Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen with These Ideas

When kids are more involved in the food that they eat, they are much more likely to savor it. They are also much more likely to eat the food too, as they have seen how the meal has been put together, plus the time and effort that has had to go into it. With older children, it can be more straightforward as to what you can get the kids involved in. They can meal plan, boil the kettle, and chop up veggies. But if your kids are younger than teenagers, then you might not want them going near the kettle or the knife block. So how can they get involved in the food preparation in the kitchen? Here are some ideas that you can try, for kids aged under twelve.

Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen with These Ideas



When you are going to be eating things like potatoes or salad greens, the chances are that they will need to be washed. So you can easily set up your younger kids by the sink to scrub some potatoes or wash a leek. Fill the sink with some warm water, and they’ll be happy doing that for a little while, as you get on with other parts of the meal. So why not give this a try next time you are are planning a meal?

Help Shop For Groceries

When you go to the grocery store, try to take your kids with every so often. Sometimes it can be easier to do it when they are at school or staying home with dad. But when they get to see the groceries and how much food can cost, it helps them to be more accountable in the foods that they eat. It can also be a good idea for them to pick out a new fruit or vegetables to try. In a fresh section, it really can look interesting to a young child. All of the colors and variety of foods is fascinating. So have them choose a few new things to try, and fussy eating will be a thing of the past.

Get Your Kids Involved in the Kitchen with These Ideas



Though they shouldn’t really be chopping any foods with sharp knives, there are other ways to help in meal prep. They can snap green beans or snap peas, for example.  They can use their hands to break off florets from a head of broccoli or a cauliflower. They could even help to peel prawns or snap some crab legs or crab shell, especially if you got some soft crab in that week. When they are tactile with food, it will help them to be less fussy about it too. They can also see the various ways that food can be prepared. So it is a good idea all round.


One task in the kitchen that the kids will enjoy is mashing, right? What is better than applying a bit of brute force to mash up some potatoes or other vegetables? This can be done together too, to make sure that there aren’t too many lumps and bumps leftover.

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