6 Small Things You Can Do to Make the World a Better Place

6 Small Things you can do to Make the World a Better Place


It’s a crazy world out there, which only seems to get crazier by the day, and it can be hard to be positive when every time you turn on the news you see stories of war, political unrest, scandals and death. We are the guardians of the next generation, and if we are to teach them that they can save the world, then they will. All it takes is a little compassion and teaching about charity, goodwill and being nice. Here are six things you can do as a family and as a role model, to make the world that bit better.

Foster an animal

This will no-doubt be the most popular option among the small people in your house, but remember that by fostering a pet, it will soon be moving on to its forever home and you won’t have it forever. By fostering, you are keeping animals out of cages in rescue centers and giving them a whole load of love before finding their new owners. It’s tough to say goodbye, but it’s good to dish out the love!


Sports are great bonding experiences to do with your kids, but so is putting a smile on a stranger’s face. Teach your children that art of humbleness and head down to your local soup kitchen once a month to help out. If this isn’t your thing, then there will be loads of opportunities in your community that you can help out with and won’t take up all of your time, from planting trees to playing board games in a care home.

Promote good causes

There are hundreds of good causes out there, such as the No Birds Bash website, and a lot of the time they don’t get the exposure they need or deserve. If you feel strongly about a cause or charity but don’t have the time to help out, shout about them from the rooftops and spread the word!

Buy local

By choosing where you spend, you are choosing what ethics you are supporting. Large corporations and conglomerates are known for exploiting people, animals, and the environment, and by buying from them we are funding these disgusting habits. By buying local, you will not only be supporting small business in your area but also reducing your carbon footprint and choosing ethically sound companies. This can be as easy as choosing to buy meat from the local butcher, rather than the supermarket.

Donate your clothes

Families go through a lot of clothes, and they often end up in the bin rather than in the hands of someone who needs them. There are many ways you can donate your clothes – from giving them to a charity shop you support to sell for money, giving them to clothing banks or even repurposing them into other items and selling them on for charity.

Give blood

Perks to giving blood:

  • You directly save the lives of others
  • It is a rewarding activity
  • You are given tea and biscuits after you have donated
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