Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas

I can’t believe it’s almost Mother’s Day! Winter has flown by and now spring is in full bloom. You still have plenty of time to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. If you are like me, coming up with a great gift idea every year can be a challenge.  Here are some great gift ideas surely to put a smile on mom’s face!


Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas

There are always great deals on flowers for Mother’s Day. You can never go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of roses, lilies, or tulips. Many of the main stream florists will put out coupon codes especially for Mother’s Day. Search the web for the flower special for Mother’s Day and you’re sure to find great discounts. You can also never go wrong with a local florist. If you have a trusted shop you’ve used in the past, call them and ask if there is a repeat customer discount, or any other special discount available for Mother’s Day.

Breakfast in Bed

Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas

What mom doesn’t like to have breakfast in bed?  This is a very simple way to show mom how much you appreciate all that she does for the family. Have your dad help you make a simple breakfast items such as pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, and orange juice.

The most important thing about this gift is to not let mom do any of the work. If you are the husband, make this the first thing she sees in the morning. By now, hopefully you know what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Make the start of her day relaxing, tasting, and special! Men, you will have to wake up early to accomplish this. Take the time and make an effort to make this gift extra special for her!

A Spa Day

Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas

We have several local spas in the Dayton area that are top notch. They often provide special services for moms around the Mother’s Day holiday. All it takes is a phone call or a visit to local spas to find out what deals they have. I recommend scheduling her a massage and a pedicure. This is a gift that Mom will surely love and can use anytime she’s ready. Plus, it gives her time to herself to relax without the husband or kids for a while!

I’ve given my wife a spa day gift before, and it’s always been one of those gifts she almost always immediately uses. Be creative with the services you choose for her. Don’t be afraid to call and ask about the spa’s most popular services. Many spas offer monthly or annual memberships. This is a great opportunity to schedule these appointments for her ahead of time and all she has to do is show up. Great, huh?

Maid Service

Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas

OK, this may be one of the more expensive gifts to get mom for Mother’s Day, but can truly be something that she really enjoys. No mom will tell you she would not enjoy having a maid service come do a full cleaning of the house. Prices for maid services will depend on the size of your house, and the level of detail work you would like to have done. One good idea for this gift is to make it a surprise. Schedule the cleaning for a time when you know she’ll be out of the house, and when she returns home she’ll come home to a clean house. An instant Mother’s Day success!

One piece of advice for you if you do choose to hire a maid service to surprise your wife or mom is to call several companies to get comparative rates. Some companies book out well in advance, so know what you want and when you want it weeks before Mother’s Day. Some companies also only stay for a minimum. Decide what you want cleaned (I suggest the dirtiest spots in the house (kitchen, living room, bathrooms, KIDS’ ROOMS!)

Kids can contribute too!

It’s very important for dads to include the kids in with gift-giving on Mother’s Day. It’s easy to factor them out of the decision since they don’t usually have a lot of money saved for a gift. Gifts from kids can be personally-made free gifts that mom will love.

With the vast variety of social media networks out there, there are even more and more opportunities to give mom an electronic gift. There’s a great Mother’s Day song on Youtube that moms will surely love. Dads, help your kids craft a special email that falls into mom’s email box on Mother’s Day. When she watches the video, she’s sure to have a melted heart and a giant grin on her face.

Pinterest also has such a great selection of ideas. Simply perform a search for Mother’s Day gift ideas for kids, and you’ll be presented with more than you could possibly imagine. The key is to let your kids do the work and let them present it to mom on Mother’s Day. My mom always told me that the gift she loves the most were the gifts that my brother and I made for her. We don’t have to spend a lot of money to show mom how much we appreciate her. Just kids make from the heart are the ones that mom will treasure for years and years to come.

Don’t procrastinate

Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas

If you’re like any man, the tendency is there to procrastinate. The key to finding great gifts at a great price is to continue searching for the best coupon codes and the best services weeks before Mother’s Day. A lot of merchants put out their Mother’s Day products at least a month in advance. Do your research, decide what gift are going to buy, and don’t wait until the last minute.

Speak back

Are you a mother? What have been your favorite Mother’s Day gift? What ideas do you have that you could share with the readers today? Let us know in the comments below. I look forward to reading what you have to say!

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