Make Your Wedding More Special With Best Wedding Cars

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Selecting the best wedding car rental service is a troublesome task. With a myriad of companies out there, it is not easy to identify the right one for the grand event like a wedding? Well, the key is to do a proper homework and to help you with it, this article brings 6 quick and easy tips that you can have by your side when choosing the best wedding cars for that special day of your life.


Bridal Wedding Car

  1. Begin with reviews and references

The first and foremost step is to know more about the various companies that survive in this industry along with the type of services that they have to offer. A good practice is to take recommendations from your friends, families or other reliable resources, which provide an unbiased and honest insight about their services. You can even prepare a check list for the step incorporating elements such as

  • Look for at least 5 potential car rental services in your area
  • Consider what is their specialization (corporate, wedding, concerts or sports event) and
  • The years of experience of the car rental company in the field, considering for how long they have been in this business.
  1. Know More About the Fleet of The Company

The higher the fleet size, the better will be the services of the company. This is because businesses expand their network only when they are able to offer brilliant services and the customers are satisfied with what they get. If you find a wide range of options such as party buses, limos, SUVs, custom built trolleys, Mercedes or shuttle buses on the list then you can consider that company. On the contrary, the smaller companies will come up with limited choices, where you need to choose the best amongst what they have.

  1. Review Your Car Options in Person

Due to the digital boom, there are many companies that have made their way to the online platform and feature booking services directly from their website. However, when it comes to your wedding you definitely cannot afford to take any risk. That is why, after you have shortlisted the cars from their website, fix an appointment to review these cars in person. With this, you can verify the aesthetics of the car and then decide what appears apt for the event.

Wedding Cars

  1. Ask About the Rental Cost of The Car

Without a doubt, the price is a crucial aspect that should never be overlooked. Companies often have different types of fees and charges, which in certain cases varies from one car to another. Some of the common fees include administration charges, fuel charges, rental charges and driver charges.

When you combine all these together then the average price might turn up to be 20% more than what they quote. So, discuss it beforehand so that you can prepare a budget according to that.

  1. Check the Referrals of The Company

If possible, ask the company whether they have any referrals or not. Though, this you can discuss with those customers and get to know more about how their personal experience has been with the company. This will even give you a proper insight into the positive and negative aspects of the wedding cars rental company. Moreover, if any sort of query arises during this point then you can clarify the same with them as well.

  1. Check for The Safety and Convenience

At last, never forget that both the appearance, and the safety of the car plays a major role in selecting the best one. Hence, ask the professionals whether their services are insured or not, so that if any mishap occurs you will not have to repent later.

Remember these 6 quick and easy tips through which you can choose the best wedding cars for the special day of your life.

7 Ways To Be A Catholic Dad To Your Kids

Society has painted an inaccurate picture of what a good dad should be.  Selfish, lazy, abusive, and controlling, are common attributes we see all over TV and in the modern world. Dads are doing things to their families today that are unthinkable and despicable. These types of dads do not deserve to be called “dad.”

What Has God Called Us To Do?

Dads are called by God to be the spiritual leaders of the household. We should be raising our families to live and grow in the Catholic faith.  As heads of the household, this does not mean we can do anything we want and treat our family members any way that we want. Being the spiritual leader of the household is a major honor and responsibility. Everything that we do should reflect a Christ-like image. In today’s world, we are so “busy” doing everything else that we often neglect to put our family’s spiritual well-being first. God has not called us to be a busy bee.  He has called us to take up our crosses as dads and follow Him. He has called us to be faithful.

Here are 7 ways that we can guide our kids at home:

  • Don’t Rely on Religious Education Classes to Teach Everything
  • Listen
  • Go to Confession as a Family
  • Teach them the Holy Rosary
  • Educate them with Bible stories
  • Talk about what the Catholic Church believes
  • Go to Mass

Don’t Rely on Religious Education Classes To Teach Everything

Don’t get me wrong, the Catholic Church has a fantastic RE program and our kids should absolutely attend!  But, we can’t expect to send them to a weekly class to get all that they need for their spiritual nourishment. Dads need to take the lead and guide their kids in everything that they do so that what they do is pleasing to God. The most important example of a spiritual life starts at home.


