Bad Luck Comes In Threes, Or does it? Inspiring Ways To Get Through Rocky Patches

Ever felt like you are just on a constant stream of bad luck? Counting each situation and assuming that all of these situations come in threes? The thing is, we can all have a rocky patch every now and again. It may be to do with your working environment or workload, perhaps have something more to do with your home life and relationship or even be a mixture of all of the above. It’s never easy when you feel like the whole world is against you but this is where you can make a choice. You can either let the bad times roll, or you can tackle it head on and admit that it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s a tough decision to make, but the right one is to take the positives and move forward with your life and not dwell on the situation. Which is why I thought it was important to share with you some of the inspiring ways you can get through any rocky patch you might be facing or deal with in the future.

Bad Luck Comes In Threes, Or does it? Inspiring Ways To Get Through Rocky Patches


Start exercising and taking better care of yourself

Exercising is a great way to refocus your mind and clear your head a little. Especially if you are feeling particularly stressed or emotional. Exercising produces hormones that get pumped around the body that can ultimately make you feel much better about yourself. The same can be said for your diet. When you are feeling low and upset, it’s easy to reach for those comfort foods and junk that isn’t too good for us, however looking after yourself by eating well and drinking plenty of water can have a positive effect on our mood and well-being. Enabling us to feel strong to deal with whatever rocky road lies ahead.

Ignite your faith

Faith can be a real strong balance in someone’s life, and it can help to turn to the church and pray when things don’t seem clear. This is when Catholic community services or something similar could really help you in a time of need. Having faith can help you focus on the bigger picture, knowing that there is a path you are about to take that may lead on to a better life moving forward, it can just seem impossible to see that at the time. The church and community that goes alongside it can be a huge support in times of need.

Bad Luck Comes In Threes, Or does it? Inspiring Ways To Get Through Rocky Patches


Try meditation or relaxation exercises

Sometimes we can suffer from feeling overwhelmed. This might be stress that is causing these feelings, or perhaps grief or emotion have taken over. Our mind can get quite chaotic with thoughts and worry, and this is when relaxation methods such as meditation can really help you clear your mind and focus on what is important. Often, through regular meditation, people are able to refocus their thoughts and gain clarity on their situation. Enabling them to move forward with confidence and light.

Work on your mindset to handle negativity for good

Finally, our minds are powerful tools and so that means negativity can really take hold and make a situation feel so much worse than it is. So working on techniques to focus your mind on positiveness and gratitude is a great way to help you through tough times.

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