Blogging About Health: A Positive Influence, Or A Misinformed Mistake?

When you own a blog, you have a platform. You gain an audience who care what you say and have at least some level of influence. The majority of people choose to use that influence for good. They speak about issues that will make some difference to the lives of readers. In short, they try to give good advice.

Sometimes, giving good advice means talking about issues which are difficult to navigate. Health is one of them. Many bloggers choose to talk about health issues. In the modern age, most people head online to get answers when illness strikes. If making a difference is your aim, it doesn’t get much better than this topic. But, there’s a lot of pressure on a health related blog post. You aren’t a trained doctor, yet for the duration of that post, people will be putting their lives in your hands. That’s why it’s important to do things right. Here are a few points that should help.


When reading about illness online, people seek someone who’s shared the experience. Illness can be isolating, so finding a first-hand account can bring comfort. Draw from your personal experiences where you can. Think about illnesses you’ve had in the past and write about what you went through. Making it clear that the post is your experience shows that it’s not an extensive guide. No one can accuse you of misinformation if all you’ve done is write about what happened to you. Of course, we all like to hold things back from our readers. Make sure you’re comfortable sharing personal information before you go ahead. As with anything online, there’s no going back once it’s out there.

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Not wanting to over share doesn’t mean you can’t write about health. You can write about illnesses you’ve never experienced if you so desire. But, you need to be more careful about getting your facts right. For general issues, talk to a doctor for their professional advice before posting. For rarer conditions, you may need to branch a little further. If you want to write a post on the effects of asbestos or poor living conditions, you might want to turn to legal representation for mesothelioma to get some idea of the facts. If you want to look into a rare skin condition like Blau syndrome, find a specialist who can talk you through the facts. It may also be worth contacting individuals who have suffered. That way, you can still add that personal touch.


It’s also crucial that, at some point in the post, you urge your readers to seek professional help. Make it clear that you aren’t trained, and that the best thing they can do is go to a doctor. If people are afraid, they may decide to take your word on their condition instead. On a human level, that’s not what you want. On a practical level, it leaves you liable if anything happens to them.

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