How to Create the Ultimate Playroom for Your Children

One of the things that almost every child wanted when they grew up is a playroom. Fill it with games, comics, magazines—anything “fun” you can think of, we wanted it. It would be a room to indulge in with no study or school work inside. It would be a place to throw parties, play the latest video games, and invite our friends over as they envied the hard work our dads put into creating the ultimate playroom for us.

We can’t go back in time to beg our dads again, but we can pass that dream on to our children. A playroom, contrary to its name, doesn’t have to be used for just playing. It can also be used to host parties for your children and it gives them a place to relax and unwind even if they aren’t playing games. If you place enough books, magazines and productivity tools in the room, they can also use it as an arts and crafts room without making a mess around the dining table or your living room sofas.

If you want to create the ultimate playroom for your children, then here are a couple of tips.

How to Create the Ultimate Playroom for Your Children

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Pick a Theme

Decide what type of theme you want the room to follow and stick with it. However, do remember that children like to switch their interests now and then, and their favorite video game or comic book character might change on a regular basis. As a result, plan ahead and make sure that you use easily removed wallpaper and don’t stick down anything permanently. You want to be able to repurpose the room in the future to use as a study or another bedroom, so don’t do anything that will negatively affect the structure of the room or cost too much money to replace in the future.

Speak with your child and ask them what their favorite things are. Perhaps they like video games, maybe it’s a particular cartoon or TV show, or perhaps they love space and stars. Theme the room around their likes and try to maintain a consistent theme with the wallpaper, flooring and ceiling. For example, you can paint the ceiling a dark color so that it represents space, and then you can hang little stars and light bulbs that look like planets to give the impression of floating in space.

Furnish it Correctly

Follow up on your theme by introducing furniture that matches the room. For instance, you don’t want to have bright red and yellow furniture if the room is meant to look like something out of Star Wars. Use grey colors, metal-like textures on the flooring, or even some space-age looking furniture. If you’re working on a gaming room, then you can consult a professional such as Surface Tension who are experts in retro gaming furniture that will resonate with your children but also remind you of the good old days of coin-operated gaming in arcades.

How to Create the Ultimate Playroom for Your Children

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Since the room is for children, you want to have furniture that suits their small bodies. Don’t buy large sofas and chairs that are meant for adults, and don’t buy tables that are too large for them. You want the entire room to feel like it suits their size, which means small child-sized furniture, shelves, and also easy-to-reach areas to store their toys, games and other items. It’s a good idea to try and keep the room as clutter-free as possible because children are prone to losing things and breaking objects. Treat the playroom not only as an area for your children to relax and unwind in but treat it as a containment area as well so that your children don’t lose their toys around the home and if something is lost, you know it will be in the playroom.

The Latest Toys and Games

You don’t want to place old games and outdated toys in your playroom. It will upset your child and they might be too embarrassed to invite their friends over who are all playing with the latest toys and consoles. If you’re going to renovate a room into a playroom, then you may as well invest the extra money and also give your children new updated consoles and games. The most recent being the PS4 Pro, which will go well with a 4K television screen to give your children the ultimate in video gaming entertainment.

Don’t forget a computer either. Computers can be used to play video games as well as study, and if your children regularly use a PC then they can eventually learn to use it for more productive things and not just gaming. You should also remember there are board games to play as well. Games such as Monopoly make great family activities and you can gather in the playroom with your children to have a fun evening together.

How to Create the Ultimate Playroom for Your Children

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Safety First

With so many electronics and oddly shaped pieces of furniture, you have to keep safety in mind. Sharp edges, exposed wires or frayed cables all pose a threat that could either shock your children or cause a fire hazard. Don’t be afraid to install a discrete fire alarm and CCTV cameras in the playroom so that you can monitor your children as they play.

When designing the room, make sure that you are hiding cables as best as you can. Use cable management tools behind furniture and underneath desks, and keep power bricks and other electronic devices away from where the children can access. If there are any unused power outlets, hide them with pieces of furniture so they aren’t seen and won’t be accessed by the children. Once they are old enough, you can remove them but until they understand the hazards and dangers of power outlets, it’s best to keep them closed off.

Final Words

Designing the ultimate playroom is a stressful and long task, but if you put enough effort into it, you’ll give your children a present that will keep on giving, and they’ll forever remember the awesome playroom they had when they grow up.

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