One of the most important things as dads is that we need to listen to our kids and respond with empathy and understanding. Sure, we need to guide our kids with directions as they are completing their homework and chores, but we also need to be a silent listener to allow our kids the comfort of confiding in their dad.  Sometimes we are too quick to respond and we don’t always completely hear what our kids are trying to tell us. I am so guilty of this! We need to be slower to speak and model the importance of listening with a comforting ear. Our kids are learning so much every day in the world and we need to be able to hear about their experiences. Not all of these experiences will be positive so this will be a good opportunity to guide them in their spiritual journey to handle situations in the right way. If we don’t listen, how do we know what’s really happening in their little worlds?

Go to Confession as a Family

7 Ways To Be A Catholic Dad To Your Kids

One of the most important sacraments in the Catholic Church is the wonderful gift of Reconciliation! Use it! Go to confession regularly!  Don’t just go once a year. God has called us to ask Him for forgiveness for our sins, and we need to receive absolution. Again, this is another wake up call for me. This is an area where I think I can improve as a dad. We need to teach our kids the importance of confessing both venial and mortal sins.  Confession has always been one of those things that has been hard to go to. Make it a regular occurrence and encourage your family to go. Don’t let anything hold you back from going!

Teach them the Holy Rosary

Prayer is touching the heart of God in one of the most intimate ways possible. Make learning and reciting the Rosary a daily practice in your family. What a wonderful way of contemplating on all of the major events in the life of Christ. If your kids do not have their own rosary beads, make it a habit to get them their own.  There are so many tutorials online on how to pray the Rosary. Get your kids involved in learning how to recite it and get them comfortable with praying it daily. The rosary is the most powerful weapon in protecting our souls from the fires of Hell.

Educate them with Bible Stories

7 Ways To Be A Catholic Dad To Your Kids

Our kids need to know the major stories in the Bible, along with many of the Catholic traditions that trace back to the time of Jesus. Make it a habit to pick up the Bible every night and study God’s word. There are wonderful Catholic study tools and children’s Bibles on the market, so investing in them is a very good way to run a successful Bible study at home.

Talk About What the Catholic Church Believes

We need to educate our kids on what the Catholic Church teaches and believes. Use the Catechism of the Catholic Church as your guide in educating them on the important foundations of our faith. Teaching them about the sacraments is a great place to start. Not many kids actually know what the sacraments are. Most of them don’t learn them until they are in religious education classes. Make it a point to be the leader in developing your kids’ understanding of the Catholic faith from an early age.

Go to Mass

This may seem like an obvious one, but go to Mass. Demonstrate to your kids the importance of attending weekly.  Talk to them about the different parts of the Mass and encourage their participation.  We are so fortunate as Catholics to receive Jesus himself in the Eucharist.  Many younger kids will not understand how and why we receive His body and blood. Talk to them about it and answer any questions they may have.  Get your kids in the habit of getting up and going to church on Sunday. Make it a requirement. We can’t control what our kids do when they are old enough to leave the nest, but we can control the foundation we set at an early age.


In all things that you do as a dad, don’t ever forget to be humble. Demonstrate that power, money, success or fame don’t lead to heaven.  Take up your cross.  Lead by example. Just because God has called you to be the head of the household doesn’t give you the right to be exempt from things. Lay the foundation of serving others first. If you teach your kids to be selfish and money hungry, what do you think will happen in the future? We need to teach our kids how to serve the hungry, the needy and the naked in our world. Giving to others is a great sign of Christ’s love. Be sensitive to what you say and what you do around your kids. Don’t just talk the talk.  Walk the walk. Be a sign of Christ’s love to your family.

100 Blog Post Ideas

100 Blog Post Ideas

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As a blogger, coming up with fresh content is challenging.  Maintaining that enthusiasm can be time-consuming and demanding.  Here are 100 blog post ideas you can use today to put you on your way to more fresh content.  When you are done picking out your next blog post topic, why not read up my other post on how to get noticed as a blogger?

