Creating A Child AND Adult-Friendly Party That Everyone Will Enjoy

If you’re a parent to two or more children, chances are you are now well-versed in the art of children’s party planning. Once you get into the swing of them, kids parties are pretty easy to organize. Simply keep them away from the house (who knows what kind of state it could end up left in), provide some entertainment and some party food to fuel their hyperactivity and done! One kid’s party, in the bag. Organizing an adult’s party, however, is a totally different kettle of fish. It can also be very difficult to strike a balance between arranging a fun party for your wife (for example), but still keeping it kid-friendly so that everyone doesn’t have to hire a babysitter. Here are a few ideas for throwing the perfect party that suits both the kids and the adults down to the ground.

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Have a good venue

When both kids and adults are involved, you are going to want somewhere with a fair amount of space. If the event you are planning is in winter, this might mean hiring out a specific venue. Having it in your home can feel claustrophobic and could also end up in disaster too, as things are likely to get broken if there are too many people in the house. If the birthday or other event is in summertime, why not move the whole thing outside and turn it into a garden party? You might think this will be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to catering and potential spells of bad weather. But, you can hire marquees and coolers from a company such as Barlens party hire, to make the whole thing run smoothly whatever the weather.

Provide some kind of children’s entertainment

The issue with having people of very different ages all at the same event is that the kids can easily get bored and start playing up. This distracts their parents, and ultimately means that much of the day or night can end up being disrupted. The key to solving this is to provide entertainment for the children, although to never take it too far. For example, if the party is to celebrate someone’s engagement, it isn’t really appropriate to have a magician or a clown loudly entertaining the kids in the corner. If you have the room, something like a bouncy castle might work, but equally so would crafts, board games or a pre-organized treasure hunt.

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Consider the food and drink

If you are all having a meal together, decide how it is going to be arranged. You may not get to see your friends all that much, least of all be able to have a proper conversation with them when both your kids are around. For the meal, consider putting the children all on a table of their very own. It will make them feel independent and important, and gives you the chance to really catch up with friends and family without worrying about your child the whole time. Avoid anything too sugary for the kids too close to bedtime, and in the same vein, don’t overdo it on the booze for the adults. Remember, everyone has to get home in one piece!

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