Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas
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Mother’s Day 2017 is in ONE WEEK, guys!  Have you found special Mother’s Day gifts yet?  If not, I do have some great deals I’ve been given as an affiliate that I am going to pass on to you today.  Some of these deals are ongoing, but a handful are only good through Mother’s Day so make sure to read the full details when you click on the specific deal’s link, ok?

MiaMily Hipster Baby Carrier

Miamily Hipster
For moms who have a new baby in the family, the Swiss-branded MiaMily Hipster Plus Baby Carrier makes a wonderful gift. The baby carrier was created for parents who are looking for new and creative ways to minimize the frustrations that come along with parenting.  With the Hipster Plus, mom can carry baby in 6 to 9 different positions, is healthy for both mom and baby’s backs, and comes in 6 different stylish colors.  They also have the MiaMily Infant Insert that allows you to carry your baby from birth!

I really wish we had heard of the Hipster Baby Carrier when we had our last baby in 2014.  While we always enjoyed holding and carrying our little guy, walking long distances can lead to back fatigue and gets tiring after a while. I’m thrilled to be partnering with MiaMily to offer this product to moms all around the world!

In addition to free US shipping, MiaMily is having a wonderful promotion going on for Mother’s Day.  Enjoy $15 off the MiaMily Hipster Baby Carrier using code MOM.  Valid through May 15, 2017. 

Candy Club Subscription Box

If the mom or wife in your life loves candy, I highly recommend Candy Club’s subscription box service. Our family has taste-tested some of the candy, and were blown away at the quality and sweetness it brought into our home. I was very pleased that Candy Club reached out to me to give us a one-month sample of their product.  Check out my review of the box we received.  If you are looking for just one box for mom or your significant other, Candy Club offers a one-time box versus a monthly subscription.

Candy Club has several fantastic deals going on right now just in time for Mother’s Day.  Click the banner above to get $20 off.   Some of their other ongoing deals include $10 off your first order or 50% off plus free shipping.

Book Outlet

Get $5 Free to Spend at Book Outlet
For those moms or spouses who love books, now’s a great time to cash in on some great deals at Book Outlet. With over 5 million books, and new inventory received every day, Book Outlet has something for everyone. Their long list of book categories include Sports, Children’s, Young Adult/Tweens, Computer, Craft, Gardening, Cooking, Health, Parenting, General Fiction, just to name a few.

Book Outlet has many great deals going on right now.  Here’s a list of several of the best deals. Click the link to activate the deal:

Jeulia Co Ltd.

Mother's Day Sale, 25% Off Sitewide is one of top jewelry online stores worldwide specializing in unique and innovated jewelry for every occasion and offering more than 1000 flawless jewelry in a wide variety including engagement rings, Black diamond rings and birthstone jewelry, Jeulia special design Skull & Dragon rings, Necklace and Bracelets.

No mom or wife would ever be disappointed to get jewelry for Mother’s Day.  The banner above will give you 25% off your Mother’s Day order throughout the entire site (through 5/15), plus you can also take advantage of the amazing deals below:

As a parent of 4 kids, I can tell you without a doubt how important it is to have a high quality stroller. If you don’t spend the right amount of money to buy a durable stroller, you will find yourself with a stroller that ends up in the trash bin. If you are a brand new parent, or even if you’ve been a parent for a while, finding the perfect stroller can be a challenge. I love because you can connect with an expert who can direct you to the stroller that best suits your needs.  Yes, you could walk into a store and buy one just the same, but you won’t get anywhere near as big of a selection as offers.  Right now, is offering:

Mother’s Day Flowers

Cyber Florist
What mother doesn’t like flowers? CyberFlorist allows you to send roses worldwide.  For over 15 years, Cyber Florist has been helping people in the United States, Russia, and every country in between make memories. As a premier flower and gift delivery service, they have successfully fulfilled over half a million orders, making it easy for anyone to surprise their loved ones, even across the globe.

What is "Attachment Parenting?"

What is Attachment Parenting?

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New- On the Day You Were Born, personalized book from ISeeMe

There is a theory in parenting called “attachment parenting.” Although I’m not a new parent, I only heard of the phrase recently, and due to my curiosity decided to do some research on exactly what it is and share what I found with my readers.

What is “Attachment Parenting?”

According to WebMD, “attachment parenting focuses on the nurturing connection that parents can develop with their children.”There are generally eight principles of “attachment parenting” recognized by Attachment Parenting International (API). 

The Eight Principles of Attachment Parenting

Prepare for pregnancy, birth, and parenting:  When a person is getting ready to become a parent for the first (or maybe second, third, fourth, etc.) time, there are a lot of stressors that creep up.  Thoughts such as: Am I going to be a good parent?  I don’t know what I’m doing.  How am I going to afford this baby? What will the pregnancy be like? What can I expect during the delivery? Advocates for attachment parenting encourage parents to rid themselves of any negative thoughts or feelings about the pregnancy.  Doing so, they say, readies the individual for delivering the baby and taking on the demands of parenthood.

