A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!

A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!

This past week my family and I went down to Surfside Beach, South Carolina for a week of fun in the sun!  It was a very long 10 hour drive, but well worth the frequent potty breaks and gas fill ups to get to our destination.  My sister-in-law’s 14U softball select time competed in a tournament in Myrtle Beach so we all tagged along to cheer her team on as well as enjoy the baking rays and crashing ocean waves.  Her team was the 1st runner up in the consolation bracket.  They fought hard, and she pitched very well.  Here are some of my favorite moments from the week.

Have you ever been to Myrtle Beach or Surfside Beach?  What did you experience there?


A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
My sister in-law steps up to the plate to bat during her 14U softball tournament game.
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
My 6 year old never gets tired of posing with a smile!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
My daughter CLEARLY did not want her picture taken. We had stopped for breakfast after a very early start to our trip down to Myrtle Beach.
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
The Happy Meal toy display gets the kids attention every time!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
A long but happy ride to the east coast!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
Our view of the beach!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
I enjoyed being able to put the baby down for his nap during the week!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
My 9 year old has an amazing canon ball!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
Joe’s Crab Shack at The Broadway.
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
Waiting on his chicken and fries with a BIG smile!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
The baby was excited to try some of daddy’s fish and chips.
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
This kid LOVES root beer in the bottle!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
Yet another silly face compliments of the only daughter in the family. What can I say? Her 3 brothers have rubbed off on her!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
My daughter hunting for shells on the beach.
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
The kiddos hunting for shells, or treasure maybe?
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
My wife and 2 year old enjoying Joe’s Crab Shack play area while waiting for the food (and wine!)
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
My 2 year old found a new way to watch his Nick Jr.
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
Thursday night we went to Medieval Times for a night of chivalry and bravery!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
We had front row seats for the battle!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
Once the battle started we were all clapping and cheering for the blue knight!
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
The blue knight on horse ready for the tournament to begin.
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
The knights listening to the king and princess.
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
Really, dad? You are going to let the other two get away with this?
A Week of Fun in the Sun at Surfside Beach, SC!
I had to snap a shot of the beautiful sunrise on our last day at the beach!
A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!

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On Saturday night, my wife and I had a rare date night on the town.  We started things off with dinner at Salar in the Oregon District. Amazing atmosphere, food, and drinks made it a great start to our fun evening!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


We then walked a block down to Belle of Dayton – a local distillery.  I had never toured a distillery before, but was excited for the opportunity.  We walked in and found a seat in front of 4 glasses and a menu of the different products we’d be tasting that night.  The tour started out with one of the owners talking about the history of alcohol production in the Dayton area and then talked about how they started their business. Although they considered many names, Belle of Dayton became the name of choice.  He explained that another local business discovered a bottle buried in the ground when they were doing building renovations. The bottle was from pre-prohibition and was labeled “Belle of Dayton.”  Pretty cool, huh?

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


This adventure was all my beautiful wife’s idea!  Who WOULDN’T want to sit across from her??  So beautiful!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


My favorite drink during the tasting was Hell’s Vodka.  The owner wasn’t lying when he said this vodka was so hot it would clear out your sinuses.  It was delicious!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


I also tried the 4-Grain Ohio Rye Whiskey.  I normally drink my Manhattans with a rye whiskey so I was curious as to whether or not I wanted to start mixing in Belle of Dayton Rye Whiskey.

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


If you like rum, you’ll love the 1775 Colonial Reserve.  It was very sweet-tasting!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


Probably my least favorite of the tasting, but still very good, was the Belle of Dayton Vodka.  I’d much rather mix it with a cocktail versus drink it straight.

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


We got to tour the distillery which included the barrel storage room.  The owner explained how long (or short) a particular product has to age before it’s ready for consumption. Pretty interesting stuff!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


I had never seen or smelled beer fermenting before.  If only I had brought in a large straw….

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


We bought a few glasses as souvenirs!  Can’t wait to drink my Manhattans in these!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


I highly recommend going on the Belle of Dayton tour if you are in the Dayton area. Not only are you supporting a local small business, but it’s very fun and you learn something new!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!

