My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#51

Me (to 2 year old):  Hey buddy, what’s your name? Is it Cooper?

Cooper:  No, I not Cooper.

Me: Is it Spider-man?

Cooper:  No, I not Spider-man.

Me: Is it Batman?

Cooper:  No, daddy, I not Batman.

Me: Ok, well, what’s your name?

Cooper:  I Squidward, daddy.

My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#50

As most of you know, my 2 year old’s name is Cooper. He really sounds like a Boston native whenever I ask him to say his name. Maybe I ask just to hear it???

Me to 2 year old:  I’m daddy, who are you?

2 year old: I’m Coopah.

Me: Hi Coopah!

2 year old: Not Coopah. Coopah!


My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#49

During the car ride home from dinner tonight, my kids were talking about Santa Claus and how they had to each be nice to get something for Christmas.  The conversation went a little like this:

10 year old son:

You have to be nice, not naughty, just like the song says.

8 year old daughter:

I don’t want to be nice.  I want to be naughty!

10 year old son:

But, if you are naughty, all you’ll get for Christmas will be a lump of coal.

8 year old daughter:

Maybe I like coal…




My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#48

Shopping with 4 kids is never boring!  Especially when one of them is a 2 year old.  Tonight, we walked into a department store to exchange some clothes, and right in the center of the floor was a mannequin wearing a bra and panties. A lot of the things my 2 year old says occur at home or away from the general public.  Tonight, he let the whole world know what he saw…

Look!  Look!  Underpants!

I couldn’t help but laugh!  It was so funny!  I’m sure the other people around us thought we were crazy, but I guess they aren’t that far off haha!  I love the funny and unexpected things kids say.  What would be totally taboo for an adult is a Kodac moment for toddlers!

Next time we walk into a women’s department store I’ll be sure to have the camera ready.  The little guy is sure to repeat that one!


My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#47

During the car ride to the grocery store yesterday, my 8 year old daughter said:

Daughter:  Daddy, why are there “resternats” that don’t allow kids?

Me:  Because some restaurants are just for grown ups to go and have a date night.

Daughter:  Hmm, well, if we have Donald Trump, he’s not going to let us go anywhere, daddy.  He’s going to make us stay at school.  How mean!

My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#45

I was having a discussion with my 8 year old daughter last night on the way home from dance practice:

Daughter: Daddy, one day I’d like to be president!

Me:  That would be great!  I hope you won’t have to run against Donald Trump!

Daughter: Oh, he’ll be dead by then.  He already has wrinkles, daddy!

My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#44

I had a nice little conversation with my 6 year old this morning while we were waiting for the doors to the school to be opened.

6 year old:  Dad, were you in college a year ago?

Me:  No, I finished my graduate degree 6 years ago.

6 year old:  Dad, how long ago were you in high school?

Me:  I graduated from high school over 19 years ago.

6 year old:  Oh wow, dad, that was a long time ago!  I bet it’s been 200 years since you were in kindergarten!

Me:  How old do you think I am, little man?

6 year old:  Older than the moon, dad.

My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#38

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We are watching The Amazing Spider-Man for our family movie tonight. The scene comes up where Aunt Mae asks Peter what he does at night and who beats him up. Peter responds by telling her to go to sleep. Aunt Mae explains to Peter that she can’t sleep because she’s so worried about him.

6 year old says:

She needs a stuffed animal!


My Kid Just Said

My Kid Just Said…#37

Son (6): Dad, you have a beard. You really need to shave!

Me: I know, haha!

Son: You need to do it quickly so that people don’t think you are pathetic.

Me: ???? Abraham Lincoln had a beard and he was President!

Son: He was pathetic too.

Me: ????