Candy Club: A Great Last-Minute Gift Idea

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Ok, guys, we are in the final hours before Christmas Day! How does your gift list look? Are you struggling to find something for that special someone, but are coming up empty? Never fear, I’ve got a GREAT and simple gift idea! Imagine simply logging onto a website, customizing a gift that someone will truly love and watching their face as they get the gift. You don’t have to imagine for very long because today I’ve got the answer for you.

Candy Club: A Great Last-Minute Gift Idea

Hopefully, many of you have read my review over a great subscription box service called Candy Club. Candy Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers the freshest, most delicious candies straight to your door! With its incredible selection of delightfully unique confections, Candy Club guarantees something new and delectable to discover in every box, and creates sweet moments to share every month!

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Candy Club to receive a free sample of Candy Club so that I could review it and write about it here on the blog. (Read the review here) Not only was I very surprised at the quality of the candy, but I was blown away at how easy it was to customize my box.

Candy Club makes a great Christmas gift! And, there are some good deals going on their website right now. Not only can you get $15 off your first order (fantastic discount!), but you can also buy three and get three free!

Although I am an affiliate for Candy Club, I absolutely love the candy. I’ve been to many places in Europe that didn’t have candy that tasted as good as Candy Club’s.

I hope you have found everything for your Christmas list, but if you are still looking for a few remaining gifts, truly consider Candy Club. I guarantee your loved ones will be amazed by how awesome this candy is! And, if you want some for yourself, hop on over to their website right now and take their Candy quiz. The quiz helps Candy Club learn about your favorite candies.

Merry Christmas to all of you!  Have a wonderful holiday season!

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