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The Ultimate List of Easy Flight Hacks

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Do you look at the many travel blog posts and say: “WOW! That looks AMAZING”?

-Yeah, me too.

Do you wish you could go to all the mind blowing places they go?

-Yeah, me too.

Do you wonder: “How on earth do they afford to go on these totally awesome adventures”?

  • I don’t.

Wait. What?!

There’s something that all the great travel bloggers do. And most importantly:

Something you can do.

I’m going to teach you a few travel hacks. These are flight booking hacks professional travelers employ every single day. You too can travel on a ridiculously small budget and make your dream adventure come true.

Whether you have thousands of Instagram followers and Facebook likes.

Or you have none, other than your parents (P.S. Thanks Mom.)

If you hate saving money and going on awesome trips please look away and do NOT read any further.

Get your note pad out, we are here to learn!

fly like a local

Forget #livelikealocal – Try #FLYLIKEALOCAL (We saved a whopping 39% and show step by step how you can too)

live like a local fly like a local

Airfare prices often change minute to minute, so its no wonder you can’t understand airline pricing.

Your not the only one.

But you do now know some plane tickets can rise in price the more you search them and you’ve learnt how to avoid that.

But did you know your price could go up or down depending where you booked your flight? And I’m not talking about which booking site you use.

Depending on where you buy them or, even better, where you appear to buy them from can make dramatic savings.

Do you want to see how I leverage foreign currencies and points-of-sale for your advantage.

For reasons I never quite understood, every time I tried to book a domestic flight in another country, the prices were always exorbitant. Once I was in Bangkok, that same flight that was once $300 would fall to $30 almost unexplainably. This phenomenon is because a ticket’s point-of-sale, the place where a retail transaction is completed, can affect the price of any flight with an international component.

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But your buying your tickets online?

Most people don’t know there is a simple trick for “changing” your location to get a cheaper flight on an airline’s website; it’s how I managed to pay $373 for a flight from New York to Colombia instead of $550+.

You can use it for normal international flights, but it often works best when you’re buying domestic flights in another country or on the return leg from abroad.

The Proof:

We ran a return journey search from Buenos Aires to Cordoba, the two largest cities in Argentina, for 4th August, returning a week later on the 11th August on Kayak.

Unsurprisingly, Kayak sorts the results in order of price. The cheapest flight was on LATAM at £138. In fact, the first 19 results were all with LATAM at £138, with varying times of departure and return on the same days.

flight booking tools

If we run the exact same search in Google ITA with London, England as the point-of-sale as you can see in the screenshot below.

browse with different location

Google’s ITA Matrix is simply Google’s software for search flights, pretty neat right? The only downside is you cannot book tickets through them. But don’t let that put you off…keep reading to see how it can save you money.


  • Enter your flight departure and arrival airports.
  • The dates you wish to fly.
  • Enter your current city.
  • Click “Search”

You should then see something like this:

ita matrix results

Though Kayak actually has the best prices, ITA Matrix has confirmed within £5 the best price.

let’s not stop there.

Instead of using our current city as the point-of-sale (London in this case),

Let’s use Argentina as the point-of-sale (Where the flight will take place).

This can only be searched for in Google ITA Matrix.

So, with the exact same departure and arrival airports, the same dates, only change the point of sale location.

Google ITA matrix

The main difference is we’ll get the price in Argentine Pesos and that’s exactly what we want.

search results

In this new search, the cheapest flight on Aero Lineas is AR$1,694 and the cheapest flight on LAN is also AR$1,694. That of course means absolutely nothing to most people, so let’s convert that over to British Pounds:

travelling conversion rates

The same and best flight now converts to £83.63 when you book in Argentine Peso’s, the local currency.

While the same flight is £138 when booked in my own currency, British Pounds.

In short, you’d be saving £54.37 or $78.87 on the same flight, simply by paying in a different currency.

That’s a whopping 39% discount!

