10 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage #6

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#6 – Show Appreciation

Continuing in my 10-post series, 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage, #6 on my list is “Show Appreciation.”

Showing appreciation to one’s spouse is very important in a marriage.  There are many ways that married couples can show appreciation and they don’t all have to cost any money (although a little gift here and there never hurts!).  So how do we show our spouse that we appreciate them?  Here are five short ways I came up with to do just that:

  1. Say “Thank You:”  We say thank you to customers, co-workers and to those providing some type of service. So why not say it to the one person who means the most to us in our lives.  Two words make a big difference!
  2. Do something unexpected:  Treat your spouse to a spa day, watch the kids for a few hours so that he or she has some free time, cook a special meal, clean the house, buy a surprise gift or a vacation.  These are just a few of the many things that couples can do to show appreciation to each other.
  3. Write it down:  How long has it been since you received a thank you note or a letter? We live in the age of technology so we can send an email, write a text or even just a regular old-fashioned hand-written letter to our spouse works wonders. Be creative!
  4. Send flowers:  OK, men, this one is important.  Our spouses love being surprised with a bouquet of roses unexpectedly.  Why not?  They are beautiful and are a symbol of love.
  5. Show respect: The way we treat each other shows how much we appreciate our spouse.  Being kind, considerate and sympathetic to the other person’s needs first shows appreciation.


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