30 Ways to Grow Your Blog

30 Ways to Grow Your Blog

Last Update: 9/4/2017

Are you looking for ways to grow your blog?  Look no further!  After about 6 months of blogging, here is a list of 30 ways I have found to help grow my blog.  I hope they help you too!

  1. Join blogger groups in Facebook – my group is Blogger Share and Promo Group
  2. SEO optimize every post
  3. Start a mailing list
  4. Create a newsletter
  5. Include your blog address in your email signature
  6. Use alt tags on all images
  7. Create custom permalinks
  8. Comment on other blog posts. Include your blog’s information in the post.
  9. Invite Facebook friends to subscribe
  10. Create a self-hosted blog with a custom domain name
  11. Make it easy for readers to follow your social media accounts
  12. Post regularly
  13. Make topics eye-catching
  14. Be original
  15. Write with passion
  16. Host link-ups
  17. Host a giveaway
  18. Post to Twitter 2-3 times per day
  19. Respond to reader comments promptly
  20. Invite guest bloggers to submit content
  21. Submit content to other blogs
  22. Make your blog design clean and attractive
  23. Sell an ebook
  24. Revive and improve older posts
  25. Use vibrant images
  26. Post groundbreaking content
  27. Submit all posts to search engines
  28. Share and comment on other blog posts regularly
  29. Join blogger groups in your niche
  30. Create printable and offer as an incentive for joining mailing list
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