34 Essential Blogging Tools You Must Have

This is an ever-growing list of some of my favorite tools, resources, and freebies for my blogging business. I have used almost 90% of the tools in this list, and the remainder are tools other bloggers have highly recommended.

Please come back often as I’ll be updating this post regularly. Some of these links are affiliate links, and I’ll earn a small commission if you make a purchase through them.

34 Essential Blogging Tools You Must Have


Commission Junction – Another great affiliate marketing platform for bloggers. It’s free to sign up and easy to start joining networks.

Shareasale – Shareasale is one of the best and most popular affiliate marketing networks. There are literally thousands of merchants from just about any genre you can think of, and applying as an affiliate is very easy. Check out my earlier review of the Shareasale program.


Buffer – Buffer is a scheduler you can use to promote your latest and greatest post to social media channels multiple times, and with different titles or images with each post.

Hootsuite – I use Hootsuite to automate my blog posts to my Facebook fan page and my Twitter account. I also bulk-schedule my Facebook group thread posts ahead of time with this app. There are some limitations with the free version, but if you want to schedule your posts at the most optimal time possible, Hootsuite does a great job.

InboxQ – Inbox Q is a great tools that allows you to create blog posts with different keywords. When users type in questions with these keywords, you get updates. If the questions are interesting, you can create blog posts from them.

Mailchimp– I stand by Mailchimp as the best and easiest free email marketing software available today. You can own a free account as long as you have up to 2,000 subscribers and send no more than 12,000 emails per month.

Tailwind – I’ve really enjoyed having Tailwind for the last 3 months. It’s completely transformed the way I share my content onto Pinterest, and has helped me boost my traffic well beyond what I though was possible. Tailwind automatically shares pins for you at the most opportune times. If you are interested in a free month of Tailwind, send me an email to jeremy@goaskyourdaddy.com and I’ll send you the link.


Blogger – Blogger is a well-known platform thousands of bloggers use to create a quick and attractive site. It’s owned by Google and is designed for a more simple user in mind.

Grammarly – Grammar and punctuation are things I take very seriously when I write blog posts. Properly written content is crucial to a professional and reputable impression to becoming and remaining a blogger with authority. I use Grammarly in addition to the WordPress spell checker.

My App Builder – if you decide to go the route of creating an app for your blog or business, I’ve worked with My App Builder in the past. It’s super simple to create an app to suit your needs. It’s only $29 per month.

MyThemeShop – MyThemeShop’s Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins are a perfect solution for ANY online presence. They are endorsed by top bloggers and affiliate marketers and have been featured on top websites like WordPress, Forbes, etc.

ThemeIsle WordPress Themes – ThemeIsle is one of the top providers in premium WordPress themes and plugins. You can gain access to all of their themes for only $149.

WordPress – WordPress is one of, if not the largest, blogging platforms available today.  Although it’s free to use, I highly recommend moving into a self-hosting platform. If you use WordPress for your blog, there’s also a free app for Apple and Andriod.

WP Engine – If you blog with WordPress, WP Engine is one of those sites you really need to put in your favorites. WP Engine provides professional or personal web hosting. I also like to use their free WP Engine Speed Test to determine how fast my site is performing. Be sure to take advantage of their Funnel Month now through 8/31/17. You can get up to up to 3 months free.

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress – I highly recommend the Yoast plugin for WordPress because it helps set your post up to be as search engine friendly as possible. I love the color indicators that tell you when you need to work on something, or when something is good to go.


BuzzSumo – BuzzSumo is a content idea generator. Simply enter the name of a website or a topic to find hot content ideas. Enter your headline, answer a few questions, then you are off to view your analysis.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer – A fantastic tool I use every day to analyze my blog headlines to drive traffic and search results.

Google Keyword Planner – Google’s Keyword Planner is an easy to use tool to check the popularity of keywords. Find out just how much search volume your keyword is receiving as well as other related keywords of interest.

Google Trends – use Google Trends to see if the blog post you’re about to write is popular or not. Google Trends lets you enter in your topic to see what the search volume is based on your keywords.

