7 Essential Accessories for Kids

There are so many things you can buy for kids that will make everyday life that little bit easier. From bathtime to bedtime, these are seven of the best accessories out there to aid your everyday life…


7 Essential Accessories for Kids


Playtime is hugely important. It’s a chance for kids to develop so many important skills. To make playtime more productive, try introducing some fun learning and development games. For younger kids, an activity gym is a great learning tool. Lying on a safe and comfortable padded mat kids can play with the hanging toys. Noise, colors and different fabrics engage all the sense and get your kids minds racing! For older kid’s, cooking sets and playhouses are a good idea. Kids love recreating scenarios they see at home. It also is a fun way to develop social and communication skills.


7 Essential Accessories for Kids


On a less positive note, teething can be a tough time for kids. It’s challenging seeing your children in such discomfort. Teething aids can alleviate some of the stress from the situation. Comforters can distract whilst teething toys can give your kids something to suck and chew on. Online baby shop Bubbalove has some great toys which are natural rubber and are hand painted using food dyes.


7 Essential Accessories for Kids


Bath time can be a struggle if you have kids who aren’t fans of the water. You can add some excitement to bath time with toys and accessories. Thermometers measure the temperature of the water so that it’s just right. You can also get all kinds of toys which suck up water and squirt them out again. This is sure to make bath time a more relaxed and enjoyable experience rather than something to dread.

Days Out

7 Essential Accessories for Kids


Changing stations are a must for any excursions! Keeping everything organized and compact on a day out is essential. Changing stations are really easy to have to hand and whip out in a hurry. Different designs can also make them look more attractive if you’re going anywhere special! If you’re planning on going further afield invest in a little kids suitcase.


7 Essential Accessories for Kids


Bedtimes are a struggle. Excitable kids sometimes take a while to calm down and don’t want to go to bed. If you want to create a calming atmosphere before bed you can try some essential oils. Organic oils can be used in diffusers to create a calming space. Essential oils can ease breathing and encourage relaxation.



There are some really cheap accessories that can make mealtimes easier. Buy a couple of bibs which will protect your kid’s clothes and also get some sippy cups. These are essentials for most mealtimes! If you want to make your own baby food, there are also specialist blenders which can blend up fresh veg into nutritious meals.


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