Golf: Get Into The Game

Golf can be a pretty tough game to get into. It is expensive, and there are other things you need to bear in mind to really get into it. Golf can be a great pass time though, and is a game where you can meet new friends and build upon a skill that really is quite addictive. There are certain things you need think about as you get into golf, and this guide can help you. You may already know most of these, but some can help you think about golf in the right kind of way.

Get The Right Equipment

Golf: Get Into The Game

You need to get the equipment to play golf. You need clubs, the right attire and a good strong golfing bag, a guide of which can be found at Don’t wade straight in and buy a set of pro clubs because it could set you back thousands. You need to be sure you’ll enjoy the sport so at first consider getting a lower range of clubs for you to try out, then if you don’t like it you would not have lost too much money. You won’t even need a full range of clubs to start out. A putter, driver and one of two medium rangers will be all you need to get started.


Choose Your Club

You can use different grounds to play golf of course, but you will also need a membership to certain clubs if you want to play consistently. They can be quite expensive, but if you play all the time it will be cheaper than paying one off fees. Golf membership pricing can number in the thousands. Some are really exclusive too, meaning you can’t be a member without being nominated by someone who is already there as one. Only choose a club when you are pretty confident you love the sport and will play it consistently.

Beat The Learning Curve

There is a huge learning curve and you need to see if you have what it takes before getting serious. Start off down your nearest driving range and see if you can make a decent swing. Don’t expect success. It is a hard sport and you won’t be any good at first. You hand eye coordination is what is important here. If you start making shots, then you’ll be fine. But if after an hour you still can’t hit the golf ball you may want to give the sport a miss.


One of the main things in golf is time. It can take an age to play a few holes depending on how good you are. The main thing you will invest is your time. You need to ensure you have it available. There is no point signing up for something and putting your money into it if you will hardly be able to play. And it is fair enough. There aren’t many people out there who have hours to dedicate to golf, so why should you? Think it through and make the right decision. If you love it enough you’ll do it anyway and go when you can. But otherwise, don’t bother.

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