Now the real problem is that we’ve got to find a place to buy this ticket in Argentine Pesos since Google ITA won’t tell us where to go for that. But in this case its given us 2 airlines with the exact same price.

I head directly to the Aerolineas website, select location as Argentina, with “Inglés” language.

book on foreign website

Pop in the same dates and airports.

Confirm the dates for departure:

flight booking departure

Confirm the dates for the return:

confirm return flight

This brings us to the cheaper ITA Matrix price of AR$1,694 for the flight.

flight booking hack overview

Book it and smile.

You saved £54.37 ($78.87) on this booking!

Congratulation, you have learned how to successfully get mega savings by teleporting your location!

To save the most money, make sure you pay with a credit or debit card that doesn’t charge you international or travel fee’s.

Even if you don’t have a travel-friendly credit card, it still might be worth it to pay the fees just to pay in pesos.

In this case, the standard foreign transaction fee 3% surcharge would only cost you an extra £2.51 to book the flight. (The exact percentage will vary depending on the terms of the card issuer, but in short, you still come out ahead)

Even after a foreign transaction fee surcharge I’m still £51.86 better off

With a little adjustment, this trick can also be used for purchasing international flights. The most obvious points-of-sales to check for generally include the destination country and the country where the airline is based in.

You could also use this to book 2 one way flights.

Let’s say you want to fly from the US to Hong Kong.

Book the first leg with your location set as USA, and then switch your location to Hong Kong to book the return leg.



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Ethnic Travel Agents

The UK and US are a melting pot of different immigrant and ethnic communities, and this can be used to great advantage for a cheap flight booking. Niche travel agents often specialize in finding deals to those communities’ linked countries.

For example, Shepherd’s Bush in London and the surrounding area has some Caribbean specialist tour agents, or buy the Jewish Chronicle, which has firms advertising cheap flights to Israel. You’ve also told us about Chinese travel agent Omega, which has a branch in the London’s Chinatown, as well as Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Don’t forget to check prices elsewhere before you buy to make sure you’re getting a good deal. If you know of a cheap specialist travel agent, please let us know.

Best local budget airlines in different regions:

New Zealand


split ticketing flights

Use Split Ticketing to Pay a Fraction of the regular price

It’s easy to search for flights from A to B but don’t assume it’s the cheapest way.

By being a little creative about the route and splitting the ticket, you can slash the cost.

Typically associated with train fares. You can do the same with air travel.

  • Lets say your flying from San Francisco to London, chances are there’s at least one stop on the way.
  • So run through kayak the start and end destinations and see what the stops are.
  • Write these down.
  • Then try with each leg as a separate flight.


The best way to utilize this is to combine with Airline Error Fares.

  • Grab a bargain airfare
  • Even when its not ideally from or to where you want to go.
  • Get cheap connecting flights.

Or try “open-jaw tickets”

Where you fly into one airport but return to or from another.

Breaking a journey down into multiple tickets can cut costs without altering the route you wanted.

use layovers to save money

Take a Break (Stop over when flying long-haul to save you 100’s)

Direct flights are always more convenient, but if you’ve a bit more time you can often cut the cost by stopping over hugely. (Indirect flights sometimes only adds a couple of hours to the journey)

How to save:

In March 2016, we checked return flights from London to 10 popular long-haul destinations in mid-September 2016 and how much you could save by stopping over. The results are in the table below – as a rule, we found the bigger savings were on longer, non-US flights.

 To see yourself:

  •  Search via the big price comparison sites we’ve used above. KayakMomondo and Skyscanner all show you.
  • You can filter by direct and indirect flights, so you can easily compare prices.

How direct vs indirect flights stack up:


This is super easy, and works fantastically on long haul flights.



Part 1 (with step by step example):

These are just some of the travel hack’s the pro’s use. If you think you want to up your game, learn The Inception Method,

The Django Technique and even Error Fares You can learn even more Flight booking hacks with me.


You can even see how I found a flight from Zurich to various cities including; Phuket, Punta Cana, Cape Town, Havana, Calgary. For just €6.

Flight hacks for cheaper bookings you can use today.

