4 Things Every Dad Should Teach Their Son About Manhood

In the past couple of generations, the ideal image of masculinity involved being sexually active, extremely fit, and very rich. These things might not make the ideal image of a man anymore due to changes in society, but there’s no doubt there used to be some truth in that. As the years go by and interests change, the image of a man can change drastically depending on the generation, but there are some values to teach that will never get old and will never fail your son.

To help you and your son create a solid bond between yourselves, here are four things to teach your son when it comes to manhood.

4 Things Every Dad Should Teach Their Son About Manhood


  1. Step it up and take responsibility

True manhood involves taking responsibility for your actions and going the extra mile to ensure you get the job done. Making sure the job is done well is also important—no true man will go half-arsed at a job. Your appearance and attitude should change for the situation, and you strive to become someone who is reliable, honest and graceful no matter how tough the situation is. But that also means you must show compassion, and that you have to admit to your mistakes and show your feelings once in awhile instead of construction a wall around you.

  1. Indulge in the things you enjoy, but never forget manly thrills

Every man should be entitled to his own hobbies, but every man develops skills and tries new things that can be used around the house as well. This is called being self-sufficient, and it’s the reason why you do your own DIY when the occasion allows for it. Not only does it save costs and teach us new skills, we feel great knowing that we can handle household problems on our own and that we’re reliable. However, let’s not forget basic manly thrills such as Betting On Italian Football, sports and also cars. You don’t have to get super into those hobbies, but it’s a good idea to have some knowledge about them at all times!

  1. Learning to respect and love another

Respect and manners make a man. True manhood is about respecting the decisions and beliefs of another without criticising them in a blunt and rude manner. Men who flex their muscles and push their will and strength onto others is not a man but a coward. Your son should learn not to apply that force onto others, and to respect the decision of the people around him. In the past, people used to shun other due to their beliefs, habits or even race. But now, with the internet and technology, we can better understand other cultures, other people, and connect on a deeper level.

  1. Hard work pays off

There is a damaging frame of mind floating around parent communities that tries to devalue the importance of hard work. Sure, some children are born into rich families and wealthy communities that provide for them and give them a good future, but not everyone has that kind of luck. For your son to progress in life, they have to realise that hard work is the ultimate driving force to success. Work relentlessly, but remember to take a break and indulge once in awhile. Having the motivation to succeed is powerful, and only you can give it to them.

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