10 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage – #10

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#10 of my 10 post series 10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage is to find ways to support each other. Support in a marriage is crucial to having a happy and long-lasting relationship. Without support one or both partners can feel burdened, abandoned and neglected.

When I was a teenager my parents divorce had a significant impact on me.  For 18+ years I was blessed to have a mother and father in the same house to support me.  When they split up, I felt like that support system broke down. Even though he lived close, I rarely saw my dad.  My mom became the sole provider for the family and made sure we had the things we needed to live.

I felt the divorce coming because of things that were going on in the house.  My parents would argue, my dad would pack up and leave and then a day or so later he’d come home to reconcile with mom.  One day he didn’t return so I asked my mom where he was. When she told me that he was gone for good, I was crushed.

The good news in this story is that years later they got remarried and are still together.  I was able to see a change in the way they treated each other and they both appeared to finally be happy. I was happy that they were happy, but at the same time I had my reservations that what had happened in the past would creep up again.  As of today they are still together and seem to be happier than ever.

So now that I am nearly 20 years older I often wonder what I can do in my own marriage to prevent the breakdown that occurred in my parents’ marriage.  In the earlier days there was little support from my dad and the level of trust my mom had with him was minimal. Regaining not only her trust, but my trust in him was not easy. I was mad at him for not putting my mom and our family first above his own interests.  I was angry because I needed a father figure to guide me, teach me morals and stand up for the family.  Once he left us this support became non-existent.

As this is my last post in this series and Valentine’s Day is 5 days away, I wish all of you the best in your relationships and for happiness to prevail.  At the end of the day, it’s all about supporting one another daily and being someone that can be counted on when troubles arise. God bless you all!


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