Throw A Slumber Party Your Kid Won’t Forget

A slumber party is the ultimate treat for your kids but can turn into a parent’s nightmare. While your children are counting the days until the sleepover begins, you are dreading the moment and thinking of everything that can go wrong. If the one birthday present that your child has requested is a slumber party, […]

Kids And Exercise – It Works Out!

Picture Credit Fitting in exercise when you’ve got kids is something that tends to get easier as they get older. Not having to worry about packing your whole life into a bag to take with you and thinking over whether you’ve got the essentials for your children while you’re doing a simple a workout (also […]

Does Your Offspring’s Driving Scare You?

It’s likely that you are probably reading this article because one of your children has recently passed their driving tests. And it’s also probable that you are here today because their driving quite frankly terrifies you! Now, some of you might be thinking that I’m perhaps a little harsh on youngsters that have recently got […]