An Amazing Weekend in Lexington, Kentucky

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This past weekend I took my kids on a 2 hour drive south of home to Lexington, KY.  I’ve started a tradition of taking my boys to the UGA/Kentucky football game because it’s pretty much the closest location to my house where Georgia plays.  It was also my wife’s birthday weekend, so she had traveled down the day before to have a girl’s weekend.

If you are a long-time follower of my blog, you know that I’m a huge UGA football fan. I was super excited about going to Saturday’s game because I knew that it was going to be an exciting evening, and it surely did NOT disappoint!

UGA’s record this season was 4-4 coming into Saturday’s game.  A new head coach, a true freshman quarterback, and a lot of other changes to the team has made this year’s team fall a little short of previous years’ success. As with anything, with change, comes times of struggle.  UGA has struggled this year, but I truly believe this is a team that’s going to be fighting for a spot in the College Football Playoffs if not next year, within the next 2 years.

Kirby Smart is the right answer for the Georgia Bulldogs.  He’s got these guys fighting hard and working to finish every play strongly. He learned a lot from Nick Saban during his tenure at Alabama, so I know he’s had some very good experience coaching NFL-ready talent.  Plus, he’s a former UGA player!

Saturday’s game started at 7:30.  The stands were absolutely packed by kickoff. 2 years ago when we went to the game, there were a lot of empty seats.  Of course, Kentucky’s team at that point was not nearly as talented as their team is today.  We ended up beating them by 40 points. I knew that this year’s game would not be such a spread!

Georgia struck first and scored the first touchdown of the game.  But, it wasn’t long before Kentucky found their rhythm and scored too.  By halftime, it was a one point game.  At one point, UGA was down by 8 points, but eventually found the endzone for another TD, went for two, and tied the game.

By the time we got to the fourth quarter, my nerves were almost shot.  The game was still tied late in the game.  Georgia had a very solid drive well into Kentucky territory.  With 3 seconds left, UGA kicked a game-winning field goal!  Georgia fans erupted in excitement, while UK fans left in shock.  It was beautiful!

We had to walk about a mile from the stadium back to our hotel, and I knew it would be right through campus housing.  The houses were mostly quiet, but as we walked past a group of UK fans sitting around a fire pit, one guy yelled, “F*** Georgia!”  I laughed and just told my boys to ignore him.

I love the tradition I have started with going to this game every two years. I hope my kids remember it for years to come and will even start the tradition with kids of their own. There is nothing, I mean NOTHING, like SEC football.  The games are so fun and exciting. Everything that college football has to offer makes me a lifetime fan.

If you’ve never been to a big-time college football game, make it a point to go. You will not be disappointed. There is so much excitement in the air, and the games themselves really show how well-coached these boys are.

Here are some pics from this weekend’s fun trip to Lexington.












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