The Foolproof Guide to Keeping Your Home Organized

It’s a daily struggle to keep a family home organized. Muddy shoes, toys, homework, they can all find themselves strewn on worktops or left on the kitchen table. The result can be chaos. Trying to locate that other sock. Trying to find a scrap of paper with the shopping list on it. It’s best to keep on top of things and organize your home. With young children, busy parents, and maybe even a family pet, it can be difficult to keep things ship shape. Take a look at this foolproof guide to keeping your home organized…

The Kitchen

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The kitchen is the hub of some homes and can be a space for socializing, eating, and entertaining. As a result, it can get quite messy.

Start by organizing your cupboards and the fridge. In the fridge make sure you have enough fridge bins to separate food out, Salad should go in one bin, cold meats in another, and so on. This helps to save time when you’re cooking and grabbing food in a hurry. Ensure that all family members stick to the fridge bin rule, and don’t just chuck food in wherever! Floor wipes are a great way to keep the kitchen floor clean. Once a week swipe one of these hand wipes over the floor. It will disinfect it and remove any stains that could have appeared throughout the week.

Create a meal plan to avoid any confusion or fuss at the dinner table. This can change weekly but if everybody knows what to expect they’re less likely to argue or try and get their own way. Set a mealtime and be consistent. Obviously chose a time when everyone is home from work and school and can sit down and eat together.

Living Room

The Foolproof Guide to Keeping Your Home Organized

The living room often becomes a dumping ground for toys, magazines, and discarded jumpers! This can be pretty unavoidable in a large family home. To alleviate some of the mess make sure you have storage containers that can house magazines and other living room items. These don’t have to be bland looking. A cabinet works just fine, or even a repurposed bucket. Saving space and organizing doesn’t have to be at the detriment to your interior designs.

If you have a dog make sure all its toys are kept in a separate basket in a convenient area.This could be the kitchen or the living room. Just keep them separate from where your children’s toys are kept. This will mean your dog won’t accidentally get its jaws around a precious doll or car! Plus it will only be exposed to toys which are safe for it to chew.


The Foolproof Guide to Keeping Your Home Organized

Bedrooms should be a clutter-free zone. It’s where we go to sleep and relax after a long day and nothing should disrupt or hinder that. The main thing is to make sure clothes and shoes are stored. It sounds obvious, but make sure you have ample storage space. Otherwise shoes and clothes will find their way onto the floor. Shoe tidies can fit into wardrobes and are a quick and easy way to organize your shoe collection.

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