Dropping Hints: Great Gifts To Ask Your Partner For This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is usually a time when you see men desperately rushing around trying to find gifts for their significant others. The tradition is that it’s the time when you should be spoiling your wife or girlfriend and much as possible to show them how much you love them. And there’s nothing wrong with that, any chance to let the person in your life know that you love them seems like a pretty good thing overall! But what about the other side of it? Why isn’t there more attention paid to doing things the other way round? Why not encourage your partner to do something for you this Valentine’s day? It’s supposed to be about both you after all! To help them figure out what to get you, here are few hints that you might want to drop for the perfect gift.

A new razor

Dropping Hints: Great Gifts To Ask Your Partner For This Valentine's Day


Whether you’re the rugged, masculine type or not, every man needs to be able to give himself a decent shave! So why not drop some hints to your significant other to get you a new electric razor? Something like the Braun Series 7 is perfect for when you’re living a busy life and you don’t exactly have tons of time to spend shaving, but you still want to be able to look smart and presentable. I’m sure she won’t mind getting you something to make your skin a little softer and smoother!


Dropping Hints: Great Gifts To Ask Your Partner For This Valentine's Day


Every man needs tools; it’s something of an unwritten law! Why not take advantage of the holiday and encourage your partner to get you a tool you’ve had your eye on for a while? Perhaps there’s a project you’ve been planning for a while or a piece of home improvement that you’ve been putting off for too long? Either way, there are few gift ideas quite so useful for both you and your partner. She’ll probably be more than happy to have a handyman around the house.

Games console

Dropping Hints: Great Gifts To Ask Your Partner For This Valentine's Day


We’re living in a bit of a golden age of gaming right now. If you were a big gamer in your younger days but fell out of love with it a bit, or life simply got in the way, then now is the time to jump back in. From the amazing graphical power of the PS4 to the retro nostalgia trip of the Nintendo Classic Mini, there’s never been a bigger selection for you to point your partner towards. Not only is it the perfect gift for you but it’s the kind of thing that you and your entire family can enjoy together.

Of course, the one piece of advice I can’t give you is how to go about hinting to your partner for the right gift. It’s up to you whether you want to just come out and say it, or if you want to be particularly subtle about it. Be careful though, if you’re too subtle you might just end up with socks again!

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