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Teaching Math Naturally and Effortlessly at Home

Teaching Math Naturally and Effortlessly at Home

Young kids are strongly influenced by their environments. With advances in neuroscience, studies have shown that the brain develops exponentially in the first three years. Good genes need a happy and encouraging home, for kids to really learn to their full potential.

Teaching Math Naturally and Effortlessly at Home

numbers by Smoochie

Math has sadly become a difficult subject in school education. Kids develop an innate fear and dislike of math as they progress through the school system. This is worrisome, for math is all around us. Our kids need not go onto become renowned mathematicians, but they should not fear the subject. They should enjoy it.


The Importance of Math at Home

Parents and caretakers are a child’s first teachers. A parent need not be ‘math minded’ to introduce kids to math. We should consciously introduce math naturally at home. The earliest messages we send to kids remain with them for a long time. As kids grow into adulthood, they will have innumerable situations which need basic skill in math. The parent should not dumb down things which involve math for their kids, assuming that a child would not understand. This will help kids be confident when handling math curriculum.


Why kids must be comfortable with math

Getting children to be comfortable with math allows the kids to be open to concepts taught in school. Fear should have no place in a child’s life. Fear stops a child from being confident, and as parents it’s our job to help our kids become confident adults.

Another strong reason is more basic – math surrounds us and many of us love a host of things which are tied tight with math without our being aware of it that way. The beat in music. The ratios in the way our bodies are constructed. Measures in cooking. Apparel measurement. Geometric patterns in design and art. Counts in dance and movement. Numbers in architecture. Statistical information from social media. Math in the way flower petals are arranged. Vortexes created by water flows. Math of ocean waves. Mathematical beauty of mazes and puzzles we work on. The list of things in our lives which involves math is infinite.

3 Ways to Introduce Kids to Math

Parenting requires great creativity. Parents in general are an inventive lot. They juggle parenting and building nurturing homes. The resources at their disposal keeps on morphing, and yet they strive to do the best for their kids. Here are three simple ways for parents to introduce kids to math:

  1. Talk math

Sounds difficult? It’s not. Parents do it all the time. We just have to fine tune it. Use numbers in your conversation. Would your kids like to have two carrots instead of a couple of them? Ask the child if he would like 1 glass or ½ a glass of juice. If four cobs of corn are on a plate and your kid took one, how many are left? Get them to assist you measuring out ingredients while you bake. A pizza with four quarters? Talk quarters not slices.

  1. Play math

Play is intrinsic to human nature and our kids, just like the young of other creatures learn tremendously through play. This is effortless learning. Play makes children happy and they learn without knowing that they are actually learning. In fact learning through play does not distinguish between subjects. Kids count to play board games, not to learn counting, but they learn it anyways. They enjoy art without knowing the math involved. Although parents encourage kids to play educational math games or puzzle games, it’s more fun to start them on actual physical games in and around the house which involve hopping, jumping, clapping, climbing, the hula hoop, skipping etc.

  1. Spot the math in nature

Nature offers the richest sensory experiences. Get the kids out. Take them on nature walks, get them to play outside. Ask them to count steps, collect a number of rocks, spot shapes in leaves, observe patterns, measure rain, spot clouds of various densities, judge the weight of leaves versus rocks or just create your own game. This is a good way to play, learn math and learn to think through rules and situations in a game.

Teaching Math Naturally and Effortlessly at Home

BinaryHopscotch by Natural Math

It’s for us to get kids into a state where math holds no fears. Who knows – kids may love it and use it in ways we would never have thought off. If fear is taken away, a child’s mind can relax and enjoy the fun and beauty of mathematics. Here are some fun street math ideas which will introduce parents to other ideas to try and get kids comfortable with math.

Come on parents – first teachers that children learn from – make your start today and help your children become confident and free of fear in math class!


Author Bio:

George Schalter loves being a dad. He and his wife share the joys and responsibilities of bringing up their two children. As believers of good all round education, they spend a lot of time playing with their children and spending time outdoors. As George is the writer in the family, he blogs at Educational Kids Games.

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