel a little more confident already!

The other has to do with your productivity. The fact is that we all have something we want to do. And if we’re not working towards that goal, then it affects our self-confidence in big ways. So get rid of the excuses and distractions. Start working towards your goal as soon as possible.


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Take a look at your style

If you don’t feel that confident in the way you look, there are things you can do. What you wear actually has a big impact on your self-confidence. But it may not always work the work the way you think. For some people, getting a bit more fashionable works wonders. Young men, for example, might look at cologne, new jeans, and tighter tops. This can definitely boost confidence.

Other people might already be trying hard in this area while finding no satisfaction. The problem may be that you’re not following your own fashion desire. If you’re just trying to follow the latest trends because you’re looking for self-confidence? Then you might just be doing more harm than good. A fashion change should always make you feel more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to experiment.



Start reading more

A lot of people don’t have that much self-confidence because they don’t feel informed enough. They find it difficult to have interesting conversations or communicate their opinion to someone. It could be that reading more would help your self-confidence.

In reading more fiction and nonfiction, you become more empathetic. By reading a variety of news websites, you become more informed. All of these things can help you feel more confident in yourself and your place in the world. It can help you bring new ideas to a conversation. Give it a go!

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Gift Ideas For New Parents

Gift Ideas For New Parents


Despite being small, the amount of stuff babies need is incredible. When you find out you’re expecting or become new parents, it’s the generosity of friends and family which make this huge expense that bit more manageable. And so gifts for babies are always going to be highly appreciated. If a loved one has just had a baby, here are some ideas for what you could get for them.

A Major Purchase

If you’re very close to the new parents, how about helping them out with a major purchase before their little one arrives? If could be a crib, a pram, a car seat or something else. This will help them out financially, and is a great practical gift that you know will get tons of use. Alternatively, you could contribute some of the money towards buying an item like this which is sure to help them out massively. You could even start a collection between other close friends and family members. That way you could give money towards a large purchase rather than buying smaller gifts, if this is something the new parents would be on board with.

A Keepsake

A sentimental gift that can be kept and treasured over the years is always going to be special. It could be something like a photo frame, a memory box, an engraved birth certificate holder or a personalized print. Something like a baby journal is a good idea; it allows the parents to keep track of all the special moments and look back on in the future. These kinds of gifts are things that can be looked back on in years to come to remember this amazing time.

A Hamper

Hampers are great, as they include lots of smaller new baby gifts all bundled together. You could buy a premade hamper, or even put together something yourself. You could include things like babygrows and sleepsuits, newborn sized nappies, pacifiers and baby products. These are the kinds of things that the new parents will be using lots of in the early days! You could include one special keepsake item from the ideas above too.

A Gift For The Parents Themselves

If you’re not sure what to buy for a new baby, why not get a gift for the parents themselves instead? Things like cozy and comfortable nightwear and loungewear, for example, is bound to be appreciated. In the early days, these are the kinds of things they’re probably going to be wearing a lot. Any kind of pampering or relaxation is a good choice for the new mother, a hair appointment or a massage for example or some pampering products. You could buy the new parents a voucher for an evening out, such as the cinema or for a restaurant. Even if they’re not able to use it for a little while, it means the expense of their first night out later down the line is all taken care of. Most vouchers don’t expire for at least a year which is great as it means the new parents can use them in their own time.

Gift Ideas For New Parents


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