Creating Amazing Photo Books With Blurb

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Creating Amazing Photo Books With Blurb

Photo books are so important to have when you want to preserve family memories. Blurb gives you the opportunity to make them not only with high quality, but with attractive designs. When I see my family in a photo book that I’ve created, it reminds me of how wonderful our family is and how much fun we have together. I’m really proud to be an affiliate for Blurb, and only recommend products I use and love.

I’ve been meaning to compile the over 10,000 photos I currently have on my camera role and create numerous projects out of them. Photo books seem to be all the rage these days, and are becoming increasingly popular gifts. Not only do I have plans to create and give away photo books to grandparents and relatives, I’m working on my very own eBook, “The Ultimate Blogger’s Handbook.”  I’m more than halfway through writing the book and am now in the process of looking for a reliable service to help me design it.

One of the best services I found was a company called Blurb.  Blurb specializes in custom photo books, trade books, magazines, and eBooks. The great thing about Blurb is that you do the work using their tools. You can either use Blurb’s tool, BookWright online or use other products such as Adobe InDesign.  If you are an Adobe Lightroom user, there is a Blurb-powered creation tool built into the software.

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What really caught my eye when I was researching more about Blurb was their PDF to book formatting feature. Using their specifications calculator, you can turn your PDF into any size book you want. Neat, huh?  Since I already have most of my eBook written in Microsoft Word, converting it to PDF and using Blurb’s book formatting calculator will be a feature I’ll use right away.

Blurb also has their own apps for iPhone and iPad. You can choose from 3 different page layouts, add captions, and auto flow your images to create an amazing picture book! In addition to IOS support, Blurb also provides you with downloadable professional templates to choose from to help you get started. If you are simply overwhelmed with the entire process, Blurb even has professionals on staff to help you complete your project! Or, if you are headed in the self-publish direction, you can complete your own book for as little as $14.99 – not a bad price at all!

Self-Publishing Services

Blurb offers many services to help you as you self-publish your project including:

Photo Book Services

Blurb offers just about any kind of photo book to suit your needs including:

Popular Book Types

Here’s a list of popular book types made through Blurb:

  • Food and cookbooks
  • Photography
  • Memoirs
  • Children’s books
  • Portfolios
  • Business books
  • Novels and poetry

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