Is the Family Car No More?

Family cars have been a staple in life ever since we started to use automobiles. The further we move away from the city, the more likely we need a vehicle. The larger our families, the bigger that vehicle needs to be. We use it to ferry our family around, we use it to pick up lots of shopping to feed hungry mouths, and we even use it to carry large appliances from the store back to our home.

However, as we learn to become more frugal and environmentally friendly, it seems like a lot of families are starting to abandon the family car in favour of green and budget methods of travel. For instance, they might purchase a fleet of bicycles instead, we might be encouraged to walk more often, or perhaps we simply just take public transportation. This is difficult for families that live in suburb areas or need to travel long distances, but here are a couple of considerations if you’re planning to move away from the traditional family vehicle.

Is the Family Car No More?

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Financial Considerations

Owning a car is expensive. Aside from the high cost of a vehicle, you also need to worry about maintenance costs, fuel expenses and insurance. These can all add up and it will cost thousands a year to simply maintain and operate your vehicle. As opposed to riding a bike, taking public transportation or even just walking, that’s a serious expense that needs to be considered before you invest your hard-earned money. In fact, the longer you wait to sell your vehicle, the less likely you’ll get a good deal on it, meaning you’ll have to look at a cash for junk cars service if you want to sell your vehicle and recuperate some of those costs. A bike doesn’t cost very much, and even a motor scooter is more cost-effective for long-term use.

Health Considerations

Sitting in a car for long periods of time isn’t very healthy. As opposed to riding a bike for your daily commute or encouraging your children to walk, it’s far less active. If you’re worried about your family’s health, then the easiest way of getting some extra exercise into your life is to simply add it into your daily routine. You could go on relaxing family bike trips, go for a walk together with your dog, or even take regular trips to a local grocery store instead of hauling a week’s worth of shopping in your car. If you want to promote a healthy lifestyle, then it can start by getting rid of your traditional family car.

Family Considerations

One of the things that many parents seem to get wrong is encouraging their children to be self-sufficient. If you shelter your children and drive them to and from school every day, then they won’t learn how to use public transportation and they might be far too scared to travel on their own. By giving them a bike or trusting them to walk to and from places on their own, they’re more likely to grow into it from an early age. This means less stress for you and faster development for your children.

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