  1. Write about your greatest achievement as a parent.
  2. Write about one parenting experience you wish you could take back.
  3. X must have essentials for newborns.
  4. Weekly post to your kids.
  5. Have your kids contribute to a blog post.
  6. Tell your readers about your life pre-kids.
  7. Why I started a blog.
  8. Interview a fellow blogger.
  9. Talk about your worst breakup.
  10. X things you don’t know about me.
  11. Make a list of funny things your kids say.
  12. Bedtime challenges with a toddler
  13. Start a 30 day blogging challenge
  14. Share a list of your favorite blogs.
  15. Write a list of must-have tools as a blogger.
  16. What inspires you?
  17. Write about your favorite childhood memory.
  18. Write a product review.
  19. Write a restaurant review.
  20. How did you get started in your career?
  21. Host a contest/giveaway
  22. What scares you the most?
  23. Write about your goals for the year.
  24. Share a guest post
  25. Write about an event you attended
  26. The best advice you’ve ever received was…
  27. The worst advice you’ve ever received was…
  28. Post a list about easy ways to save money on a tight budget.
  29. Talk about your favorite international destination
  30. Share your bucket list
  31. Date night ideas
  32. Share how you met your significant other
  33. Write a letter to your high school self
  34. Write a letter to your senior citizen self
  35. Share your favorite sports memory
  36. Write a tutorial
  37. Create an ecourse and offer it to your subscribers
  38. Turn blog posts into YouTube videos
  39. Share a list of your favorite blogging apps
  40. Share your latest binge list from Netflix
  41. What I’ve learned in _ years of running a blog
  42. Make a list of your past blogging mistakes and how you learned from them
  43. Share your favorite Pinterest boards
  44. Share some of your Facebook groups
  45. Find a silly or stupid Facebook post and write about it.
  46. Cover a community event
  47. Know a celebrity?  Interview them!
  48. Share a list of books in your blogging niche
  49. Favorite holiday and why
  50. Share your latest travel adventures
  51. Share your media kit
  52. Talk about your faith
  53. Show off your kids’ art work
  54. Tell a secret about yourself
  55. Share a list of funny jokes
  56. Feature your most popular posts
  57. Host a link up
  58. Invite questions from your followers and post answers to them
  59. Create a podcast
  60. Host a Facebook live Q&A session and post the answers on your blog
  61. Created a product? Share it and sell it on your blog.
  62. Share your favorite recipie
  63. Share how you discipline your kids
  64. Met someone famous? Share a picture and tell the story.
  65. List of rainy day activities
  66. Share successful DIY projects you’ve completed
  67. Share a list of your favorite home office equipment and products.
  68. Share a list of your favorite TV shows
  69. Share tips on vacation travel with kids
  70. Do you work from home?  Share your experience.
  71. Do you allow your kids to use cell phones?  How do you manage it?
  72. Share your exercise tips
  73. Writing a book? Share your thought process with your followers.
  74. Ever tweeted a celebrity and gotten a response?  Share it on your blog.
  75. 50 facts about you
  76. A day in the life
  77. Feature a fellow blogger every week/month/quarter
  78. Share a list of your favorite quotes
  79. Ways to travel on a tight budget
  80. List 10 ways to improve your blog in the new year
  81. Your top 10 favorite WordPress plugins and why
  82. Post your opinion about a serious issue
  83. Write about a time you were inspired to make a change for the better.
  84. Share your volunteer stories
  85. Write a thank you letter to someone
  86. Make an infographic about your niche
  87. Start a poll
  88. Share financial success as a blogger
  89. Favorite Pinterest boards
  90. Free printable
  91. Top 10 online tools you use for your blog
  92. Ways you stay productive
  93. Your worst day
  94. Your top 10 pet peeves
  95. Let your spouse/significant other write a guest post
  96. Write an opposite post
  97. Valentine’s Day gift ideas
  98. Snow day activities
  99. Home cleaning tips
  100. How to start a blog

Spring Books

Precious Moments

Toad-ally Do Valentine’s Day Right With Precious Moments

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Do you need to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, but don’t really know what to get them? Head on over to Precious Moments to snag that perfect Valentine’s gift today!

