Getting Military Fit: How To Incorporate Soldier Fitness In Your Life

Getting Military Fit: How To Incorporate Soldier Fitness In Your Life


Soldiers have an infamously difficult workout regime and need to uphold it throughout their entire military careers. Fortunately, you don’t have to enlist in order to gain benefit from their way of doing things. Bringing more discipline in your life will not only help you in all future challenges you face, but will leave a great example for your children to follow.

Using the US Marine fitness entry requirements as a template, what follows are suggestions to improve your overall fitness levels, and how you can maintain them. No matter how many gimmicks you bring along with you though, fitness has always and will always require hard work to maintain. But the upside? After you get over the initial drudgery it can be a lot of fun, and will likely become your favorite part of the day.


Fitness Requirements for Each PFT Event (Males)
AgePull-UpsCrunches3-Mile Run


Fitness Requirements for Each PFT Event  (Females)
AgeFlexed-Arm HangCrunches3-Mile Run
17-2615 Seconds5031:00
27-3915 Seconds4532:00
40-4515 Seconds4533:00
4615 Seconds4036:00

With a little bit of exercise, these aren’t so difficult to achieve.


If you’re new to running, getting up to a 3-mile jog (the equivalent of a 5k,) seems like a daunting task. Fortunately, you’re able to achieve this quite easily with the right routine. A recommended app for people getting off the couch is ‘couch to 5k,’ a 12 weeks course that encourages you to run three times a week at varying running/walking intervals in order to maximally gain the best efficiency while you train. This can be done both outside or on a treadmill.

Before long you’ll complete the course, have a transformed mental approach to running, and be able to complete a 3 mile run in around 28 minutes or less, as you can see from the table above the most strict guideline for passing Marine Corps entry. As a civilian, you’ll be very proud to achieve this.

Just be sure to wear appropriate footwear.


Pullups are more difficult, and it can be tricky to achieve one. In order to train to achieve your first one, incorporate chin-ups, push-ups or if you’re feeling more motivated, a free weights program like Starting Strength or Stronglifts in order to promote your functional strength. These programs are great because they incorporate compounds lifts like the overhead press and deadlift that help explode your shoulder and back strength.


This is something that’s internal and will develop over time as you apply yourself to the above fitness regime. Keep in mind the idea that you’re applying for the role of a soldier even if you’re not, and you can be sure that the warrior mindset will develop over time. This will lead to a sense of calm, stability and pride that will carry over into every avenue of your life.

Best of luck with your training. You’ve got this, solider.

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