Child Safety First: Preventing Accidents

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All parents want to keep their children safe. It’s their first priority and one of our deepest instincts. In some ways, it’s much easier when they’re babies as they are dependent on us for all their needs. But once they’re walking, they become exposed to many household and external dangers. Keep your whole family safe and well, with these common sense tips.

It should also be mentioned that sometimes, despite our best efforts, accidents happen. You turn your back for a couple of seconds, or something unexpected occurs. And more often than not, accidents are as a result of someone else. We can’t control other people’s conduct. All we can do is be as vigilant as possible and take all necessary precautions. And if the worst does happen, it pays to have an expert on hand such as The last thing you want to do when you or your family is injured is to have to worry about legal ramifications. So let someone who does this day in and day out take the reigns.

Teach Your Children

The first step to family safety is to teach your children. Make them aware of dangers from an early age. Developing healthy habits will become instinctive to them in time. And the most important thing about teaching safety is to model the behavior. Teaching alone will not work.

Look Both Ways

One of the basic lessons is to teach children to look both ways before they cross the road. This needs to be drummed into them. When they’re out and about with friends and are distracted, this is when accidents occur. So make sure this is one of their earliest lessons.

Don’t Handle Dangerous Items

The list of possible dangerous items around the home is a long one. It includes matches, medication, chemicals, tools, sharp implements, glass, etc. Until your kids are old enough to understand their dangers, make sure they are locked securely away.


If a fire breaks out in the home, do your children know what to do? It is vital that every member of the family is aware of the escape routes. Walk through the house room by room and go through procedures until they know them by heart. Practice, and establish a safe meeting point for the whole family.


What happens if you are suddenly taken ill and you’re alone with the kids? Or, if one of their friends is injured and you’re not around. Teach them how to call 911. One day their or your life could depend on it.

Stranger Danger

The threat of strangers doesn’t necessarily fall into the accident category, but it falls under the umbrella of keeping your kids safe. Sites like have some useful tips on tackling this. Also, make sure they are fit and well, to make it easier to run away if necessary. This conversation is a difficult one. You don’t want to scare your children but at the same time, making them aware of the dangers could save their life.

Instilling an awareness of safety issues into your kids from a young age is one of the best gifts you can give them. When they begin exploring the world on their own, these lessons will stand them in good stead.

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