Growing Up With A Pet: Responsible Adults Were Kids With Pets

“Daddy, can I have a pet” is a much-dreaded question for most parents. It is synonymous with additional responsibilities and expenses that you may not want to be dealing with right now. But before rejecting the possibility of a pet, think again. Pets are not only renowned for having a soothing and calming effect on people – petting your old tomcat can genuinely lower your heartbeat, for instance, and this is only an example out of many -, but they can be a great support to your child’s development. Indeed, adults who grew up with pets tend to be more compassionate and easily trusted with heavy responsibilities in their professional and personal lives. So there is clearly something to be said about the benefits of pets on children. Let’s have a look at how you could best approach the pet question and how you could help your child to find the best possible companion for their needs and yours!

Growing Up With A Pet: Responsible Adults Were Kids With Pets

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Choose The Right Pet

For a start, you need to consider that there are more possibilities than adopting a cat or a dog, when you child ask for a pet. After all, you may not have sufficient room for a dog to bounce freely into the lounge every time that you come back home. You will find that choosing a pet that is guaranteed easy maintenance such as those discussed in a previous article  – something that neither dogs or cats are, let alone poneys! – could be a first step in the right direction for your kid’s development. You will find that fishes have a very peaceful impact on the household, as their presence can reduce stress, for example. A mouse or a hamster can be a lot of fun too, as they are very bright animals that need constant entertainment. Beside their short life span make them ideal as a first trial.

Help Your Kids Understand Their Friend’s Needs

Once, you’ve chosen a pet, and remember that this is a decision that you will take with your kid too, it’s important to help your kid understand the various needs of his or her new friend. From how often you should feed a pet to choosing the best food for them, there is a lot to learn, so do make sure to help them research the various information in good time. For example, if you’ve decided to choose a dog, you’ll find useful advice on their nutritional needs on Similarly, there are other needs to take into account, such as making your house pet-friendly, which your child can help with, or understanding how often you need to clean your fish aquarium. The research phase will make your kid aware of what has to be done to keep their pet healthy.

Growing Up With A Pet: Responsible Adults Were Kids With Pets

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