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Thank you for reaching out to me!  I’m excited to hear from you and eager to help! I’ve put together a section of frequently asked questions I get at Go Ask Your Daddy. If you have any questions I didn’t answer today, please reach me through the contact form at the bottom.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Start by reading: How to Start a Blog in 2017. It will walk you through 9 steps necessary in starting and running a successful blog. I also recommend new bloggers subscribe to my free email course, How to Create a Profitable Blog. It’s a 7-day crash course that teaches you everything you need to know about blogging and earning income from blogging.

I am not currently accepting any guest posts at this time.

If your post is for a website that is not a personal blog, it will be considered a sponsored post and the following guidelines apply:

  • Post must be a minimum 500 words.  It can be written by you or me.
  • 2 links may be included for every 500 words. $3 per link thereafter.
  • All links MUST be NOFOLLOW.
  • All sponsored posts will include a disclaimer at the top of the page explaining that they are sponsored. NO EXCEPTIONS. Go Ask Your Daddy adheres to all FTC guidelines.
  • Must be original content not previously published elsewhere. You must also agree to not publish to your own site or to someone else’s site.  However, feel free to share through social media and link to it as much as you want.
  • All posts will be checked for plagarism through Copyscape.  Posts that do not past Copyscape will be rejected and no further submissions to Go Ask Your Daddy will be accepted.
  • I reserve the right to edit content to fit my website as desired.

Cost: $50 with the content published within 30 days of receipt.  Payment can be made through PayPal and must be submitted within 48 hours of the publish date. I reserve the right to remove the posts for non-payment past the 48 hour period.

I love to review products on Go Ask Your Daddy!  If you are a brand or company looking to extend an offer to me to review your product, I feel it’s valuable that you know my product review guidelines in advance.  There may be exceptions made on a case by case basis so please reach out to me to discuss them.

  • Media kit will be provided upon request.
  • I only review products that are family friendly. I do not accept anything pornographic, illegal, anti-military/USA, or adult in nature.
  • I will review any online service as long as there is no credit card or personal information required. I must be provided with a complimentary subscription in order to review the service.
  • Product must be a full sized product.
  • If you would like a giveaway to go with the product review, I kindly request that you handle the shipping of the item to the winner.
  • Items sent to Go Ask Your Daddy for review will not be returned.
  • Items sent to Go Ask Your Daddy for review must be the item(s) that you originally agreed to send me via email. This includes the correct size, color, etc. Items sent to Go Ask Your Daddy must be items of benefit and value to our readers. If you send an item outside of what was agreed upon, I do not guarantee a post will be made about the product.
  • Any product reviews where multiple products are involved, all items must be sent. Posts will not be made until all additional items have been received.
  • Go Ask Your Daddy posts honest reviews of items received. My readers deserve fair and honest reviews and I am obliged to provide them. If I have a problem with your product, I will contact you and give you the option to not have your review item posted. Not all products are perfect every time, so expect some negative information about them.
  • I strive to review items within 1-3 weeks of the product arriving. If you have a date or a specific turn time, please let me know at least a week before the deadline.
  • I highly recommend (not required) that you send me a duplicate of the item I am to review so that I can host a giveaway to one of my readers. I use RaffleCopter to run my giveaways.

Product Review Structure

I recently implemented a consistent product review structure for all of the products I receive. The structure will include:

  • FTC Disclaimer
  • Introduction
  • Product Name
  • Product Category
  • Cost
  • Website
  • Other pertinent information (if required)
  • Overview of product/service
  • My Ratings (including a 5 star rating system)

FTC Regulations

Go Ask Your Daddy complies with all FTC regulations. As such, all links in my review posts are nofollow. I post a disclaimer on every review post. There is no exception to this rule.

All rates are monthly:

  • 125×125 – $8
  • 180×150 – $13
  • 250×250 – $17
  • 240×400 – $21
  • Custom – varies depending on size and scale of design work involved.

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If you have any other comments or questions I didn’t address above, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you shortly!

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