My mom always bought us Precious Moments when we were kids.  We must have had a hundred of them on display in the house.  Any time I go down south to visit and see them still sitting on the shelf, it reminds me of when I was a kid.

Blast From The Past #1

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

A trip back to the 1980s

I’m taking a fun trip down memory lane today back to the 1980s!  I was a kid during this fun decade and thought I’d share one of my favorite memories of those days.  You see, back in the 80s, we didn’t have cell phones, social media, or internet access. If we wanted to have fun, we’d either go outside for hours upon end, or we’d make up fun games in the house.

Growing up in the 1980s was interesting.  I grew up in rural northwest Georgia.  There was a whole bunch of NOTHING to do in that small town – especially for a kid.  The summers were scortching hot and staying outside for hours upon end was out of the question. Luckily, we had a lot of shade in our yard so we were able to combat a lot of the sun during hot parts of the day. If we wanted to have any fun, we’d either have to beg to go to the playground, or we’d have to be creative.  Most of the time, we chose to be creative.

My brother and I were always creating our own fun. From soap on the trampoline to riding our bikes down our driveway, jumping off, and falling into our neighbors ditch (yes, we really did that!), we made living in a small town fun in our own way.

When the weather was bad, we found ways indoors to have fun. We did have the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), but half the time that thing didn’t work, which meant we were coming up with super fun thing to do around the house.

My Closet Radio Station


My younger brother and I decided one day that we were going to create our own radio stations using our small cassette recorders we had gotten for Christmas. When I look back at this idea, I realize now how super creative we were for kids. I had 2 small closets in my room with just enough space for me to make it into a studio. I cleaned out everything in the bottom of one of them (because what little boy’s closet ISN’T ever messy??) and moved all of my gadgets into it to make my radio station come alive.

I can still remember the fake call sign I gave it – KJLA.  I would record myself talking about funny stuff I had seen on TV, or try to tell stupid jokes. When I was ready for music, I’d switch the cassette recorder over to the radio setting and record the music onto the cassette. When the song was over, I’d come back in and talk some more. It was so much fun! I even incorporated skits from Saturday Night Live and made my own versions of them.

My brother also created his own station called K05 – Jonathan’s radio station. In all honesty, his was better than mine. He always had funnier things to say than I did, and he made me laugh. We would compete back and forth as to which one of us had the better radio show. I think he won on that category.  I can remember sitting in the closet doing my radio show and hearing him one door down screaming and yelling on his radio show.

One day, we got the idea to come together to do one radio show together.  We came up with this bit called “Blurt-ins.”  The idea behind blurt ins was that we would suddenly switch to a radio station and no matter what was playing, we’d blurt in with snarky comments. Blurt-ins were funny and challenging because you had to be ready to make a funny comment at whatever was on the real radio at the time. My brother was great at it. I, on the other hand, was not. He could come up with funny comments in the blink of an eye!

We must have done our radio stations for years after that. I can remember always listening to my broadcasts over and over again. To be honest, I don’t know how many cassette tapes we ended up using to make our radio stations come alive, but they cost much more back then than they do today. We usually re-recorded over them after a while to make room for new shows.

Carrying on the tradition


Now that I have 4 kids of my own, I really should be carrying on the tradition. Not just by creating a radio show with them, but helping them come up with fun activities they can take part in and make their own.  Use the iPhone or iPad to make a modern-day version of my radio station. With video almost everywhere today, why not take it a notch further and do your own YouTube show with your kids?  This day and age, podcasts are all the rage. I haven’t made a podcast before, but there’s a first time for everything.

With today’s highly available technology around every corner, our kids don’t really have the motivation to do creative things like we did back in the 80s, but that doesn’t mean we can’t recreate it. We need to encourage them to explore their imaginations.  Kids today stay in the house most of the time.  Time spent outdoors playing and imagining has been taken over by Xbox, TV, cell phones, Facebook, etc. Set limits on these devices and encourage them to come up with fun things to do to spark their imagination.

I’d give anything to go back to the 80s and put on my radio show again. A simple idea one of us had turned into hours and hours of fun. There was no sign of Facebook or Twitter for years to come.  We found ways to keep ourselves occupied and it was a blast.


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