Caring For Your Car Could Save Your Life, Here’s How!

The thought of being involved in a car accident is terrifying, and not something that you probably want to imagine. However, if you go out on the roads in your vehicle, it’s important to understand that you could, potentially end up involved in a road traffic collision. You might be a good driver, but that isn’t all it takes to reduce the risk of being involved in an accident, a well cared for car is also crucial.

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In the US, each day an average of 92 people are killed on the roads, resulting in over 30,000 fatal crashes each year. The truth is that anyone could get in their car and end up in an accident at any time. However, if your car has been well looked after, the chances of an accident proving fatal are significantly lower. A lot of drivers fail to take care of their cars in the way that they should, putting themselves at higher risk of harm while out on the roads. Don’t be one of these drivers – caring for your car could save your life, here’s how:

Tires grip the road, reducing skidding

The tires on your car can wear down over time, leading to baldness. When tyres become bald, it means that they have less grip on them, this means that skidding becomes more likely. Tires have dips and grooves in their surface to give them a better grip when out on the roads, but as tires wear down, the amount of grip that they have is reduced, making them less effective at preventing skidding.  

In the cold winter weather it becomes even more important that your vehicle’s tires have enough grip on them, as when the roads are icy or frosty, skidding is even more likely. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle’s tires are up to the job, it’s always best to have them checked over by a professional, as that way you know that they’re safe to drive on. If it turns out that your tires do need changing, contact a specialist company such as Wiltshire Tyres, to get a quote and book your vehicle in. For really cold conditions, adding chains to your tires can give you the extra grip that you need.

Rusty brakes and worn out pads

Of all the parts of your vehicle, one of the most important is the brakes and the brake pads. Without these two things, your car would not be able to stop effectively. A common cause of car accidents is a problem with the brakes, which normally tends to be rusty brakes or worn out pads. If you have your car serviced every year, then the chances are this won’t be a problem, as these types of issues are picked up on and noted down when a vehicle is serviced. Hence why taking care of your car is so important.

However, if you don’t take care of your car and don’t book it in for regular services, you may not know when there’s a problem with your vehicle until you end up in an accident, that is. The truth is that it can be hard to notice when there’s a problem with your brakes or brake pads. That being said, if you know what to look out for, such as taking longer to stop and hearing a screeching noise when you apply the brakes, you can keep track of how ‘healthy’ your vehicle’s brakes are.

Service light

A lot of drivers make the mistake of ignoring their vehicle’s service light when it comes on, presuming that it won’t be anything serious. However, as a service light can indicate a serious problem with the vehicle, it’s always best to get it checked out as soon as possible.

Believe it or not, caring for your vehicle’s ‘health’ could save your life, so it’s important to make the time to ensure that all the most important parts of your car are in good shape.


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