The Ingredients for a Perfect Family Holiday

A loving family is one of life’s greatest treasures that a person can have. Getting to be with the people you care about the most is a priceless and family holidays are perfect opportunities to do so.

But what constitutes a great family holiday? Today, let’s talk about elements that will help you make the best out of your quality time with your loved ones.

Activities for everyone

The Ingredients for a Perfect Family Holiday

Well all have our own likes and preferences. That’s not to say you have to adhere to them every time. You can make it alternate and add variety. For instance, in a previous post on Go Ask Your Daddy we’ve shared some ideas that you can do in your garden to bond with your children. In our latest entry, on the other hand, we went to Kentucky to watch football.

You could go with your family on an outdoor biking trip if that’s what your child loves, and on the next holiday, you can visit a marine park considering your child loves sea animals. You may also go on a trip to another city and let every family member pick one destination each within the area for your itinerary.

You may also make it more meaningful if you like. The Huffington Post mentioned activities such as volunteering at a local shelter together with your family or bonding with family elders to let them share stories about how they spent their holidays when they were still young. The point is that you should have something for everyone, and a blog post from Tootsa in which moms relayed their holiday ideas stated that the most important is that you are all together.

Gathering around good food

Conversations with loved ones while gathered around table enjoying good food is one of life’s simple joys. When going on a family holiday, even an unfortunate incident such as a cancelled tour due to bad weather can be turned into a jolly good time when you’re together feasting on sumptuous meals. So when you’re out on a holiday, be sure to explore the best food spots or prepare your own food and have family dinners for a more intimate gathering.

Set something to look forward to

Balance is still key, and a good idea would be to mix big trips with smaller and regular ones. For instance, you can have frequent weekend trips to places around your area such as parks, museums, or sports venues like the one we’ve mentioned earlier. You may also have a barbecue weekend in your yard.

Then set small 3-day trips to go on and enjoy an activity of your choice like hiking or a fishing trip and do it quarterly. Finally, plan for big trips, which may be overseas vacations or a multi-state road trip that can last for up to 5 days or more. The Telegraph suggested destinations for trips with children, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide where you really want to go.

The Ingredients for a Perfect Family Holiday

You can set up a big trip once or twice a year so you have plenty of time to prepare beforehand, but if you have more time and resources, then you can definitely do this more often. The same goes for smaller trips. Of course, this is just an example and you can create your own set up. The goal is for the family to always have something to look forward to, regardless whether it’s a big or small trip.

At the end of the day, the perfect holiday is relative from family to family. Each member has his/her own favorite activity or food or dream destination. What matters is that you get to share and enjoy the company of your loved ones. Now that you have basic factors to consider, it’ll become easier for you to plan your next great family holiday.

Fall Fun at Caesar Creek!

This past weekend, we took a little drive to Xenia, OH to a wonderful place called Caesar Creek for some pumpkin painting for the kids (and wine for the adults!).  We didn’t stay too long as it was a little chilly, but the kids had a blast playing outside and decorating their pumpkins.  Here are a few pictures from our adventure!


Despite the chilly weather, little man had a blast painting his pumpkin!
My daughter and oldest son are so creative! Their pumpkins are now on display on our porch – perfect for Halloween!
Don’t you just love the face my 6 year old created?
My daughter stopped running around for a second for a quick pose.
Little man sees wide open field to play in. Little man must explore!
My 6 year old taking a quick break from playing pretend tackle football with his older brother.
Wherever there is grass, the boys will surely roll around in it!
I think he was hiding from his brother or sister here.
My oldest showing off his Alabama colors!

A Trip to Barnes and Noble


My kids LOVE to read and I’m super proud of that!  We recently took a little trip over to Barnes and Noble so that they could each get a book.  They love this store!  It’s more than just going in to buy a book – it’s an adventure!  Here are a few pictures of that fun day!

My 2 year old is in love with Thomas the Train.  He can’t seem to get enough of it anywhere he sees it.


My 8 year old loves helping her baby brother find books!


He played with the Thomas the Train activity center nearly the whole time we were at the store.


I asked my 10 year old to give me a serious look as he was browsing for books and this is the look he gave me.


My 2 year old found a Thomas book and found a cozy place in the store to sit down…for 10 seconds haha!


He just loves to explore all of the colorful books in Barnes and Noble!


Some of the books were a little too high up for him, but that didn’t stop him!


My 8 and 6 year old said, “Seriously, daddy?”


My toddler found more books that interested him!


So I asked him to say “cheese” here, but the key is getting him to actually look into the camera.


While my 8 year old looks for books, my toddler forgot about one he had just found and took off for another section of the store!


The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

Fall is a beautiful season and for some people, it’s the most beautiful of them all. If you want your kids to associate fall with something fun and entertaining instead of just boring rain and start of a school year, make sure to provide them with various activities that will allow them to experience fall to the fullest. Not only will the kids benefit from spending time in the fresh air, but they will also be able to learn something new while enjoying themselves.

Leafy fun

It’s time to rake some leaves! While the process of raking might sound boring to adults, for kids, it’s only the first step of great fun. If you have trees in your yard, allow your kids to rake the fallen leaves and then play with the pile and leap into it. True, throwing the leaves around will require some additional work later on, but the fun is worthy of extra chore. If you don’t have any trees in your yard, feel free to take your kids to the nearby park, where they can make their own leaf piles and toss them around. Don’t worry about them getting dirty. There are various benefits for children in that respect, too.

The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

Garden time

Fall is a perfect time to plant some flowers, bushes and even trees, and kids absolutely love taking part in such activities. Therefore, make sure to invite them along when you go gardening. You can also use this opportunity to teach the kids about flora and get them interested in the world around them. Moreover, you can suggest them to decorate the garden with help of their own creativity. Ask them to paint the pots, make plant signs or pick stones and other details that would perfectly decorate the garden in an autumnal fashion.

Fly the kite

Fall winds are simply made for some great kite flying. Don’t forget to mention this activity to your kids. You can have a lot of fun, and especially so if you choose to make a DIY kite together. That way, you can add some fall details such as fallen leaves and unique personal drawings that would make any child enjoy kite flying even more. Not only is this amusing, but kids will also spend some time in the open, running around and pulling the string, which will significantly improve their balance, fitness skill and eye-hand coordination.

The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

Color hunt

Like a scavenger hunt, a color hunt is a really entertaining activity thanks to the wide spectrum of fall colors everywhere. Pick a color and instruct your kids to collect as many natural things in that color as possible. Leaves and flowers that they pick up can also serve you as a great educational tool for teaching them how to recognize different types of plants. If you set a timer for search time and invite your child’s friends to join in, this can soon become their favorite pastime.

Detective play

Fall provides great insight in nature’s life cycle as well as the behavior of different animals that kids can easily spot in parks and even small local forests. If you want to get this knowledge closer to your kids and make it fun for them, organize detective games that would require them to take notes of their findings. Kids can do their investigating on foot or, you can suggest them to ride their bikes or hop on a self balancing scooter, which will make their detecting even more efficient. This will only make them more interested in the game and get them to become more serious about the whole activity, which will turn out to be very beneficial for them in terms of educational and physical development as well.

The Fall Outdoor Activities to Entertain Bored Kids

There are many ways that you can provide your kids with necessary fun during the gloomy fall days if you make them look at things nature puts before them with different perspective. It’s important to keep them company for a while and show them how enjoyable a certain activity is, because you’re the one kids look up to and they’ll gladly accept to try and get immersed in an activity that seems to be amusing for their parents, especially if it involves the outdoors, moving around freely and discovering new things.



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