10 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage – #7

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Continuing from my original post, 10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriagehere is #7 on my list:

#7 – Laugh Together

Studies conducted in the past have shown that couples who laugh together tend to stay together and is a good signal that the relationship is going to last.   Finding humor in every day events is healthy.

My wife and I have tough jobs, 4 kids and a ton of extra activities going on during the week – enough to make our heads spin sometimes.  We still find moments during those times to laugh at something – whether it be from a stupid joke, a TV show, a funny Facebook post or something the kids just said or did.  Take this joke from Funny-Joke-Pictures.com as an example:


I won’t mention any names, but my wife and I get a good chuckle out of one person’s Facebook posts.  The posts are so true and meaningful which is what makes them so funny.  The best part is the person isn’t even intending to be funny.  My wife and I just can’t contain ourselves when we see this person’s latest rant or judgmental comments.

Another way to keep laughter in marriage is to occasionally poke fun at each other, but do so carefully and don’t get too carried away with it.  My wife makes fun of me in many ways, but I don’t get offended (most of the time!).

One of my favorite musicians, Jimmy Buffett, says “If we didn’t laugh we would all go insane.”  I really believe that is true!  There is so much depression and sadness in the world, why not seek out the funny things in life!  Laughter is the best medicine!

I love watching my kids talk to each other and laugh together.  My 1 year old loves to be tickled on his belly and the laughter he produces is so cute!  Children laughing makes my day!

Laughter is also contagious!  When was the last time someone laughed hard but it didn’t spread to people around them?  Try going to a comedy club and not laughing at a comedian’s funniest joke when the rest of the crowd is cracking up. Not going to happen!

Marriage is something that you have to work hard at or it will not work. Being happy in a marriage just doesn’t happen on its own.  You have to put effort into it to make it succeed. My grandparents were married for over 50 years and I used to ask my grandmother how she managed to stay with my grandfather for that long. Her answer was that they worked hard at it. Both of them have since passed on, but I will always remember what she said to me when I was younger.

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  1. Very true! I have a theory that (privately) nothing is taboo or out of bounds for humour. I feel grounded by humour within my marriage. Everything worth having takes work. It gives it value, I think.

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