5 Daily Routines For A Spotless Home That Will Save You Hours Each Week

5 Daily Routines For A Spotless Home That Will Save You Hours Each Week

There is something about a clean home that brings a sense of fulfillment and relaxation. This can actually fuel someone into accomplishing more in a day. You also return home feeling satisfied and can easily prepare a healthy meal. With clean bedding, you can also enjoy better sleep.

The challenge is in maintaining this state of cleanliness in your home. In fact, not many people enjoy doing house chores. It becomes challenging when you have children who are always all over dirtying and disarranging things around the house. The house tends to get messy faster when kids are around.

Instead of piling everything and cleaning at once every end of the week, you can do better with a daily routine. This not only keeps your home clean but also reduces your weekly cleaning activities significantly. Here are 5 daily routines for a spotless home that will save you hours each week and make your cleaning feel less exhausting.

1. Control paper clutter

At the end of each day, it is important to sort out any newspapers, school work, and utility bills that may have arrived and still hanging somewhere on a table. Go through them to pick the important information then file those which you need to. When you leave paperwork to collect, it becomes hard to organize. The tables will look messy by the second day of the week. You do not want to go through the rest of your week in such an environment.

2. Do a quick cleanup after each meal

5 Daily Routines For A Spotless Home That Will Save You Hours Each Week

The kitchen is one area you want to keep clean. In fact, when your kitchen is in a mess, you feel like the entire house is dirty. You can keep it in order by cleaning as you go. Do not keep dishes of an entire day in the sink just because you want to clean at once. Things may get out of hand. Besides, you end up tired and can actually hate cleaning. Utensils from a single meal are few and easier to deal with.

Also, make sure to wipe the kitchen counters, the appliance you used, and the cooking stove immediately after every cooking session. Be keen to tackle spills immediately as well. Also, conduct a quick sweep of the kitchen floor to get rid of any food crumbs.

Restore the food ingredients and kitchen appliances to their normal positions after use. If you follow these tricks, your kitchen will always look neat and you will have an easier time when you plan to conduct a deep cleaning exercise.

3. Wipe bathroom surfaces after shower

It is easier to deal with water and soap marks when they are fresh. This is true for any spills of toothpaste on the sink as well. For this reason, take a few minutes to wipe down the sink, bathtub, and other surfaces. Also, squeegee the bathroom floor and spray your shower head with a shower cleaner. You can replace any towels that are already dirt during this time. Make sure to open the windows so that fresh air will penetrate.

The above tasks will take a few minutes of your time. In fact, you can accomplish them when your morning coffee is brewing. Most importantly, this will save you the headache of dealing with tough marks as is the case if you leave soap marks to dry and build up for long.

4. Sweep or vacuum places with high traffic

5 Daily Routines For A Spotless Home That Will Save You Hours Each Week

In most homes, this should be the sitting room. Many people hang around here to catch up, watch the television or share a meal. The children tend to play in the living area too. This makes it one room in the house that will become dirty quickly. It is also the face of many homes as visitors are ushered in here before they could go to any other room. You cannot wait till the weekend to spruce up this room.

Begin by collecting items such as kids’ shoes, toys, and clothes. Then, you can quickly wipe the coffee table and restore the flower vase. When vacuuming, make sure to look at the state of the coach, throw pillows and buff them before arranging.

5. Empty the trash

If you want your house to feel clean, it must smell fresh. No matter how much dirt you purge, your house won’t feel clean and refreshing if there is a pungent smell coming from somewhere inside it. The dustbin tends to be a culprit. In this case, consider emptying it each day, preferably, in the morning. Do a quick cleanup and line the can with a clean bag.


5 Daily Routines For A Spotless Home That Will Save You Hours Each Week

At the end of each day, make sure you return everything where it belongs. You can spend a few minutes before going to sleep picking things around the house and placing them where they ought to be. These could be toys, kid’s clothes, shoes, papers, and even your clothes. You can make it faster by engaging your children. Follow the above routine and see the level of cleanliness in your home improve a great deal.

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