5 Mother's Day Date Ideas

5 Mother’s Day Date Ideas

Mother’s Day is THIS weekend!  I have provided a short list of 5 simple and affordable date ideas for that special mom or wife in your life. I’m also interested in hearing about your favorite Mother’s Day memories!

5 Mother's Day Date Ideas

If the weather calls for sunny skies and warm temps, a relaxing picnic in the park is a great idea for any mother to be able to escape the crazy home life for a few hours. Dad and kids, do all the work for mom.  Prepare and pack the food, pick the location, and treat mom like the queen that she is.  An added bonus is to make a playlist of all of her favorite music and play it while enjoying the outdoors.

Check out these Mother’s Day Picnic Ideas from Momtastic

5 Mother's Day Date IdeasTaking a tour through an art museum is a great romantic Mother’s Day date idea. It doesn’t have to be anywhere expensive and can be the prelude to a romantic dinner afterwards. Men, do your homework about the exhibits in advance so that you can be prepared to talk about the art during your tour.




5 Mother's Day Date Ideas

Taking a hike is a great idea for moms who love nature and the outdoors. This one can be combined with the picnic idea.  Again, men, come prepared with all of the necessities (food, water, etc).

Hiking Resource Guide – U.S. Outdoor




5 Mother's Day Date IdeasWhat mom would NOT love this idea?  This is so simple that the kids can help dad make it special.  Surprise mom by bringing in coffee and breakfast while she relaxes in bed. Don’t let her lift a finger!

Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed Ideas from Country Living




5 Mother's Day Date IdeasEvery mom has her favorite.  So why not set up the house like a movie theater and watch her favorite movie together.  Popcorn, junior mints, candy – the works will make this a special Mother’s Day activity!

Lights!  Camera! Action!



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