Aquatic Aerobics: Get Fit Using Water As Your Ally


Every man wants to be fit. Every man wants to be the guy that the ladies adore, and that the men want to be. However, achieving that takes hard work and dedication. Nothing worth having comes for free. For some guys though, spending time in a gym weight room isn’t their idea of a good time. Not everyone can like every sporting activity, and this is perfectly fine. Gaining a trim, chiseled physique is certainly helped by free weights, but it needn’t be limited by it.

Any period of time watching the Olympics will help you realize that it’s perfectly possible to get an amazing, sleek ‘ottermode’ physique by pure, hard cardio alone. This might sound equally as unappealing to someone who doesn’t enjoy exercise. For these cases, we would suggest getting fit in the water. If you have access to a good swimming pool in your area, Olympic, leisure, or even access to the whole ocean from your beach side home, you might just have all the resources you need to become cardiovascularly fit and improve the way your body looks.

Not only does the water lend you the possibility of working out your cardio fitness, but you can bring in water weights and practise stretching, isometric based exercises and the ability to hold your breath for long periods, which can help with your lung capacity to no end.

Here are some of the best exercises and activities you can do in the water. What’s more, they’re simply great fun to do.


Of course, swimming is top of the list when it comes to getting cardiovascularly fit. Just like rowing, swimming is one of the best cardio exercises, because it trains your entire body in a proportional way. Muscle endurance is developed throughout all of your limbs, and this is important, because it helps you burn calories much faster than most other sports.

It takes real discipline to time your breaths between strokes and this can lend itself to vastly increased lung capacity. What’s more is that swimming has much less of an impact on your joints. Running on a treadmill for hours can be quite harsh on your knees, but swimmers simply do not experience this phenomena because they are supported by the water.

Ocean Activities

Taking a walk on the wild side with some intensely enjoyable ocean activities is sure to help you get fit, and enjoy yourself in an unforgettable way at the same time. Taking snorkeling classes and choosing the best-recommended equipment with Sportzbits, can give you a vast appreciation for life under the sea as well as helping you figure out how to manoeuvre when submerged. It also makes for wonderful exercise that is sure to never get boring. You might zone out on a treadmill or in the swimming pool, but you never will underwater.

Water Sports

Water polo, water volleyball, even water tag, the list is endless. If beating your swimming distance time limits isn’t your thing, consider goofing around with a water sports community and see how much energy you can apply to the exercise when you’re having great fun at the same time. You’re likely to be surprised.

Taking these steps into consideration, you’re likely to become as fit and graceful as a dolphin. Just keep the cannonballs to a minimum.

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