Dear Kids

Dear Kids, Volume 11

Dear Kids,

This week was a tough week for daddy.  I had to be apart from you guys for 3 days while I traveled to Chicago for work.  Nothing is harder for me than not being able to hold you and play with you for days!  It’s always a great feeling to come back from a trip and hear good things about how you behaved and see your smiling faces.  I am glad you all got Tuesday off as a snow day.  I always love this time of year because you get to bring home your self-created Valentine’s Day cards for mommy and daddy.  Cards that you make us are so much more valuable than anything bought in a store!   We have a long weekend ahead of us because Monday is a holiday!  We’re going to the hockey game again and I’m sure we will have loads of fun!  Cason, you have basketball practice on Saturday and a game on Sunday. Chad, you read a book to me last night.  You are doing such a great job reading in kindergarten!  Carlee, you spent time playing with your diary this week and making your Valentine’s Day box for school.  Cooper, I told you that I love you and you said, “I love Elbo (Elmo).”  How can that not make me smile?

I’m looking forward to a fun-filled 3-day weekend with all of you!  Even though the snow and cold make it hard to play outside, we’ll still have fun indoors!

I love you all very much!



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  1. I know it is difficult to leave your kids. I had to change my career from copywriting to teaching for the same reason. I couldn’t leave my newborn with anyone but ME! It would have ripped my heart to have to travel out of town.

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