4 Sports You Don’t Know Enough About That You Need To Try In 2017

Whether you are a potato coach or a fitness addict, the new year is the perfect time to change your habits and start a new sport. After all, it’s never too late to learn something new! Besides, as a parent, it is important that you find ways of developing your child’s interest for outdoors activities, especially at a time when video games have taken over children’s spare time. The most effective way to create an interest if to introduce your child to an unknown or misunderstood sport. So, it’s time to pick up your gear and learn more about the following five sport activities.

Golf, The Unsung Hero Of The Past

While golf is generally seen as a modern activity favored by businessmen and celebrities, records as old as the 15th century show that golf was already practised in Scotland. The USA will wait until the 19th century to see the first golf club! Since, the specific vocabulary and set of rules have not ceased to interest more and more players across the world, while still confusing the amateurs who find it a complex game. Online information, such as on BestGolfStuff.com, can help newcomers to find their place in this world that is century-old!

Club Swinging, An Alternative To Rhythmic Gymnastic

Club swinging is a rather unknown sport that used to be part of the Olympic games until 1932. Created in 1904, this sport consists in holding and swirling clubs, that look a little like bowling pins, while standing erect. The best routine gets the highest score, similarly to rhythmic gymnastic events. Club swinging classes are difficult to find in the US, but they are a few sport schools that offer training to amateurs and professionals.

Roller Hockey, A Disco Approach To Hockey

Roller hockey appeared in 1992 at the Barcelona Olympic games and was never seen again in Olympic events. The game follows the same rules than ice hockey but uses roller skates instead of ice skates. This is still a much-loved sport in high schools where you can find entire teams of roller hockey athletes. Very similar to its cousin on ice, roller hockey, or inline hockey, is a sport that requires strength, agility, and power to combine high intensity and ability on the floor. You will have no difficult to find classes, as this is still a national sport in the USA. It’s great to develop strong team spirit!

Trampoline, More Than A Backyard Game

Trampoline has needed many years before being accepted as an official sport; it’s even part of the Olympic games since 2000. Contrary to the common belief, being a good trampolinist requires more than a good pair of legs to bounce up and down. It’s about being able to execute figures, that demand a high level of technique and body control. While it looks more fun for kids, trampoline is actually a sport that is aimed at adults who want to maintain their flexibility and motor skills through time. You will find accessible beginners’ classes everywhere in the US, for example have a look on Skyzone.com to find the nearest club.

4 Sports You Don't Know Enough About That You Need To Try In 2017
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