Feed with love and respect: Attachment parenting supporters say that the best way to become attached with your baby is by breastfeeding. Breastfeeding your child creates an intimate attachment with your baby, and teaches them to give you cues about their needs.

Respond with sensitivity: This should go without saying for any parent. Always respond to your child with their feelings in mind. Even when a child throws a temper tantrum, he or she is communicating.  Attachment parent advocates take all forms of communication seriously versus punishing the child.

Use nurturing touch: Skin-to-skin touching is viewed by advocates for attachment parenting as a critical form of nurturing a child.  Attachment parents will often bathe with baby and wear the baby in a harness during the day.

Engage in nighttime parenting:  Attachment parenting encourages parents co-sleeping with their babies. Co-sleeping allows the baby to be able to be near the mother for feeding and any emotional soothing that may be needed.

Provide constant, loving care:  Attachment parenting pushes for constant, loving care for their babies.  This means that the parent is almost always with the child during activities. These types of parents also push for no more than 20 hours of childcare per week for babies 30 weeks or younger.

Practice positive discipline: Advocates of attachment parenting are encouraged to distract and redirect their kids and display positive behavior.  It is the parent’s job to understand the underlying cause of a child’s negative behavior and work out a solution cooperatively with the child, instead of relying upon spanking or other methods of punishment.

Strive for balance in personal and family life:  Parents practicing attachment parenting are encouraged to create a positive environment and be a support system for their kids.

Why I’m Not an “Attachment Parenting” Advocate

There are some of the above principles that I can agree to and think that they are wonderful ideas for some, but I don’t completely buy into all of them. For example, I don’t necessarily agree that a child should be allowed to continue to throw tantrums as a form of communication.  If I did that at work or with other adults I would get in trouble.  While the occasional tantrum is normal, I believe that parents should turn their attention to teaching their child how to communicate politely.

I also don’t believe in co-sleeping.  Not only is it dangerous for infants to co-sleep (because of SIDS), but it is also VERY hard to transition a child to his or her room as they get older. My oldest son had a very hard time learning how to sleep in his own bed when he was young, and we had such a hard time breaking him of the habit.  Children should be taught from a very early age how to sleep independently.  While I agree that kids should be able to have their parents nearby to feed or soothe, there is no reason why this has to be done from the same room or bed. Our rule is that mommy and daddy’s bed is not for kids.  We do have occasional “camp out” nights where my wife and I will camp out in our kids room for fun. We don’t do this every night as we are strong advocates for independent sleeping.

I was very interested to read about attachment parenting and am still learning more about it.  Dr. William Sears and Martha Sears have a great book, The Attachment Parenting Book : A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Nurturing Your Baby.  Click the link to purchase it securely on Amazon.

Question for you:  Are you an “attachment parent?”  Why?  Which of the 8 principles above do you follow?  I really am interested to see other perspectives on this!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!

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On Saturday night, my wife and I had a rare date night on the town.  We started things off with dinner at Salar in the Oregon District. Amazing atmosphere, food, and drinks made it a great start to our fun evening!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


We then walked a block down to Belle of Dayton – a local distillery.  I had never toured a distillery before, but was excited for the opportunity.  We walked in and found a seat in front of 4 glasses and a menu of the different products we’d be tasting that night.  The tour started out with one of the owners talking about the history of alcohol production in the Dayton area and then talked about how they started their business. Although they considered many names, Belle of Dayton became the name of choice.  He explained that another local business discovered a bottle buried in the ground when they were doing building renovations. The bottle was from pre-prohibition and was labeled “Belle of Dayton.”  Pretty cool, huh?

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


This adventure was all my beautiful wife’s idea!  Who WOULDN’T want to sit across from her??  So beautiful!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


My favorite drink during the tasting was Hell’s Vodka.  The owner wasn’t lying when he said this vodka was so hot it would clear out your sinuses.  It was delicious!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


I also tried the 4-Grain Ohio Rye Whiskey.  I normally drink my Manhattans with a rye whiskey so I was curious as to whether or not I wanted to start mixing in Belle of Dayton Rye Whiskey.

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


If you like rum, you’ll love the 1775 Colonial Reserve.  It was very sweet-tasting!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


Probably my least favorite of the tasting, but still very good, was the Belle of Dayton Vodka.  I’d much rather mix it with a cocktail versus drink it straight.

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


We got to tour the distillery which included the barrel storage room.  The owner explained how long (or short) a particular product has to age before it’s ready for consumption. Pretty interesting stuff!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


I had never seen or smelled beer fermenting before.  If only I had brought in a large straw….

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


We bought a few glasses as souvenirs!  Can’t wait to drink my Manhattans in these!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!


I highly recommend going on the Belle of Dayton tour if you are in the Dayton area. Not only are you supporting a local small business, but it’s very fun and you learn something new!

A Fun Night at Belle of Dayton Distillery Tour and Tasting!

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