Finding Alone Time As a Parent

It’s not easy being a parent. It’s deeply rewarding, of course, and you wouldn’t change it for the world, but…still, it’s not easy. Everyone needs a break every now and again. However, what tends to happen is our “breaks” are usually filled with activities that only drain our energies even further. They’re not the restorative breaks they need to be; they’re usually solely fun, in fact. Which is great – there’s nothing wrong with fun! – but we might be missing out on experiences that make us better parents, and ultimately better human beings.



As a parent, you exist in a bubble that encompasses your children, partner, and the daily tasks that make up your life. If you take a trip with your family, you’re still entirely in that bubble – you’re just doing it somewhere different from usual. Spending time alone isn’t like this. That allows you to step outside of the bubble and get a sense of perspective that everyone needs every now and again. It allows you to look at how you are as a parent, the things you’re getting just right and what you need to improve. You can also think of the future of your family, without the burden of having to be there for them right in the moment.

Out into Nature

The best place to do this – to be alone and get perspective – is out in nature, away from all people. Only there can you be really alone with your thoughts. Nature allows a level of introspection that nothing else can. It doesn’t have to be difficult to arrange either: find the right cot for you at,  drive somewhere beautiful, and set yourself up for a night or two. It’s that simple. When you’re surrounded by silence, the answers to your questions will make themselves known.

Putting it into Practice

There’s no point carving out alone time if it won’t have any lasting benefit. You have to put what you’ve learnt into practice, for your family’s sake. All families, no matter how watertight or well oiled, can benefit from a change in direction that makes things even better. How that manifests itself in your own circumstances is based on, well, your own circumstances. It can be particularly beneficial if you’ve been feeling highly strung, however: parents should be a calming influence, and a fully rested, restored, and refreshed you will do wonders for your family morale.

Giving Your Other Half Their Time

Naturally, for you to be able to have some time by yourself requires compliance with your other half. And once you’ve got back from your solo mini-break, you should return the favor and allow them to get their own breath of fresh air, just as you have. Two parents who have had the chance to get a sense of perspective, separately no less, will make the family unit even stronger. And then in the not too distant future you can all travel together and enjoy all the joys of a family vacation!

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