Fit For The Family, Fit For Life

When you are childless, it can be pretty easy to stay fit and healthy. Then when the kids come along, you can find yourself eating junk food, neglecting to go to the gym, and generally not looking after yourself like you should. But when you have a family, you have to take better care of yourself, not worse. Not only so you can take the best care of them, but also so you’ll be around for a long time to come. So if you have got a little out of shape, you can get fit for you family again, by following the advice below.

Eating isn’t cheating

It’s so important that as a dad you eat enough. Some guys can have a funny attitude to food and put working, and looking after everyone else, before getting enough to eat. But this is only going to cause problems in the long run.


Making sure that you are eating healthy options at regular intervals during the day should help you feel and perform better Ensuring you can do all the thing that you want, without it leaving you exhausted and grumpy.

Change your eating plan

Something else that you can do to get fit for the family is changing what foods you’re actually eating. Since science has shown that what we eat has a huge effect on how we feel and our weight. But it can sometimes be difficult for guys to go on a ‘diet’.

Instead, consider a lifestyle change such as the Keto or Atkins plan instead. Then you can eat a lot of your favorite delicious meats and cheeses while still shedding the pounds. Which will give you more energy overall to keep up with the little ones!

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Deal With Any Issues

Something else that you need to do if you are aiming to be fitter for the sake of your family is making sure that you are dealing with any medical that you have. Yes, sometimes it’s easier to dismiss you problems rather than deal with them.

Get exercising

Of course, it about more than just what we eat, as exercise to is important too when we are trying to improve our health and fitness. This is because exercise flushes out toxins from the body, as well as releases endorphins to make you feel happier. It also helps your heart health and burns calories.

However, that this doesn’t mean you have to immediately take up running. There are plenty of other exercises that you can do to have your fitness goals. For example, you can try HIIT which is doing very high-intensity workouts with small breaks. Great for if you have only a little time because you are so busy being a dad.

Or what about joining a local amateur sports team? Then you get a night out of the house once a week, that you get to socialize with adults as well a getting a workout. Which is good for your psychological health, as well as your physical health.

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Especially you it’s going to cost you a lot of money, but there are organizations out there that can offer help getting a prescription if you need it. But just remember it’s better for you family if you go to the doctors to get any medical condition identified and sorted. Than it is to just ‘man up’ and ignore them.

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