Adding A New Driver To The Home

The time will come when everyone in your household grows older. You can’t stop that or change that, even though there might be a number of reasons why you would want to! As our children grow up, the tantrums may (or may not) die down, but the rise and want for independence will grow.

Eventually, our kids are going to move out, but before that happens, they might be studying away from home. They might get a job. One thing that pretty much always happens around this time, or before it, is that they are going to want to own a car and learn how to drive when they reach those teenage years.

As a parent, this might be a crushing sign that your children are getting ready to leave the nest, but you should and must do everything you can to support them on this path. Believe it, they are going to need a lot of help getting on the road!

Firstly, they have to pass the test – likely the same test you passed all those years ago. Your advice is needed, but try not to be overbearing – your kids need to learn the theory and practices of driving through their own view – not yours. Why? Because we all pick up a few bad habits when we drive, it’s natural – passing these onto your children can cause them to fail their test (which is a bad sign for you and your driving!). Just be supportive and ready to answer questions. You should spend as much time as possible helping them through this stage as learners can find it quite stressful and the pressures of learning to drive are quite high. If you’re not clued up about recent changes in testing practices, or the theory behind driving a car, it’s worth educating yourself and your teenager. To see more tips for teenage drivers, follow the link. If you know it all, you can pass the knowledge on!

Adding A New Driver To The Home


So, your teenager has passed their test. They are now certified to drive. What next? Well, you get a car. Your child might need a lot of help with this if they don’t have the money and the bank of mom and dad will always come into play when a first car is mentioned. You don’t necessarily have to outright buy the vehicle, but you should find a way to help. A car is going to be pricey, and so is the insurance.

The final step is finding a place to store the new car. It might be a temporary measure as your child, or young adult should we say, might be looking to move out shortly. It doesn’t matter, because right now, the car is going to be based in your home. A new garage might be an over-the-top idea, but it’s worth considering. You might want to extend your driveway. There are plenty of options, but consider the space the new car needs. If you help out enough, you might be known as the best parent around – well, to your teenager, at least.

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