Dear Kids

Dear Kids, Volume 9

Dear Kids,

What an awesome weekend we had!  We got to go to fancy dinner and then to the Cincinnati Cyclones hockey game and had a great time!


You scored 12 points in your basketball game on Sunday and had at least 15 rebounds. We are so proud of how well you are playing! It was a very good game with a tough team. All of you had to play most of the game because of a shortage of players.  Don’t let losing a game interfere with having fun and learning the fundamentals.  As I told you last night, you have to learn how to lose games too because we can’t win them all.  We have to be as good of a sport losing games as we are when we win games.


You went with mommy and friends to West Alexandria for tea time.  You looked so pretty in your dress!  You also read your book to me for your recommendation assignment. You are reading so well and the picture you drew for the recommendation was beautiful!


You were so excited to get new LEGOs this weekend!   You played with them so much and love building new things with them. You also helped me with Cooper this weekend. He is so lucky to have a loving older brother who plays with him so well.  All of you played in the Cars tent together for hours. It was so sweet!


You had a great weekend but you were a little stinker!   You hid the TV remote inside the air vent which almost gobbled it up for good!  Good thing we found it!  You are saying a lot of new words now!  Basketball, Mickey, Elmo, Juice – are all words you are saying right now.

I am excited for our week and look forward to all of the fun activities next weekend may bring.



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