How FamilyTime Parental Control App Makes Tech Safety Possible For Kids

How FamilyTime Parental Control App Makes Tech Safety Possible For Kids

How FamilyTime Parental Control App Makes Tech Safety Possible For Kids

Kids and teens are living their lives surrounded by smartphones, gadgets, tech toys, and cyber watches – lots and lots of technology. Unlike our childhood, they have a lot to choose from and a lot of opportunities to explore the world in a different way. They play games in virtual reality, connect with people they have never met in person and learn new things every single day with a simple search on the internet.

It is not just about their safety in the playground or school, but also in the cyber world, whether it is social media, gaming or cyber sharing. With cyberbullying, sexting, predation, easily available porn and misuse of personal data on the rise, there is a strict need to ensure their safety. So, when you buy a new toy for your kids that connects to the internet or get them a personal smartphone, you cannot just leave them alone with their gadgets. They may be very smart with the technology, but they need guidance and monitoring in this matter, just like they need it any other matter.

Making technology safe with FamilyTime

Considering the need for online and tech safety, digital monitoring is coming in the front end and so are parental control apps. FamilyTime parental control app has the same mission – to help parents protect their kids in the tech world and stay aware of what they are up to.

How FamilyTime Parental Control App Makes Tech Safety Possible For Kids

Take a look at how it helps:

Ongoing monitoring

You can monitor your kids’ browser activity like which sites they visit, bookmarks and what they like to surf the most. You can also see their call logs, contact details, and text messages. Not just that but you can put an alert on shady contacts as well. It allows you to get an idea of your kids’ inclinations and catch any underage activity such as viewing porn or sexting. You can also detect foul language, harassment, peer pressure and other problems by getting access to their digital lives. It is better to catch these scenarios earlier than to know about them when they get out of control and there is not much you can do.

Easy control

There are some apps that are not fit for a child’s use but are available in the app store. If you don’t want your kid to use a certain app because of its rating or safety hazard you can simply block it from further use. Another great feature is that you can limit their screen time with the help of time-based digital locks. You don’t have to fight or confiscate their devices, simply lock them. It decreases their overall screen time, allows them to connect with the real world and do some physical activity as well. Moreover, you can filter out adult content from iTunes search too.

Location handling

You can easily stay posted about their whereabouts with GPS tracking and Geofence updates. Check their location history any time to know where they are or where they have been. Put a tag on the places they visit daily or often like school, work, gym or home. Get an update when they reach or leave that place. They can also send you panic alerts or pick up reminders and you can reach them with the help of the location FamilyTime sends you.

So whether your kids use tablets, tech toys, gaming consoles or have their personal devices. Whether they are toddlers, middle schoolers or teenagers, they need security. You can provide this security to them by continuous supervision, digital education, and reasonable restrictions. FamilyTime parental control app allows you to do all this in a simple way and on the go. You can be a vigilant employee in your office, manage housework and at the same time stay posted about your kids. Try these awesome features on your Android or iOS device.

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  1. I tried this app and it doesn’t work properly – great idea but poor realization… I do think that a parental control app is a necessity nowadays but you need to use the one that actually works. In my family we use Kidslox ( and it actually works. Now my kids know how they are allowed to use their devices and they had to accept the new rules. I am pretty happy that we don’t have these fights any more.

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