Dear Kids

Dear Kids, Volume 21

Dear Kids,

Last week was fun!  The weather during the week was great, but it got cold quickly by the weekend.  Despite the cold weather, we still managed to have fun.  Here are some pictures of our week last week!

Carlee didn’t want to turn towards the camera for me so I took it at this angle. We had just walked home from school in the afternoon.


Chad and Cooper enjoying some outdoor time. All the boys love kicking the football off of the tee. They love it so much they’ve started fighting over who goes next.


Chad gives it a good kick and Cooper cheers him on!


A little library time while their sister is at dance and baby brother is sleeping.


Chad couldn’t wait to get home and play his Disney Universe game on the XBox!


Can you tell Chad’s a little excited about his game??


Picking out the best Goosebumps book!


Loving library time!


So many books. So little time!


Stopping the search for a quick smile!





Dear Kids

Dear Kids, Volume 20

Dear Kids,

We had a super cool weekend!  I had been away for work from Tuesday through Thursday. Being away from you guys for that long is so hard!  I always look forward to play time after I get off of work, and when I can’t do that, I get depressed!  Here are some pictures of our fun weekend playing outside.  I love you all!















Dear Kids

Dear Kids, Volume 19

Dear Kids,

We just wrapped up another summer break, and school starts back in 3 days!  I can’t believe how much time has flown by this summer.  We’ve had sports galore, vacations, parties, sleepovers, pool time, cookouts, dance, and so much more to keep us occupied. I’m very proud of how each of you are growing up and I enjoyed spending time with each of you over the summer.  I know that the end of summer is always a bummer (Ha!  That rhymes!), but it’s important to get back to school and keep learning new things.  Aside from the homework, you’ll get to spend more time with your friends and get to know new friends!

There were times this summer when you guys acted a little spoiled, but that only means you expect the best from your mommy and daddy.  I want each of you to practice being kind to one another.  Even if someone is mean to you at school, be nice to them and show them you love them.  This doesn’t mean to let someone continue to be mean to you.  Go to your teachers and tell us so that we can help.  But, nothing will be gained by being mean in return to someone else.

Even though mommy and daddy appear to be tough on you when it comes to doing chores and helping out around the house, the things we teach you will help you later in life.  Look at every opportunity as honoring your father and mother.  Did you know that is something God commands us to do?  Mommy and I honor our parents, and we want you all to honor us.   Both of us were taught from an early age to treat others with respect and love. Don’t ever forget this.  The impressions you leave on others today will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Make the impressions the best they possibly can and be a positive light for someone else.

We love you and wish you all a fantastic 4th, 3rd, and 1st grade year!



Dear Kids

Dear Kids, Volume 18

Dear Kids,

We had a wonderful weekend!  It was Father’s Day weekend so on Saturday, the four of us went to Welcome Stadium for the All-Pro Day.  Unfortunately, the three of you really didn’t want to hang around long, and didn’t see anything fun to do, so we were only there for about 20 minutes.  I managed to snap some good shots in the short time that we were there!  After the All Pro Day, Cason had a baseball game.  Later on in the weekend, we went to the pet store.  Mommy really wants a cat, but they didn’t have any in the store on Sunday.  Thank you all for the wonderful Father’s Day gift.  I can’t wait for you to paint your hand prints so that I can hang them in the office.  It’s a gift I will treasure forever!  I love you all very much!

The three of you posing for daddy in the endzone.  Touchdown!

Cason watching as Chad and Carlee run the length of the football field (twice!)

No one in your way Chad, take it in for 6!

Carlee posing for a half-smile/half-exhausted from running 200 yards photo op.

Chad very satisfied after running 200 yards. Barry Sanders would be proud!

Of course no weekend in the summer is complete without a kid-pitch baseball game.  You pitched very well, Cason!

The next Johnny Cueto?

Cason in the on-deck circle. Took 4 pitches and walked!

After the games we made a pit stop at the pet store.  I think Cooper wants a pet fish!  He was shouting, “Bishy!  Bishy!”

Cooper glued to the fish tanks.  I wonder if he’d make a good fish dad, or if he’d try to grab it out of the bowl?  Ah….toddlers!

Chad sporting his baseball uniform.  He racked up a pair of hits!  Chad loves fish!  He has a pet fish named “Mikey!”

All four of you watching cartoons together on Sunday morning.  It was fund spending Father’s Day curled up with you all for a little while.

Hello?  McFly? Anyone home?  The TV has your attention, but I was still snapping shots!

Dear Kids

Dear Kids, Volume 17

Dear Kids,

I just love our weekends together!  We have so much fun!  This weekend was Cason’s last basketball game of the season!  He scored 10 points and his team remained undefeated!  I am so proud of you, Cason!  You are really blossoming into a wonderful basketball player! Carlee, you had a wonderful softball game last night!  I’m so glad that the weather was perfect for the game.  You had 2 hits and were so good playing catcher, 2nd base and center field.


This weekend was your 2nd birthday, Cooper!  We started off going to Chuck E. Cheese’s, but was so crowded that we left and went to Magic Castle.  You love running around playing with the games!

Guys, this is the last week of school.  I can’t believe how fast time has flown by this year. You all have done such a great job and have learned so much!  It’s hard to believe it’s already summer time!  I look forward to all of the fun summer activities we have in store.

Have a great 3 days of school then it’s summer break!  I love you guys!



Dear Kids

Dear Kids, Volume 16

Dear Kids,

We had an extremely busy weekend and are posed for another busy week.  All of you had practices or games going on at the same time.  Your mommy and I love that you all are so involved with sports. Carlee, you and I attended your 1st Communion Retreat Saturday morning.  I am so proud of you and can’t hardly wait to see you take your First Communion on Saturday afternoon!  Cason, you scored 4 points in your basketball game on Saturday and had a lot of good rebounds.  I’m really seeing a lot of improvement in your game!  Chad, mommy got to go watch you at your practice!  You got to field the ball as well as take batting practice.  I can’t wait for your first game!

Chad and Cooper, both of you had to go to a daycare center all week last week.  It was so hard to leave you there!  Cooper, you cried for me every time I dropped you off.  You were usually happy again 5 minutes after I left.  I’m sure that when you have kids you will feel the same way.

I hope you all have a great week this week!  Unfortunately it looks like a lot of your games/practices may be canceled due to the weather.  Oh well, no worries!