Keep Your Car Clean While Traveling With a Toddler

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Traveling with kids can be pleasant and interesting. You probably won’t feel bored if you are in the car with your toddler, but the problem is the mess which is usually left after that. You should provide regular and proper cleaning of the seats, mats and areas in the car which is tiresome and tedious work. Here you will learn how to maintain your car clean while traveling with a toddler.

Maintain your car clean while travelling with a toddler

No drinks other than water

You should be prepared keeping bottled water in the luggage of your toddle just in case. Have rules to keep only water and no other drinks in it. Beverages like juice, milk and others will inevitably spill on the seat or mat and you will have to try remove them later leaving sticky substances on the fabric.

Keep your toddle busy with toys

You can keep your kid entertained and busy during the travel with small toys. Bring them with the luggage and take them as you leave. During the travel the toddler can scatter toys playing with them and leaving them on the floor. Just remember to gather the toys as you get out of the car or try to teach your toddler do this. This way he/she won’t cause more mess.

Let your toddle choose 1 item which they want to bring with them in the car

This can be a coloring book, notebook or whatever he or she is interested in. This will ensure an interesting and exciting time of your toddler during the travel and he/she won’t get bored or try to make a mess. Make sure to take with you that item after you leave so, your car won’t get cluttered. Next time you can let your toddler choose another item.

Keep things in containers – a plastic cup and another for trash and small items

This way you can gather napkins, wipes and wastes in one place and throw them away as you leave. Keep another container for storing small items like toys which can easily get lost in the car or end up on the floor. Keeping your small items and rubbish tidy at designated places will ensure you some comfort during the travel and less mess.

Vacuum the car at least once in the week

Car seats, headrests and mats get filled with dust, allergens and stains when being regularly used. So, CleanToPerfection Camden Town advises that vacuum cleaning is necessary to be done once in the week or if you don’t have time at least once per 2 weeks. Traveling with a toddler can be an extra challenge for maintaining your car well sanitized, but is a responsibility as well. Your toddler and your own health will benefit from this.

Use a basket with dividers to keep snacks for you kid

You know that kids can get hungry at any time so, keeping a few snacks for your toddler in a basket in some of its dividers is a good solution. Store dried fruits and other snacks which create less mess and are appropriate for the car.

Keep your toddler’s belonging packed at the back of the car in the luggage compartment in organizers. Put only the essential in the bag you place near them – wipes, napkins, toys and books.

Remove the trash and wipe down the surfaces in your car regularly

Don’t forget to empty the containers which you use for rubbish and wipe down all hard surfaces in the car – handles and others. You should do this every week or oftener depending on the condition   of the vehicle.

If you keep your toddler’s possessions organized and tidy you will have less cleaning work to keep your car sanitized. It is necessary to supply with suitable organizers, dividers, containers for wastes and food which won’t make stains. Keep the water and suitable food in baskets. Provide once per week vacuum cleaning and wiping of the car interior.

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