Go The Distance: Improving Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Go The Distance: Improving Your Car's Fuel Economy

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There is no doubt that Benjamin Franklin had absolutely hit the nail on the head when he said, “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” However, we can definitely add another one to that list, fuel, or more specifically the ever-rising cost of fuel, which shows no signs of dropping ever again. Oh, except in the three weeks just before Christmas when supermarkets slash their prices in the hope of luring us into the shops so that we overspend on stuff we don’t want or need. However, there are ways to make your family car that little bit more economical, and stretch your dollars that little bit further.

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Time To Decelerate

This has to be the easiest way to stop burning through your fuel: stop doing burnouts, stop racing from one traffic light to the next, stop slamming your foot into the floor only to have to break again in 25 seconds. By driving everywhere at 80mph you are using about 20% more fuel than if you were to drive at 65mph, and for what, so that you can get to your destination three-minutes quicker. But it isn’t just about get off the line as fast as you can or tearing it down motorways because it is about breaking too. Don’t go fast and then slam the breaks. If you can see a set of traffic lights, or you can see a traffic jam, then start to slow up early. How is this? Well, coming to a complete stop uses fuel, rolling doesn’t. Easy.

It’s All About The Air

Okay, this refers to two different changes that you can make to improve your mpg. The first is your air con unit. Over time they become worse; they become less efficient, seals get worn out and minor leaks start happening in the system. So why not address these issues and invest in an aircon regas, which is a service that will test for leaks and then re-pressurize your system, thus making it work with much more ease. The second air alludes to your air filter. This is what protects your engine from things like dust and dirt and general nasties. However, it is full or clogged or whatever then it isn’t doing its job, so your engine is working harder which means using more fuel.

Tire-Pressure Matters

Why not make this part of your weekly-routine. It doesn’t take long and it could save you a nice little sum. It is such an easy solution to make once you realize what a waste you are making. The more tire you have the road the more resistance there is, which means the more fuel you are having to use to use in order to move. So check your tyre pressure and make sure it is at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

Your Roof-Rack Has To Go

Let us keep this one short; a roof-rack means drag and drag means resistance and that means your car is having to work harder to meet your speed needs. The people that made your car took loads of things into consideration, including aerodynamics, and you are ignoring them by keeping a roof-rack on even when you don’t need it or aren’t using it.

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