Keywordtool.io – another keyword tool that gives you up to 750 suggestions for your keywords. You will have to subscribe to the pro version to get more than 750 suggestions.

Reddit – Reddit is a great place to go to see what others are discussing. If you are looking for blog post topics, head on over to Reddit, check out the topics, and find interesting ideas that go with your niche.

Portent’s Title Generator – This site allows you to enter a topic into the tool and it’ll spit out sample blog post titles. This is one of my frequently visited sites whenever I’m creating new content.

Quora – Quora is a website where you can go to find answers to questions people are asking, or you can be the one to answer those questions for them by creating a related blog post. Perform searches on your keywords and look for topics where you can pitch in with your ideas.

Twitter trending topics – If you use Twitter a lot, visit the trending topics section to look for the latest topics in news. A great free resource for content ideas!


Canva – Canva is a free graphic design and image editing app that many, many bloggers use. They don’t offer as many features and tools as PhotoShop, but they are perfect for bloggers who are looking for a quick design or image. I use Canva whenever I update my Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ cover photos.

Gimp – Gimp is a free image-editing software very similar to Adobe Photoshop. If you aren’t looking to spring for a paid service, Gimp gives you all the essential editing tools you need.

PicMonkey – PicMonkey is a free image and graphic design application similar to Canva. Again, it doesn’t offer nearly as many tools as paid applications, but does a very good job and suits the needs for most bloggers.


Identity Guard – a must have service for anyone, but especially a blogger. Protecting your identity while online is very important, because as bloggers we are online pretty much all the time. Having the peace of mind that our identities are protected with Identity Guard is a great thing. I highly recommend Total Protection with Credit Karma.


Google Analytics – Free site statistics you can install on your blog today. There are other paid options, but Google Analytics will give you more than enough statistics to appropriately manage your blog.


Pexels – Pexels is a free stock image site. Most images fall under the Creative Commons License so you are free to use as you choose.

Pixabay – Pixabay is one of my go-to free stock image sites when I need an image for my blog. It’s free to join and doesn’t require any attribution (although I still suggest you do).


Calendars – Calendars are an absolute necessity for a blogger. I use a calendar from Calendars.com every day when I am scheduling things for my blog. A traditional calendar, as opposed to one on a phone or computer, helps keep things in front of me. Take advantage of FREE SHIPPING through Calendars.com with purchase of $30 or more.  Today through the end of this year you can also get 50 – 75% OFF ALL 2017 Calendars.


Namecheap.com – Namecheap is a fantastic choice for anything you need for your domain name. They are always having amazing deals on domain names and other services for your website. For example, you can get a .store domain name for 90% off and for only $4.88 for the first year!  Another great deal is that you can register your domain name starting at only $.88.  If you are just looking for hosting, Namecheap’s hosting starts as low as only $1.66 per month.

SiteGround – SiteGround is my new web hosting provider. I recently migrated my site from eHost because of so many technical problems. SiteGround is the best in terms of web hosting, domain name registration, and more for your blogging needs.


Do you have a list of your own favorite blogging tools? Which ones would you like to see me add to this list? I really want to know what other great tools are available for bloggers and would love to add your suggestions to this list!  Share in the comments if you have any to add!

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My name is Jeremy Atkins and I’m the founder of Go Ask Your Daddy. When I’m not blogging for you, I’m a daddy to 4 kids, a manager, and an accomplished pianist. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about sharing my blogging tips with like-minded individuals who are working toward the goal of an income-generating blog. See that big image with the coffee cup in my sidebar? Click it to join my free 7-Day email course, “How to Create a Profitable Blog” and get started with your very own money-making blog today!

Jeremy Atkins

My name is Jeremy Atkins and I’m the founder of Go Ask Your Daddy. When I’m not blogging for you, I’m a daddy to 4 kids, a manager, and an accomplished pianist. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about sharing my blogging tips with like-minded individuals who are working toward the goal of an income-generating blog. See that big image with the coffee cup in my sidebar? Click it to join my free 7-Day email course, “How to Create a Profitable Blog” and get started with your very own money-making blog today!

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