Can’t Get Comments On Your Blog? Try These 10 Amazing Tips!

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Nothing spells defeat more than spending hours, weeks maybe, on a great blog post idea, and hearing the sounds of crickets chirping. We all want our blogs to succeed, and are doing everything we can to draw in the comments.

I’ve felt the same pain that you feel today – hard work resulted in no comments. It’s disheartening and frustrating. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!  There are steps you can take on your own to increase engagement on your blog posts.

Here are 10 amazing tips that have helped me to help generate more comments on my own blog posts.  I hope that they are helpful for you.

1. Ask Your Readers To Respond

There’s no greater way to generate comments than to simply ask your readers for a response.  Create a dynamic call-to-action at the end of your blog post so that readers know what to do next. It’s easy to write a simple conclusion to your post and move on, but taking the time to craft a clever CTA is worth it because it lays out exactly what you want your readers to do.

Don’t be afraid to jump on to social media and ask your followers to respond to you on Facebook or Twitter. You can always post an updated blog post if someone provides you with information you want to share to your blog subscribers.

2. Lower Your Publishing Frequency

Some bloggers I know churn out 4-5 posts per day, some more. That’s ok, I guess, if you have enough important content to share that often. The reality is though, you would probably be able to get by on 2-3 new posts per week maximum. Once you publish a new post, your existing posts get pushed further and further down the page.

3. Respond To Comments Right Away

If you are getting some comments on your blog posts, RESPOND! Don’t wait!  Readers are engaged enough to provide you with a meaningful comment so do the same for them in your response.  While it can take some time to respond to everyone, it’s time well-spent. Spending more time commenting with your subscribers is a great way to build rapport and develop strong blogging relationships. Even if you are already getting solid comments, it never hurts to network!

4. Write a Controversial Post

If you write a controversial post, it’s sure to generate some feedback. Stirring up the post is a great way to generate comments! Write a post explaining why and you are sure to get some comments (maybe some are heated!). Talk about topics that are important to people and you will hit a nerve strong enough to allow the comments to start rolling in.

5. Host a Giveaway

Hosting giveaways for free products or services is a fantastic way to drive in comments. If you use tools to run your giveaway, such as Rafflecopter, you can set it to require readers to comment on a specific post in exchange for an entry into your giveaway. Just make sure the item you giveaway is something your readers will love.

6. Write Content That Doesn’t Suck

Nothing dampers the comments from rolling in than a blog post that flat-out sucks. You are in control of the content you produce, so take the time to put a new spin or perspective on the content before you post it. Throwing out crap shows you aren’t putting a lot of effort into your writing and it will cause your readers to lose confidence and look elsewhere. Write quality content and you’ll be sure to see comments.

7. Share To The Right Places

You may have read the post I wrote a few days ago, 15 Places to Share Your Blog Post After You Hit Publish.  Read this post before you go any further and start implementing strategies to share your content further than you do today. If you share your posts to the right places, you’ll generate more traffic, which increases the chances someone will comment on them.

8. Ask Readers For Advice

Do you have a problem you are trying solve? Ask your readers to answer in the comments. Make sure to acknowledge your readers for providing the advice, and definitely make sure you are crediting them in future posts where you use their information. It’s also a great way to network and meet other bloggers.

9. Use Your Mailing List

Hopefully by now you have a wonderful mailing list full of thousands of subscribers? If not, read how to build one in 30 days and then put it to your advantage. If you use tools such as Mailchimp, you can monitor how many times your messages are being opened vs how many times they are deleted.  You can focus on those that don’t read the post and create custom email campaigns around them to encourage (not bribe!!) them to respond.

10. Create A Companion Video

Most bloggers I know stick to written communications, but did you know that if you create a video related to one of your blog posts, you can draw in more eyes? YouTube has millions of viewers looking for answers to questions they have. Just the other day, I searched on how to edit settings on a cell phone and found the answer in a video. Take one of your well-performing posts and convert it to a video. Ask questions in the video and push for responses in the video comments. If you do decide to go this route, make sure the video addresses and answers some type of question readers have. I’ll be creating a companion video for this post, and will be updating this post shortly.

Hey, you’re not done yet!

I hope today’s content was very helpful to you. If you are still thinking about the reasons why you should or shouldn’t start a blog, I created a free 7-day email course designed to help you figure it all out and getting it running. Just click on my pretty image below to be taken right to the sign up form.

It’s not impossible to draw in comments on every blog post, but you’ve got to do your part to make those comments naturally come in.

Before you leave, what’s the best way you’ve found to draw in comments? I’d like to update this post in the future, and of course, I’ll feature you in the post (a little promotion never hurt, right?).

Until next time!

Don’t be afraid to start your own blog. My FREE 7-Day email course will help you get up and running!



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  1. I find these points very useful, especially if you want to keep people always checking on your blog and bookmarking it. By asking your readers to respond, it becomes a personal call to action. I like that point.

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