Getting Personal: Dad’s Guide To Getting More Out Of Your PC

Over the past 20 years or so, PCs have grown from rare household luxury item to common product found in virtually all modern homes. But not only have they grown in popularity; perhaps more crucially, their capabilities have become bigger and better too.

Whether it’s a desktop or laptop, your computer can now do far more than play Minesweeper and create Word documents. It can be the source of immense home entertainment for all the family. Here are five uses that every dad will love.

After a hard day’s graft, that enjoyment is the least you deserve.

Getting Personal: Dad’s Guide To Getting More Out Of Your PC


Upgrade Your Viewing Experience

Television has played a major role in the daily household activities for several generations. However, viewing figures have been on a steady decline for a few years now. People are still watching their favorite shows, though, only they are no longer bound to the schedule.

The internet has changed everything when it comes to watching TV. Many TVs can now record shows so that you can watch them at a more suitable time. Perhaps the biggest change, however, has been Netflix. Online streaming platforms can turn your laptop into a home entertainment system. And it will boast thousands of titles at the click of a button.

Viewing your favorite shows has never been so easy. Watching on a laptop also offers portability while an HDMI cable will let you link it up the TV too if your television set is a little outdated.

Organize Your Life

Let’s face it; us dads just aren’t programmed in the same way as moms. Poor organization and control is one issue that touches most of us. Thankfully, your PC can be a great way to overcome those issues.

Spreadsheets, calendars, and reminders can all be used to maintain control of your life. Meanwhile, price comparisons at can save money on various purchases. Alternatively, you can use similar sites to reduce monthly energy bills.

From saving money to setting up automatic payments, the possibilities are incredible. It will make your daily life easier. Perhaps best of all, you’ll never forget a birthday or anniversary again either.

Embrace Love Of Music

Music plays a big part in my life, and I’m sure it does for many other dads out there. But your iTunes library isn’t the only way to let your PC improve your relationship with this passion.

Getting Personal: Dad’s Guide To Getting More Out Of Your PC


With the right software and accessories, your PC can be turned into a home studio. It’s possible to record songs and even publish them online or to CD. Whether it’s just getting a few songs on a disc for yourself or trying to make it commercially doesn’t matter. The hike in fun and satisfaction ensures that it’s an extremely worthwhile task.

Or you could just use the internet to access lyrics or find demos of tracks that you’d never find in your local music store.

Escape To Virtual Reality

Like computing in general, the popularity of gaming has soared over the past two decades. It’s no longer seen as something solely for the kids, and dads across the globe can now enjoy their favorite titles. Having said that, the PC genres are often far more accommodating for the mature gamer.

PC gaming titles often include simulators, strategy games, and titles that don’t require continuous play. Moreover, with online gaming, dads can inject an additional spice by playing casino games online. With the advice at, users can even grab bonus tokens for their favorite games. It’s like being at the casino without all the hassle of travel and paying over the odds for a bottle of Budweiser. Perfect.

Whatever your preferences may be, the PC is undoubtedly the king of gaming. Just remember that the graphics card needs to be suitable.

Conduct Conference Calls

OK, so no dad wants to think about work when they’re at home. By embracing the communication facilities at home, you could save yourself the need to complete tiresome work tasks.

Most modern PC come with a webcam. Combine this with Skype facilities, and you’ll be able to discuss important business matters with people from across the globe. If it saves you the hassle of taking an unnecessary business trip, sacrificing that little part of home comfort has to be worthwhile.

Ultimately, every dad just wants to spend more time with their family. While tech is often touted as a damaging feature, this is one way where it can make a massive impact. If that doesn’t put a smile back on your face, what will?


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