How I Made $618.10 With My Blog in February 2017 [Income Report]

How I Made $618.10 With My Blog in February 2017 [Income Report]

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Hey guys and gals…this is the first time I am publishing my blog income report. Today, I’ll be providing you with all of the details of exactly what I did to earn that money as well as other blog stats.

Blogging is no easy thing.  There are a lot of moving parts that make everything work. In order to earn the income I’m starting to earn, I’ve had to put a lot of effort into the blog – including the design, the content, and the promotion.  You can read about the what I do before I publish every blog post and see each step I take to contribute to the overall performance of my blog, and without doing these steps, I wouldn’t be starting to see an increase in my income.

So, without further adieu, here is my February report:

February 2017 Blog Stats

Most-viewed blog post of the month:  10 Funny Parenting Quotes – 149 views

Highest referrring social media outlet:  Facebook – 972 views

Link clicks: – 24 clicks

Total unique visitors: 1,458

Total page views: 2,963

Total likes: 4

Total comments: 43

Total Facebook Likes: 1,318

Total Instagram Followers: 1,700

Total Twitter Followers: 1,600

Total Pinterest Followers: 6,463

Total Google+ Followers: 39

Total Income for February 2017:

  • Adsense: $3.55
  • Sponsored Posts: $629.76

Total: $633.31

Total Expenses for February 2017:

  • Photoshop: $10.71
  • ManageWP: $4.50

Total: $15.21

Total Profit: $618.10

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My name is Jeremy Atkins and I’m the founder of Go Ask Your Daddy. When I’m not blogging for you, I’m a daddy to 4 kids, a manager, and an accomplished pianist. I am very enthusiastic and passionate about sharing my blogging tips with like-minded individuals who are working toward the goal of an income-generating blog. See that big image with the coffee cup in my sidebar? Click it to join my free 7-Day email course, “How to Create a Profitable Blog” and get started with your very own money-making blog today!


  1. Jeremy it’s always nice to read your posts. They’re genuine and I like that very much. For this particular post I like that you also shared the expenses. Most reports don’t show that.

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