Common Reasons Why Your Relationship Has Gone Sour & How To Deal With Them!

Common Reasons Why Your Relationship Has Gone Sour & How To Deal With Them!

Long-term relationships are hard enough at the best of times, let alone when you’ve got little ones to think about. As a parent, it’s easy to put your relationship on the back burner and concentrate all of your time on your family. With family life being so hectic and there being little time for your partner and relationship, it’s easy to see why problems arise. If you’re not ferrying the kids here, there and everywhere, you’re cleaning the house or preparing tea. There’s no two ways about it; family life is mad. And because of this, often your relationship gets neglected.

Common Reasons Why Your Relationship Has Gone Sour & How To Deal With Them!

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If you’ve noticed that the spark that you and your partner once had seems to have faded, you may be wondering about the future that you have together. Could it be that your relationship has reached its expiration date? Or is there something that you can do to turn your sour partnership into something sweeter? Let’s find out.

To do that, below is a list of reasons your relationship has changed, as well as advice on the best ways to deal with each of them.

You don’t spend enough time together

At the start of your relationship, you and your partner probably spent all of your time together. And because of this, you were as loved up as could be. The truth is, the more quality time you spend with someone, the closer to each other you grow. However, when you no longer have one-on-one time, the bonds that you’ve built can begin to fade. You begin to feel more distant from your partner and the spark that was once there, starts to fade.

The answer for dealing with this issue is to make time to date each other again. Family life might be crazy, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t squeeze a date in now and then. Getting out of the house together for some one-on-one time can be all it takes to bring back the spark that the two of used to have. If you make time to fall in love with each other all over again, things will start to get better.

Common Reasons Why Your Relationship Has Gone Sour & How To Deal With Them!

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Bad habits have developed in your relationship

Just like as drivers we develop naughty habits – like driving with one hand or coasting as we drive, the same thing can happen in relationships. Over time, bad habits develop, which change the structure of your relationship. At first, they’re just little things that irritate the other person, but over time they build up and become a serious problem. Little things like leaving dirty clothes scattered everywhere can lead to all sorts of arguments. These daily arguments can, believe it or not, lead to a relationship breakdown.

Habits are hard to break, especially when you don’t see the problem with them. However, if you want to make your relationship as healthy as it can be, it’s crucial that you try to break these habits. Listen to what bugs your partner and do what you can to change. They might only seem like little things to you, but to them, they could feel like a huge problem. If you don’t make the effort to change, it could eventually lead to your relationship ending.

How you feel about each other has changed

Of all the reasons why your relationship has gone sour, this is the saddest. If how you feel about each other has changed, the chances are that any chemistry that you once had has completely disappeared. The hectic lifestyle you’ve led as a family combined with your crazy work schedule has meant that your relationship has broken down. When this happens, there’s not a quick fix that will make things better.

You’ve got two options; to see a therapist and try to work through what’s gone wrong or to consult a divorce solicitors and agree to break up. The thing is, if how you feel about each other has changed, there’s not always a way to get things back on track. Of course, you can try, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Sometimes, breaking up is a better option than staying together, because in the long-run, breaking up will make you both happiest.

Financial problems

Common Reasons Why Your Relationship Has Gone Sour & How To Deal With Them!

They say money is the root of all evil, and it’s true. As a family, money can be a real issue, especially when there’s a lack of it. It can make family life incredibly stressful and can cause all sorts of arguments between yourself and your partner. The truth is, money can be a killer when it comes to relationships.

If money is an issue for you and your partner, it’s important to talk about it together. Don’t argue with each other because you haven’t got enough money coming in, talk things through. There’s no point arguing with each other; it’s best to sit down and work out what steps to take. It might not always be easy, but it’s much better to talk things out rather than blame each other.

Relationships aren’t always easy, and they don’t always last forever. However, the good news is that most problems can be worked through. It’s just a case of taking the steps to work them out in a way that works for you and your partner.

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